Capital Campaign

for Saint Francis University

  • Called to Serveā€¦Fulfilling the Promise

    The Capital Campaign for Saint Francis University: Called to Serve...Fulfilling the Promise unites a dramatic combination of facility renovations and landmark new construction all designed to enhance academic opportunities for our students.

    Capital Campaign for the School of Business

    Schwab Hall

    Schwab Hall (Renovation and Expansion)

    Plans have been developed to renovate and expand Schwab Hall to become the new home for the School of Business. Schwab Hall will house flexible classrooms of various styles, including lecture halls, seminar space, and areas designed for group work and collaboration. In addition, the building will provide office and meeting rooms for the dean and associate dean of the School, private offices for faculty and staff, small and large conference rooms, and dedicated space for adjunct and visiting instructors.

    Capital Campaign for the School of Health Sciences

    Sullivan Hall

    Sullivan Hall (Renovation and Expansion)

    Moving the science facilities to their new home also provides a wonderful opportunity to reinvent Sullivan Hall. No longer will our allied health students be scattered across campus. This space will become a modern classroom and lab space specifically tailored to the needs of our health sciences students, who, of course, will also be spending a great deal of time pursing coursework in the new science center.

    Completed Projects

    Capital Campaign DiSepio

    The DiSepio Institute for Rural Health and Wellness

    Thanks to the generous support of our donor base, particularly the DiSepio and Scharpf families, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we completed the first phase of our campaign in 2009. This state-of-the-art 30,000-square foot education and research center houses a student health center, rehabilitation services, a human performance lab, fitness and spiritual wellness areas, and conference facilities. The institute is actively fulfilling its mission as a clinical training area for students as well as reaching out to underserved rural populations.

    Capital Campaign Science Center

    New Science Center

    Thanks to your generous support of our Capital Campaign, our New Science Center now stands as a flagship facility for science and technology programs on campus. This new structure houses state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories and research facilities (including an aquatic research facility), advanced chemical instrumentation and youth outreach areas, in addition to places for students and faculty to gather, study, and learn.

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