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Professors' articles accepted for publication

January 17, 2013

Our professors have been hard at work, recently having articles accepted for publication in journals in their respective fields.

Dr. Robin Cadwallader, associate dean of the School of Arts & Letters and associate professor of English/ communications, had her article "Different Views of Life in the Iron-Mills or How the Welsh Experienced America" accepted for publication. It will appear in the spring issue of Topic, published by Washington & Jefferson College. The article looks at the differences in the way Rebecca Harding Davis depicted the Welsh in her short story "Life in the Iron-Mills" and the way the Welsh represented themselves in their own writings. Aaron Rovan, a graduate of Saint Francis, had an article accepted for publication in the same issue of Topic. Dr. Cadwallader will continue her research on nineteenth-century Welsh immigrants by presenting a paper on Welsh labor in Pittsburgh, particularly Welsh participation in the Homestead strikes, at the 2013 MELUS (Multi-Ethnic Literature in the United States) conference; Mr. Rovan is also presenting on this panel.

Dr. Rose Clark, professor of chemistry, had a research article published in the current issue of the Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry (689 (2013) 284–290). The article is entitled, "Electrochemical titration of carboxylic acid terminated SAMs on evaporated gold: Understanding the ferricyanide electrochemistry at the electrode surface. Saint Francis student authors included on the manuscript are Colin J. Trout, Laura E. Ritchey, Agnieszka N. Marciniak, Mara Weinzierl, Catherine N. Schirra, and Christopher Kurtz.

Dr. Joseph Melusky, professor of political science and director of the Center for the Study of Government & Law, had an article published in the current issue of the National Social Science Journal (vol. 39, No. 1, 2012). The article is entitled, "From Burning at the Stake to Lethal Injection: Evolving Standards of Decency and Methods of Execution."

Dr. Art Remillard, assistant professor of religious studies, authored "Between Faith and Fistic Battles: Moralists, Enthusiasts, and the Idea of Jack Johnson in the New South." It appeared in the fall 2012 edition of Perspectives in Religious Studies. The article is set in the early twentieth century and examines white southern responses to the rise of black pugilist Jack Johnson. Specifically, it centers on the tensions between evangelical moralists who wanted to prohibit prizefighting, and boxing enthusiasts who had a profound bond to the sport and its white athletes. While these groups engaged prizefighting on different terms, both became part of national and international discourses on race, gender, sports, and nationality. Through the idea of Jack Johnson, then, the world came to the New South, and the New South went forth into the world.

Dr. William (Bill) Strosnider, assistant professor of environmental engineering, and sophomore student Rebecca Peer had their article titled "Passive co-treatment of zinc-rich acid mine drainage and raw municipal wastewater" published in the Journal of Geochemical Exploration. The article builds off of previous laboratory studies to test this unique treatment approach with wastewaters from Potosi, Bolivia under ambient field conditions. The research was a collaboration with Dr. Robert Nairn at the University of Oklahoma and Dr. Brandon Winfrey at the University of Maryland. Dr. Strosnider is also the lead-author on an article titled "Co-Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage with Municipal Wastewater: A Promising New Approach" just published in the fall 2012 edition of the trade journal Reclamation Matters. The article was a collaboration with colleagues at Trinity College-University of Dublin, the University of Maryland, and the University of Oklahoma. Rebecca Peer, junior environmental engineering student at Saint Francis, was the third author as she contributed to a better understanding of the mechanisms of this wastewater treatment approach.

Dr. Edward Timmons, associate professor of economics, had his paper “Occupational Regulation in the European Legal Market” accepted for publication in the peer-reviewed journal, The European Journal of Comparative Economics. The paper will be published in an upcoming special issue of the journal focusing exlusively on the topic of occupational licensing. The paper was co-authored with Mario Pagliero, assistant professor of economics at the University of Turin and Collegio Carlo Alberto in Italy.

Dr. Lening Zhang, professor of sociology/criminal justice, had a new paper accepted for publication in the Asian Journal of Criminology. The paper analyzes the characteristics of relapsed drug users in contemporary urban China using data that Dr. Zhang collected from users in several mandatory treatment centers in a large city of China, 2009. It compares the characteristics with those discovered in the United States. Also, a chapter that Dr. Zhang has completed will appear in the Handbook of Chinese Criminology that will be published by Routledge. The chapter is entitled “Crime Data and Criminological Research in Contemporary China.” It assesses the current state of collecting unofficial crime data in China and the difficulties/challenges in collecting such data with discussion of the future direction and effort to collect high-quality crime data in China.