Chemistry Success Stories

  • Reaching Higher in Chemistry

    We are so proud of our alumni, students, faculty and staff! Here are a few of the success stories that we just had to share.

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    Ms. Selawamit Woldemeskel - Class of 2013

    Selamawit Woldemeskel, who hails from Ethiopia, graduated from the Chemistry program in 2013. She is currently attending the John Hopkins Graduate School of Medicine.  While Selam was at SFU, she conducted undergraduate research under the guidance of Dr. Michele Hargittai. Selam's research included characterizing the DNA binding property of the mitochondrial transcription factor A protein. Selam also conducted research at the Pittsburgh Medical Center (summer of 2012) and at Princeton University (summer of 2011) through the summer REU programs.


    Mr. Jason Burkett - Class of 2009

    Jason graduated in June 2013 with a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.  He is currently in a residency training program in emergency medicine at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA.  While at  PCOM, Jason was recognized for excellence in physical exam and diagnosis, receiving the Joseph M. Marino, DO 1962 Award. Jason was also active at Saint Francis University as a Student Ambassador and as a member of the Student Government and the Faculty Committee on Admissions. 


    Ms. Kellie Skoner - Class of 2009

    Kellie graduated with Highest Honors and Clinical Honors from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University in Philadelphia on Sunday, May 26, 2013 with a Doctor of Optometry degree. She was also inducted into the Beta Sigma Kappa Optometric Honor Society. She graduated with Highest Honors from Forest Hills High School in 2005 and Summa Cum Laude from Saint Francis University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry in 2009. Kellie is employed as an optometrist at Chesapeake Eye Care and Laser Center in Annapolis, MD. She is from Elton, PA, and daughter of Diane and Pete Skoner. Although she moved to Maryland, she remains a loyal fan of the Penguins, Pirates, and Steelers!

