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Frequently asked questions about tuition billing

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    Billing: Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some common questions students have asked regarding payment of tuition and fees.

    When is my balance due?

    The balance is due three weeks before the first day of class if you are paying by cash, check, money order, debit card, or credit card.  If you are obtaining a loan to pay the balance, please have a loan approval by this date.

    I have a billing adjustment concerning my meal or housing plan?

    Please see the Tuition and Fee Schedule for the correct cost and calculate your new balance.; Please contact the Office of Residence Life to process your meal or housing change. Your student billing account will be automatically updated for the beginning of the semester when the change is received and approved by the Residence Life Office.

    I have an outside scholarship not listed on my student bill?

    Please mail a copy of the scholarship award letter to the Business Office and make the necessary deduction from your student bill to calculate your new balance.

    My bill does not show any financial aid, now what?

    Contact the Financial Aid Office at (814) 472-3010 or at

    I signed a Stafford Loan Master Promissory Note before but now I received another one to sign. Do I need to sign it?

    Yes, if the Master Promissory Note you received has information concerning Saint Francis University. No, if the Master Promissory Note does not contain information concerning Saint Francis University.

    How do I waive or enroll in the University health insurance?

    You must complete a waiver or enrollment form via the internet, mail, or fax.  Enroll or waive the insurance coverage using your unique ID and password received in a mailing from Hulse/QM, or go to and follow the instructions provided. If you do not have your unique ID and password, call 1-800-434-1579, ext. 2. Please be aware no proof of insurance waiver forms will be accepted after the 20th business day of each semester and you will be responsible for the cost of the health insurance.

    When will refund checks be issued?

    Refund checks will be direct deposited into a student’s bank account or placed in the students’ campus mail box or mailed home the 11th business day of the semester.

    Which office do I contact?

    • For questions on loans, scholarships, and grants, contact the Financial Aid Office at 814-472-3010 or
    • For questions on housing or meal plans, contact the Residence Life Office at 814-472-3029.
    • For billing questions, contact the Business Office at 814-472-2884 or at
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