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Social Work professor visited National Taipei University to give presentations

June 28, 2013

 Dr Lynch classroomDr Lynch at shelterOld campus Lynch

Photos top to bottom: Dr. Mark Lynch is pictured with lecture participants. The director of the national crisis line of the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention center, Dr. Lynch, and Dr. Lening Zhang pose together. Old campus of National Taipei University.

Dr. Mark Lynch, director and professor of social work, recently presented to the Graduate School of Criminology of National Taipei University and the Graduate School of Social Work of National Taipei University in Taiwan.

The first presentation Dr. Lynch gave was entitled "Multi-modal Treatment in Domestic Violence Cases. It was presented to post graduate students, faculty, police officers including members of the S.W.A.T. team and Taiwan F.B.I., health care professionals and other community leaders. The second presentation was for the graduate students, faculty and local social workers and entitled "The State of Social Work in the United States.

As a result of the presentation on domestic violence, a meeting with the Taiwan Minister of the Interiors' Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Committee was arranged. After speaking to members of the committee, Dr. Lynch was given a tour of the National Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault Crisis Line program, where he spoke with the administrator, and several workers regarding the type of work performed by the program. Dr. Lynch also was asked to do a classroom presentation for graduate criminology students. The session was a discussion of "Discrimination in the Death Penalty and Executions in the U.S."