Alumni Weekend

July 24-27, 2014

  • SFU Alumni Weekend
  • Meet Me in Loretto

    Alumni Weekend is a great opportunity to meet old friends and new in Loretto, and we hope you will plan to join us. In addition to celebrating the anniversaries of classes ending in a 4 and 9, we also will be commemorating the 30th Anniversary of our Nursing Program and celebrating our Masterrs of Occupational Therapy program. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to meet up in Loretto and share in this fun-filled weekend.  Alumni Weekend photos will be posted by September 1.

  • Registration

    Alumni in the class of 1964 will be receiving a full printed in brochure in the mail. All other alumni will be receiving a smaller brochure with a schedule of events, and a unique User ID and Password that can be used when registering for the weekend.

    Registering online?

    • Click on the link below and enter the User ID and password listed in your Alumni Weekend mailing at the log-in boxes on the top right.

    Not registering online?

    • Print off a registration form and mail or fax it back. OR
    • Call the Alumni Office at 814-472-3015 to request a printed brochure to be mailed to you.

    Log-in Instructions:

    • If you are a current user of My.Francis, then please log in using your usual credentials.
    • If your usual credentials do not work, OR if you are not a current user of My.Francis, then please use the User ID and Password printed on your mailing.

    If you are ready to register, go to:

  • Affinity Groups

    An affinity group refers to alumni with similar interests/majors regardless of graduation years. In the past, we have hosted theatre, sport, club, Greek, and Honors Program affinity groups.

    Affinity Groups FAQ

    What do they do at Alumni Weekend?
    Typically, there is some time set aside for a separate reception or gathering of all those within a particular affinity group, most likely on Saturday of Alumni Weekend. Such a gathering would involve current and, if possible, past faculty members and/or moderators with ties to that affinity group. It is a time for alumni to hear more about the program today and to discover, if applicable, ways they can get involved in some of the department or group’s initiatives.

    How are affinity groups chosen? What do I need to do if I want to bring back a particular affinity group?
    An affinity group can be identified in a number of ways. Sometimes affinity groups are identified by the Office of Alumni Relations or by the Alumni Association Board of Directors, but most often they are driven by the alumni themselves.  Sometimes a faculty member is retiring or marking some significant anniversary. In 2002, for example, more than 100 alumni who had participated in theatre at Saint Francis came to Alumni Weekend to celebrate Kenny Resinski’s 40th anniversary as a professor here. Sometimes alumni will come forward and ask if they can organize an affinity group reunion, such as the All-Greek reunion we had in 2005. Sometimes an academic program or club is celebrating a significant milestone or anniversary. 2008 marked the 20th anniversary of the first graduates from our Honors Program so all Honors graduates were invited back. Past affinity groups have included Greeks, Honors Program alumni, and various sports teams. Affinity groups are welcome to have reunions at whatever frequency they prefer, but most opt for every five years.

    Any alumnus/a who would like to organize an affinity reunion should contact Anita Baumann, director of alumni relations, at 814-472-3015. To organize a successful affinity reunion, the organizer needs to be willing to make calls and send emails inviting alumni to attend the affinity reunion and encouraging them to call their friends. If the affinity group is identified by March, information can be included in the Alumni Weekend brochure that is mailed to all alumni in late April or early May.

    What is needed for a successful Affinity Group Reunion?
    1) It helps to identify current and retired faculty as well as organizational moderators who would be willing to attend the affinity group reception.
    2) It helps to have alumni from different decades who might be willing to call/e-mail alumni about attending – this can be done via an email to all alumni from that major, or can be done more selectively if faculty already know of alumni willing to help.

    How many affinity groups do you want each year?
    Ideally, no more than three in some combination of academic, club, Greek, and sport Affinity Groups.

  • Christian Hall

    Christian Hall Alumni Weekend

    Christian Hall is always highly sought after by alumni attending Alumni Weekend. Christian Hall includes private baths and air-conditioning in each room. Single rooms have one twin bed; double rooms have two twin beds. Each room is outfitted with pillows, sheets, blankets, and small towels. Alumni should bring soap, cups, and an alarm clock, and may also wish to bring their own pillows and larger towels for bathing. Complimentary coffee and tea will be served in the dorm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings for overnight guests; there will be no continental breakfasts this year. You may bring sleeping bags for children so they can "camp out" in your room at no extra charge.

     Room pricing for 2014

    A double room in Christian Hall is $95.00

     How to get a room

     Space is always very limited in this dorm, and that is likely to be even more the case this year. As always, our 50th anniversary graduates are guaranteed housing in Christian Hall; these alumni reserve their rooms in advance through a special registration form that is mailed to them.

     After our 50th anniversary graduates, registration next opens for all alumni who have already celebrated their 50th anniversary (graduates from 1963 and earlier) the opportunity to reserve a room in Christian Hall before the dorm is opened to other alumni. The Alumni Association Board of Directors made this change in 2008 to accommodate the health and accessibility needs of our oldest attendees.

    To ensure a smooth reservation process, there will be two reservation days for Christian Hall in June.  There will be two reservation days for Christian Hall. The first date will be June 16 and will only be for those alumni who graduated in 1963 or earlier. If there are any rooms left in Christian Hall after these alumni have reserved their rooms, then the second reservation day will be June 18. (If Christian Hall fills up, there will be a message posted on the Alumni Weekend page by 5:00 PM on June 10.) 

     Reservation Policy

    1) Christian Hall requires a two-night mandatory stay.

    2) Your Christian Hall reservation is NON-REFUNDABLE and must be paid in full by credit card at the time of registration.

    3) You must be a current member of the Alumni Association, or you must join when you reserve your room.

