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Mr. Eric Echard

School: Sciences
Academic Department: Biology
Graduation Year: 2006


Saint Francis University is truly a first-rate, hidden gem as far as a collegiate educational experience is concerned. My personal dream was to become a dentist, and I can tell you that Saint Francis University provides the perfect learning environment for the dedicated student. I spent my freshman year of college and subsequent summer at two large universities before attending Saint Francis. This first difficult year of school really helped me to recognize just how special Saint Francis University is for a person who dreams of someday getting into a professional program. The professors at Saint Francis are teachers first-and-foremost; they are not researchers looking to advance their own personal careers like the majority of professors at larger universities. This, coupled with the fact that it is a small school, means that each student receives a higher degree of personal attention. The Biology department at Saint Francis is simply wonderful. They are kind, friendly and willing to do whatever they can to help a student reach his or her ultimate goal.

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