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Ms. Emily Gabriel

Emily Gabriel

School: Arts & Letters
Academic Department: Literature and Languages
Academic Department: Physician Assistant Science

Emily's Story

Her experience at Saint Francis and her familiarity with American Sign Language (ASL) helped senior physician assistant (PA) major, Emily Gabriel develop into a driven student with a knack for service. “I guess you could say the ‘Gabriel Family Values’ shaped me into who I am while the Franciscan values allowed me to grow further!” Although her major is demanding, Emily still finds time to fulfill her interest in ASL within the minor program. “I have been interested in (Sign Language) since about middle school. One of my best friends had an autistic brother who could not speak. My mom worked at a school for special needs and the rest of my family volunteered there, so I started to also. I enjoyed communicating with those who could not speak through sign language.”

As part of her ASL class, she was assigned to teach a small group of people some sign language. Immediately, she thought of ways to help her community. Emily thought of teaching her coworkers ASL so they could accommodate their deaf customers. Her manager at King’s, Jim Pochedly, loved her idea and took it even further. He organized a Dine and Donate event for the Deaf Association. The King’s staff knows welcoming phrases and other pleasantries, as well as how to fingerspell their names and ask what their customers want to eat.

The 21-year-old from Slickville has been in a variety of different groups and organizations on campus including the Student Government Association (SGA), the PA society, and Emerging Leaders. Emily has also been an Orientation Counselor, Student Ambassador, an SGA Senator, and served as the SGA vice president in 2012. Currently, she is a Resident Assistant in Saint Joan Hall, Chief Senator in SGA, and the PA Society president.


Mrs. DeArmin, in my humble opinion, is essential to SFU in creating and offering an ASL minor. She goes above and beyond what could be expected of any professor in any course of studies anywhere.

While my early life gave me the foundation for success, SFU has helped me flourish. What I have learned here at SFU has given me even more confidence to succeed in whatever I try to do.

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