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Ms. Alexa Hayward

Alexa Hayward

School: Arts & Letters
Academic Department: Communications
Graduation Year: 2015
Hometown: Beaver Falls, PA

Alexa's Story

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Where you involved in other activities at Saint Francis?

I play basketball at SFU.

What were your experiences with your faculty?

The faculty is amazing at SFU! They are always eager to help their students in any way that they can. All of the teachers are very accommodating, especially when it comes to dealing with a student athlete! They strive to make classes interesting and enjoyable.

How would you characterize your department’s personality?

The Communications Department is encouraging! They are always encouraging students to put themselves out there and gain real life experience.

What were your experiences with the equipment/facilities?

Most of my classes were held in the Mac lab. The computers are amazing and are essential to the major. The school gave us nothing but the best.


I chose to become a Communications major because it is everywhere! There is no avoiding it. Everywhere you look you see ads, magazines, newspapers, or social media sites. I love learning about each media outlet and how Communications majors are shaping the future of each of them.

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