  • SFU Chemistry Graduates
    Chemistry Graduates Graduation Date After Graduation
    Lucas Behringer 2014 Research & Development Chemist at D - A Lubricants, Lebanon, IN
    Christopher Delaney   2014     Applying to Graduate programs
    Michael DeLyser 2014 Attending Penn State's Ph.D. program in Chemistry
    Phuong Minh Do 2014 Attending Hults International Business School, Boston, MA
    Robert Hodgson 2014 Employed at Jenmar Corp., Cresson, PA
    Chelsey Hughes 2014 Attending LECOM Pharmacy School
    Bemnet Kebede 2014 Attending graduate school, Kansas State
    Mason Koehle 2014 Attending LECOM Pharmacy School
    Elise Lofgren 2014 Attending Chalmers Institute of Technology, Sweden
    Gregory Mountain 2014 Attending Penn State's Ph.D. program in Chemistry
    Jenna Bailey 2013 Attending Optometry School at Ohio State
    Zachary Bowser 2013 Attending LECOM pharmacy school
    Maura Jones 2013 Attending pharmacy school at the University of Sciences, Philadelphia, PA
    Agnieszka Marciniak 2013 Attending West Virginia University grad school
    Trina Perrone 2013 Attending West Virginia University grad school
    Walter Savage 2013 Currently employed in Modeling industry
    Benjamin Schultz     2013 Quality Control Analyst at Johnson and Matthey , Smithfield, PA.
    Laura Smith-Ritchey     2013 Attending grad school at Penn State University
    Kelsea Wagner     2013 Attending the Appalachian School of Law
    Mara Weinzerl 2013 Substitute teacher in Cambria County
    Kevin Wood 2013 Employed in Chemistry in Butler, PA
    Selam Woldemeskel 2013 Attending Johns Hopkins Graduate School of Medicine
    Seth Burkert 2012 Attending grad school at Pitt
    Lauren Grabowski 2012 Attending grad school at the University of South Carolina
    Brittany Kovacs 2012 Attending Optometry School in Melbourne, Australia
    D. Chris Kurtz 2012 Attending West Virginia University Dental School
    Erica Liska 2012 is currently in her third year at Duquesne University School of Pharmacy
    Lauren McConnell 2012 Pharmacy Technician, Community Pharmacy, Tyrone, PA
    Travis Rosmus 2012 Employed at Rubber Rolls, Inc. in Pittsburgh, PA
    Amber Shaikh 2012 Attending Howard Dental School, Washington, D.C.
    Matt Skoner 2012 Attending Doctor of optometry school at Salus University
    Anne (Wolfel) Arnold 2011 Enrolled in Ph. D. program at Carnegie Mellon
    Brendon Cullen - Doyle 2011 Employed in industry position
    Rebecca Hauser 2011 Employed as a chemistry and forensics teacher - Franklin Regional High School, Murrysville, PA
    Kaitie Hensal 2011 Attending graduate school at Indiana University
    Anthony Horner 2011 Attending graduate school at University of Pittsburgh.
    Robert Kniss Jr. 2011 Employed with NALCO Technology, Hughesville, PA
    Catherine Schirra 2011 Employed at Compunetics, Monroeville, PA
    Colin Trout 2011 Attending grad school at Georgia Tech
    Ashley Wilt 2011 Employed at Albermarle Pharmaceuticals, Tyrone, PA
    Caitlin Basile 2010 Attending PSU - Hershey Medical School
    Jared Colmer 2010 Employed with Cardiovascular Systems Inc.
    Cody Crawford 2010 Employed at Environmental Testing Lab in Carlisle, PA
    Tim Gaborek 2010 Earned Masters at Duquesne
    Heather Harteis 2010 Earned Master's in Education at Pitt - employed as a high school chemistry teacher at Westmont Hilltop
    David Kozak 2010 Employed with  Pennsylvania House of Representatives, 74th District  Earned MBA at SFU, 2011
    Doug Kwak 2010 Employed in Industry field
    Luke Lamertina 2010 Earned Pharm D at Duquesne
    Frank Lozupone 2010 Employed at Pennsylvania Dept of Environmental Protection, Harrisburg
    Patrick McManamon 2010 Attending Optometry School at Ohio State University
    Rikki Myers 2010 Pursuing Master's in Environmental Chemistry - University of Utah
    Kaylyn Oshaben 2010 Earning PH.D in Chemistry at Pitt
    Aaron Osysko 2010 Process Engineer/Chemist with Sherwin-Williams Paint
    Anne Stock 2010 Employed at  the McCandless Township Sanitary Authority Inspection, Monitoring and Development Office
    Jason Burkett 2009 Received D.O.  from LECOM Medical School in June 2013. Is currently continuing his training at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA.
    Stephen Curl 2009  Regional Sales Manager - Kaneka Pharma America LLC , New York, NY
    David Kirby 2009 Penn State Graduate School
    KaLynn Kline 2009 Employed at Lancaster Labs, Lancaster
    Christan Mychajlonka 2009 Pharmacist, Arizona
    Stephen Profeta 2009 Completed BS in Chemistry and Computer Science, Temple Pharmacy
    Kim Schrock 2009 Duquesne Chemistry Graduate School
    Valerie Schrott 2009 Duquesne Chemistry Graduate School
    Jonathan Siranni 2009 Employed at American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Materials Reference Lab , Gaithersburg, MD
    Kellie Skoner 2009 Employed as an optometrist with Chesapeake Eye Care and Laser Center, Annapolis, MD.           
    Brittany Walters 2009 Teach For America, NY City, NY
    Brandy Bender 2008 Chemist at Lancaster Labs
    Scotty Boshinsky 2008 Chemist at Song Chemicals
    Jackie Caskey 2008 Pursuing Teaching Certification
    Diane Conrad 2008 LECOM Pharmacy School
    Jennifer Cresswell 2008 Updated 2012
    Employed as a quality assurance analyst by Restek Corp. in Bellefonte, PA
    Kelly Darr 2008 Cross-reference coordinator for ThermoFisher Scientific, Pittsburgh, PA
    Joel Himes 2008 Emergency Resident at Mercy St. Vincent Hospital, Toledo, OH
    Corey Hine 2008 Syracuse University Ph.D. program
    Kathyrn Knorr 2008 Univ. of Illinois at Chicago – Forensics Masters (Graduated 2009) - Physical Scientist, Forensic Examiner with Dept. of Justice, Quantico, VA
    Lauren Kulak 2008 Teaching at Montour High School
    Ben Long 2008 Youth Forestry Science Educator, PA
    Jonathan Miller 2008 Received Masters from SFU, Owner of Get
    Samantha Milosh 2008 First Energy Nuclear, Pittsburgh, PA
    Joe Rosmus 2008 Duquesne Univ. Ph.D. program
    Heather Rust 2008 Univ. of S.C. Biochemistry Ph.D. program
    Crystal Strong 2008 Princeton Biomedical Labs
    Stephanie Switzer 2008 Palmer Chiropratic School, FL - Pursuing D.C. at Logan College of Chiropratic
    Jesse Williamson 2008 Chemical Scientist, Nashville, TN
    Jennifer (DeCoskey) Weyant 2007 New Pig, Bellwood, PA
    Emily Gehrlein 2007 Illinois College of Optometry
    Matt Harbart 2007 ChemImage Corporation Inc.
    Paul Johns 2007  Attending Notre Dame Chemistry Ph.D. program.
    Chris Yeisley 2007 University of Toledo Graduate Studies, Ph.D. Candidate
    Andrew Farabaugh 2006 Attending Penn State Medical School at Hershey
    Lauren Gompers 2006 Completed Pharmacy program at LECOM, Working as a Pharmacist at Walmart, DC area
    Sarah Keller 2006 Teaching Chemistry in Carlisle, PA
    Jeff Mason 2006 Industrial Position
    Kristy Wolfel 2006 Attending Medical School at LECOM, finished with course work.
    Jess Paul 2005 Completed masters at Villanova University, working as patent examiner in D.C.
    Nathan Soltis 2005 Working as a Chemist, Boston, MA
    Cassie Taylor 2005 Chemist with the Food and Drug Administration, Washington D.C.
    Jason Clever 2004 Teaching chemistry at Hollidaysburg High School
    Amy Croskey 2004 Completed Pharm.D. at the University of Pittsburgh
    John Farabaugh 2004 Completed degree in Chiropractic Medicine from Logan College of Chiropractic, Practice in Johnstown, PA
    Haley Hawk 2004 Dentist, Altoona Hosptial, PA
    Ryan O'Neill 2004 Chemistry Lab Instructor at Saint Francis University
    Jelena Petrovic 2004 Received Ph.D in Analytical Chemistry at UNC. Scientist at Millenium, The Takeda Oncology Company.
    Sarah Rebar 2004 Awarded a masters in Education and Chemistry at WestChester University, now teaching H.S. (Tussey Mtn.)
    Jamie Regan 2004 Working as a QC/QA analyst.
    Joseph Bopp 2003 Ph.D. at Yale University, Now at Nalco Labs Chicago, IL
    Dan Solomon
    2003 Masters from Michigan State, Working for Neurosurgeon in Altoona, PA
    Jennifer Williams 2003
    M.D. after completing medical school at Univ. Vermont Medical School

