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Academic News Brief June 16th

June 12, 2014

Round up of what is new in the world of Academic Affairs published by the Office of the Provost at Saint Francis University. June 16, 2014 Edition


Dean's List - The Office of the Provost has released the Dean's List from the Spring 2014 semester. To be eligible for this recognition, full-time undergraduate students must achieve a minimum quality point average of at least 3.500 on 12 or more credits during the semester, with no continuing or incomplete grades. The number of students (and % of all full-time undergraduate students) named to the Dean's Lists each semester were:

For the spring semesters, the numbers have been:
684 students (46.1% of 1485) in Spring 2014;
624 students (41.5% of 1503) in Spring 2013;
656 students (43.2% of 1520) in Spring 2012;
648 students (41.7% of 1553) in Spring 2011;
616 students (40.3% of 1528) in Spring 2010;
548 students (38.6% of 1420) in Spring 2009; and
535 students (39.9% of 1339) in Spring 2008.


Business Administration - Dr. Randy Frye, Dean of the School of Business, served as Team Chair for the reaffirmation of IACBE's specialized business accreditation for the business programs at D'Youville College. D'Youville is a comprehensive Catholic college located in the western side of Buffalo, New York consisting of 3200 students. Besides business, the college is home to large nursing, pharmacy, physician assistant, and other health-related programs. Dr. Frye periodically conducts academic program accreditation reviews for the International Assembly of Business Education (IACBE) and currently serves on the Board of Directors as its Treasurer.


Several University administrators attended, and 15 made presentations at, the Jenzabar Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, on May 28 – 31, 2014. The following individuals presented materials at the conference: Kourosh Barati, Robert Beener, Marian Bender, Renee Bernard, Sandy Evans, Tom Fritz, Tom Kendziora, Ashley Krinjeck, George Pyo, Monica Shedlock, Craig Sikurinec, Charles Skomra, Bernie Storm, Karen Swope, and Pam Zemrose

Presentations included:
On Line Position Requisition (Monica Shedlock and Kourosh Barati). The session highlighted how position supervisors are able to submit a request to create, revise, and/or replace a position through JICS. The requestor enters all information and then the system, upon submission, will notify all the parties involved in the request, including HR and the VPFA with options to approve, set to pending, or reject the proposal. This program eliminates the confusion and the paper trail related to a position requisition. In an event one of the supervisors is absent, HR can designate an alternative user to approve a proposal. The position requestor, supervisors, HR and the VPFA can, at any time, return to the program and view current or previously submitted requisitions.

On Line PayStub (Marian Bender and Kourosh Barati). Presented how the Saint Francis University’s Payroll Office recently stopped printing pay stubs and now publishes these online for all employees - saving time and money. This project began as a collaboration between the Payroll Office and the IT Department to eliminate the need to use the paper version of the pay stub. Combined with mandatory direct deposit policy, all employees, including work studies, can easily and securely access their pay stub detail via JICS. The online version of the pay stub displays more detailed information about deductions, benefits, and also organizes the Employer section. Employees can also access their previous pay stubs from a drop down menu and print the detail for their own record.

Academic Reports that Save Time and Improve Operations (Renee Bernard and Craig Sikurinec). Several academic reports that have been developed from the student academic database were demonstrated, including Enrollment Statistics, Academic Standing, Grade Distribution, and more. Each of these help academic administration save considerable time when the reports are generated, allow continuing monitoring, and provide the opportunity for review and research that was not available before.

On Line Benefit Enrollment (Bernie Storm and Kourosh Barati). Previously, all benefit election forms were mailed to full time employees with their current benefit deductions. To decrease paperwork, save time, control costs and reduce human error, HR worked with the IT department to manage open enrollment through JICS. Now HR creates a new open enrollment and assigns a deadline. Full time employees use JICS to view and select their annual and new enrollment health benefits elections. Once the enrollment deadline is reached, the system removes the election and HR staff can easily begin processing registered elections. All collected data is then transferred onto the deduction table with correct amounts assigned to them. Through a series of Cognos reports, the HR staff can easily view the employees enrolled or who have not enrolled in the election cycle.


The 15th Annual Trail Hike was help on Saturday, June 7, 2014 when five SFU employees followed the path of the 1889 Johnstown Flood. The hike was eight miles starting at the trail head in Ehrenfeld, passing through the Staple Bend Tunnel (the first railroad tunnel in the country), and continuing to the Franklin trail head. The hike was led by Dave Wilson, Director of Counseling Services, and Dr. Lane Loya, Associate Professor of Biology. Dave began the hikes in the year 2000, inspired by the first-year reading of the book A Walk in the Woods, by Bill Bryson. Lane joined the effort in 2002. All of the previous hikes have been on the Laurel Ridge trail. The most recent hike was moved to the path of the flood in conjunction with the 125th anniversary of the flood. Also participating this year were Dr. Pat Farabaugh, Tom Shrfit, and Dr. Pete Skoner. The tradition will continue next year, on Saturday, June 6, 2015; mark your calendars!