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Update on search for Vice President for Finance and Adminsitration

September 9, 2013

The following is an update on the University's search process for Vice President for Finance & Administration.

"I am pleased to provide a brief summary of the hard work that has been ongoing for the past several months by the Vice President for Finance & Administration Search Committee. We have been most fortunate to have had the long term service provided by an alumnus of our University in Robert Datsko. As such, the Committee has been cognizant of the need to eventually identify finalists who possess the credentials and background, with a 'strong' desire to become an important member of our SFU community. With this in mind, we decided to employ a multi-step process, similar to many other higher education institutions in the current environment.

"We were delighted with the response to our call for applicants, with more than 90 individuals submitting their credentials. Following an initial review of the backgrounds of those applicants by the full Committee, we narrowed the pool to eight individuals, to invite to campus for the 2nd phase of our process, who in the opinion of the Committee possessed the qualifications and skills to successfully fill the position. From this group, qualified finalists capable of 'fully embracing' SFU will be identified.

"Due to one withdrawal, eight individuals therefore, will have had an initial interview on campus by the beginning of October, to be followed by a return visit of only the eventual finalists. The finalists will then have an opportunity to interact with a broader representation of the SFU community who will be asked to provide feedback to the Committee. This multi-step process has been established to identify not only the most skilled, but also the most well rounded individual desirous of being a full member of our community who in turn may be welcomed by all.

"I am most grateful to the members of the Committee for the sincerity of their work to date in support of this most important position on our campus. Another update will be provided in early October as the search process enters its next phase."


Linda Eremita
Chair, VPFA Search Committee and Trustee