    Matt Statler 


    High School Chemistry Teacher - North Star School District 

    Rayden Winters
    2002 Industrial Position at Laboratory in PA.
    Frank Ianni
    High School teacher in Canada
    Susan (Weymer) Dillon 2001
    Chemistry Laboratory instructor  at Saint Francis University (Aug 2002)
    Shelly Campagna
    2001 Certified Chemistry Teacher
    Mark McNulty
    Chemist at Lancaster Laboratories
    Mark Semanick
    Pharmaceutical chemist
    Beckie Espenlaub 2000 Masters in Analytical Chemistry from University of Pittsburgh. Teaching high school chemistry in Pittsburgh.
    Amy Gryshuk
    2000 Now postdocing at UC Davis,Ph.D. completed in Molecular Pharmacology and Cancer Therapeutics at Roswell Park Cancer Institute of the University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
    Christina (Petrarca) Ansell
    Awarded Masters in Biological Chemistry at The Ohio State University. Currently a chemistry teacher as Wachusett Regional High School, Holden, MA
    Danielle Sunseri
    Masters obtained from The Pennsylvania State University.
    Tracy Paxon
    Ph.D. completed at Pennsylvania State University, working in New York as research chemist at GE global Research
    Ryan Howard
    M.S. (2002) from Boston College, Chemistry Teacher at  Xaverian Brothers High School Westwood, MA
    Ernie Pagliaro 1998
    Certified Chemistry Teacher Shelton High School, Shelton CT
    Christine Wasil
    Certified Chemistry Teacher Altoona Area High School, Altoona, PA; adjunct instructor Mt. Aloysius College
    Jennifer Ropp
    Ph.D. awarded 2002 from the Univ. of Wisconsin, Professor at Univ. Minnesota-Morris
    Steve Swann 1996
    PH.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Delaware 2002. Currently working at Abbott Labs, Chicago Il.
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