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Dr. Joseph Melusky publishes book ''The Death Penalty: Documents Decoded''

March 25, 2014

Dr. Joseph Melusky, professor of political science and director of the Saint Francis Center for the Study of Government & Law, and Keith Pesto, U.S. Magistrate Judge and adjunct professor of political science, had their new book published by ABC-CLIO.

The book is entitled, The Death Penalty: Documents Decoded. The book exposes readers directly to landmark opinions of the U.S. Supreme Court that strive to answer difficult questions concerning capital punishment. Cases are presented through the carefully excerpted words of the justices themselves. Information is organized chronologically to facilitate tracing the evolution of capital punishment in the United States.

The book is part of the ABC-CLIO "Documents Decoded" series. The series guides readers through an expertly curated selection of primary sources. Each book pairs key documents with in-depth analysis in a side-by-side format. The series is designed to explain each source's context and significance, giving readers a front-row seat to their own investigations and interpretations of essential documents. This is Dr. Melusky's eighth book and the third that he has written with Judge Pesto.