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  • What are the benefits of an English degree?

    English majors will hone their analytical and communication skills, which are essential to any career. They will also develop an appreciation of mankind’s plights, achievements, fears, and desires as they are reflected in literature.

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    Why Study English at SFU

    Our English department provides extensive instruction in composition and literary analysis. We believe that focused discussions in small classrooms about good books and good writing provide the best kind of education for students of literature. We also work individually with students on their own writing endeavors and interpretations of literary texts. Several of our majors have published their scholarship in journals or have presented scholarly and creative works at literary conferences.

    At Saint Francis, you will learn from professors who love the written word and want to share that love with our students. We are all prolific writers and/or active scholars in our respective fields. For instance, Dr. Kirk Weixel has published a number of articles with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Dr. Cadwallader has presented at more than fifty conferences and serves as the managing editor for Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers. We work closely with students on projects ranging from independent studies to campus-wide publications such as The Troubadour (the campus newspaper), and as such, enjoy an excellent rapport with our majors.  We also provide students additional opportunities to learn from and write for the broader campus and surrounding communities.

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