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Student teaches sign language to co-workers during spring break

March 11, 2013

 Emily Gabriel ASLEmily Gabriel ASL 2

For her American Sign Language (ASL) 250 class, Saint Francis student Emily Gabriel, a junior majoring in physician assistant science and minoring in ASL and biology, needed to teach ASL to a group of people. She thought about the many groups she could help by sharing common her ASL knowledge, and decided the group that can best use the skills are her co-workers at her hometown Kings Restaurant in Delmont, PA. "I thought if they had the basic skills down they would be able to better serve our Deaf customers," said Emily.

Over spring break she taught her fellow servers at King's common ASL words and phrases. She also had the foresight to create a follow up video with the support of Dustin Williams and Ms. Jenifer Baker, adjunct instructor of ASL. The video enables her fellow employees to practice their ASL when Emily when isn't around.

Emily didn't stop her work with the ASL video. On March 28th from 6 a.m.-11 p.m. she is leading a Dine and Donate at the King's in Delmont where 20% of the check (for those that submit this card) will go to the Westmoreland Association for the Deaf. Ms. Gale DeArmin, clinical assistant professor of ASL, and Bethany Hamer are volunteering to interpret for the day.

Her passion and work caught the attention of the WTAE in Pittsburgh  who featured her on a recent segment.