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Dr. Edward P. Zovinka

Ed Zovinka

Title: Professor, Inorganic Chemistry
School: Sciences
Academic Department: Chemistry
Phone: 814-472-3373
E-mail: ezovinka@francis.edu
Office Location: Science Center 209
Office Hours: Monday: 10:00-11:00 Wednesday; 10:00-11:00 Friday: 10:00-11:00 Also when office door is open. Meeting times can also be arranged through email or voicemail.


  • B.S., Roanoke College
  • Ph.D., University of California at Davis
  • Postdoc., North Carolina State University


Research & Teaching

Research Interests

  • Synthetic models of Hydroxylamine Oxidoreductase from Nitrosomonas europea
  • Green Chemistry in Inorganic Chemistry
  • Effect of Service Learning on Student Learning


  • Chem 101 and 102.  Chemical Principles I and II
  • Chem 103 and 104.  Human Chemistry I and II
  • Chem 304.  Inorganic Chemistry
  • Other courses:  Chem 401: Introduction to Spectroscopy

Recent Publications (* denotes undergraduate author at SFU)

  •  29. Clark, R.A.; Stock, A.E.*; Zovinka, E.P. "Metalloporphyrins as Oxidation Catalysts of Organic Substrates accepted for Comprehensive Organic Chemistry Experiments for the Laboratory Classroom (COCELC); Afonso, C., Ed.; Royal Society of Chemistry: Cambridge, March 2015.
  •  28.  Spellman Jr., C*; Carvajal, S.*;  Weyant, C.J.*; Krug, J.P.*; Krupa, R.C.*; Wolfe, D.*;  Li, Y.;  Zovinka, E.P.; Rose, A.;  Strosnider, W. Research, Teaching and Service with Open Limestone Channels and Undergraduates in the Allegheny Highlands Reclamation Matters, Spring 2015, 28-31.
  •  27.  Arnold, A.M.*; Kwak,D.J.*;  Löfgren, L.E.*;. Walters, B.M.*; Wilt, A.L.*; Woldemeskel, S.A.*; Zovinka, E.P. Microwaving Metals:  Inserting Metals into Porphyrin Ligands using Microwave Methods The Chemical Educator, 2014, 19, 296-298.
  • 26. Horner* A. R., Clark; R.A. , LoRusso; S. M., and Zovinka E. P. "Measuring Potassium in Muscle Tissue Utilizing an Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Validation of an Adaptation for a Whole-body Potassium Counting Method" American Journal of Undergraduate Research, December 2012 (vol. 11, no. 3&4), pp.1-8.
  • 25. Rosmus, T.*; Minor, J.*, Zovinka, E.P. “Science R.O.C.K.s at Saint Francis University and Soon will ROLL, InChemistry Apr/May 2012 pp. 19-23
  • 24. Clark, R.A.; Stock, A.E.*; Zovinka, E.P. “Metalloporphyrins as Oxidation Catalysts: Moving Toward“Greener” Chemistry in the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory” J. Chem. Educ., 2012, 89 (2), 271–275.
  • 23. Stock, A.; Zovinka, E.P. “Microwaves: Green Machines for Green Chemistry?” J. Chem. Educ. 2010, 87(4), 350-352
  • 22. Felix, A.; Zovinka, E.P. “One STEP: Enhancing Student Retention Through Early Introduction of Research for STEM Majors”, CUR Quarterly, Fall 2008, 29(1), 42-47.
  • 21. Zovinka, Edward P. "ROCK Program rolls into schools." The Tribune-Democrat 27 January 2008: E9.
  • 20. Conrad, D.*; DeCoskey, J.*; Mock, S.*; Petrovic, J.*, Noll, B.C.; Zovinka, E.P. “Zinc Tetra(2,6-dimethoxy phenyl)porphyrin”, Acta Cryst (2007). E63, m3058.
  • 19. Conrad, D.*; DeCoskey, J.*; Yeisley, C.*; Zeller, M.; Hunter, A.D.; Zovinka, E.P. “Nickel Tetra(2,6-dimethoxyphenyl)porphyrin” Acta Cryst (2007). E63, m2824.
Professional Membership & Service


  • American Chemical Society
  • Project Kaleidoscope
  • Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh

Community Service

  • Director, Rural Outreach Chemistry for Kids
  • Member, Hollidaysburg Area School District Parent Leadership Council
  • Committee Chairman, Boy Scout Troop 3032, Hollidaysburg, PA
  • Faculty Advisor, Chemistry Club
  • Faculty Advisor, Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity
  • Faculty Athletic Mentor, Women's Golf Team

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