    4) Only one room per alumni family can be reserved in Christian Hall.

    5) You cannot make reservations for other families.

     Reservation Process

    1) There will be two reservation days, June 16th and June 18th.  Phones will open at 9:00 am EST on each day.

    2) If Christian Hall fills up on the first day, there will be an announcement on the Alumni Weekend webpage.

    3) The only way alumni can register for Christian Hall will be by calling 814-472-3015 or 814-472-3126.

    4) If you receive a busy signal when you call, keep trying. If the phone keeps ringing, do not hang up.  We will be manning the phones all day.

    5) Reservations for Christian Hall will not be accepted before the reservation dates.  People sending in reservations for Christian Hall before the date will be notified that their registrations have not been accepted.

    6) As soon as Christian Hall fills up, we will put a notice online and on our voice mail stating this is the case.

    7) Those who do not get into Christian will be placed on a waiting list but will be assigned to another dorm as well.

  • FAQ

    Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about alumni weekend. If you don't find the answer you were looking for please contact:  Anita Fusco Baumann '90, Director of Alumni Relations at  or 814-472-3015.

    How can I get into Christian Hall?

    Easily our most popular question: we have tried to answer all the questions about Christian Hall in one place. See the Christian Hall Reservation Policy.

    I'd like to see all the alumni from my favorite club or major invited to Alumni Weekend as an affinity group. How can I make that happen?

    The Alumni Relations Office can help you with that. For detailed information about affinity group reunions, see the Frequently Asked Questions: Affinity Groups document.

    I want to hang out outside on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Can I bring a tent or lawn chairs and set up camp in front of a dorm?

    Absolutely! We know that many alumni like to hang out and reconnect with friends, and we encourage alumni to bring tents, lawn chairs, tables, and anything else they need to be comfortable during the weekend. Since furniture cannot be removed from the dorms, we recommend that alumni bring lawn chairs and beach towels if they want to hang out near the dorm.

    Who is the caterer for Alumni Weekend?

    All events held on campus are catered by Parkhurst Food Service, which also manages Torvian Dining Hall.

    What is the dress code for the Saturday dinner/dance?

    There never really has been a strict dress code for the dinner/dance. Historically, alumni have tended to dress up: suit or sport coat/slacks with tie for men; skirt, dress, or nice pantsuit for women. However, for those who prefer something less formal, business casual attire is certainly appropriate: slacks/sport coat with or without a tie for men; and casual dress/skirt or slacks for women.

    What determines if the dinner/dance is held at JFK or Stokes?

    The number of alumni attending the dinner determines where it is held, though we work hard to keep the dinner and dance in JFK, which is air-conditioned. When are numbers are high, we offer the option of patio seating, and many alumni opt to eat on the patio rather than inside the lounge. Whenever the dinner is held at Stokes, we receive numerous complaints from alumni about the heat, so we make all efforts to keep the dinner at JFK, and alumni seem to appreciate the decision.

    When the dinner is at JFK, why is the dance held downstairs at Frankies?

    We strive to keep the dinner and awards program at JFK because the lounge is an attractive, air-conditioned setting for the event. However, with the lounge set-up for dinner, there really is no place for dancing upstairs. Therefore, we opt to use the existing dance floor and light set up at Frankies in the lower level of JFK, along with a self-service bar in the tent adjacent to Frankies.

    How come you do not offer an open bar or cash bar at the Saturday dinner?

    In keeping with its budget for the weekend, the Alumni Association is able to offer a complimentary open bar during the cocktail reception, wine service during dinner, and a self-serve beer and wine hospitality bar after dinner. Currently the Association does not have a license to sell liquor, so a cash bar would present a problem.

    How come you don't provide portable fans to those staying in unconditioned dorms?

    If we had them, we'd happily let you use them. However, neither the Alumni Association nor the Office of Alumni Relations can afford to purchase and store fans for 300 rooms. We always encourage attendees to bring fans for the dorm room, as it can get hot in July.

    I heard that one of the fraternities sponsors a pig roast on Saturday evening in Loretto. How come there are events competing with the dinner/dance?

    The Alumni Association does not schedule any official Alumni Weekend events at the same time as the Alumni Memorial Mass, Cocktail Reception, and Dinner/Dance on Saturday evening. However, there are times when various affinity groups may elect to host their own activities off-campus at the same time.

    Our class would like to have its own lunch on Saturday? Is that possible?

    It is not logistically possible for our Food Service to cater more than two events during lunch on Saturday. Right now, they handle our Celebration Lunch for our 50th anniversary attendees and the golfers' lunch at Immergrun. The Office of Alumni Relations would be happy to provide classes that would like to go off-site for a special lunch with information about local restaurants with group facilities.

    I haven't stayed in a dorm in a LONG time.  What should I bring?

    We recommend that you bring the following:

    All dorm rooms are supplied with the following:

    • Pillows
    • Sheets
    • Blankets
    • Small bath towels

    In addition to the above items, Christian Hall rooms also include the following:

    • Small bar of soap
    • Shampoo
    • Private bathroom
    • Central air-conditioning

    You also may want to bring these items:

    • Bathroom Cup
    • Alarm Clock
    • Wash cloth
    • Large bath towel
    • Toiletries
    • Shower shoes or slippers
    • Lawn chairs (if you want to sit outside the dorm)
    • Snacks (if you get hungry late at night or in-between meals)
    • Bathrobe (If you are not staying in Christian Hall, your bathroom will be down the hall.)
    • A fan for your room (if you are not staying in Christian Hall)
    • Yearbooks or photo albums
    • Camera
  • Past Memories


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