Alumni Weekend

July 28-31, 2016

  •  SFC 1981

  •  Alumni Weekend 2016

    THIS WAY back to Loretto for Alumni Weekend 2016: July 28 - 31

    Get Involved

    We are looking for alumni to help generate enthusiasm for the Alumni Weekend.  Class Representatives are a working group of dedicated volunteers who help us share details about upcoming events and recruit classmates to return for the festivities.  These Class Representatives will be asked to connect with their classmates via phone calls, email and/or social media.

    What do Class Representatives do? 

    Some ways that Class Representatives can engage their classmates include: 

    • Call classmates to share the dates, schedule, and other details of the event; 

    • Share details with classmates via social media; 

    • Help our office collect information on "missing" members of our alumni; 

    • Send an invitation to your friends encouraging them to be part of the fun!  

    What's the time commitment? 

    Class Representatives may spend hours tracking down their classmates, or may spend 30 minutes a month sending emails or posting information to a social media account.   

    Interested in volunteering?  Contact Jaimie Steel, Director of Alumni Relations.
    We want to make sure you stay up to date with all of the events pertaining to Alumni Weekend, and plan to use volunteers to do so.
    If you object to being contacted by one of your Class Representatives, send an email to remove you from their contact list.

    Photo Galleries

    View photos from Alumni Weekends past: Alumni Photo Galleries.


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