Faith & Franciscanism

at Saint Francis University

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    In an age of complexity, simplicity of the message of St. Francis of Assisi has more appeal than ever before: Humility. Generosity. Reverence. Service. Respect. Prayer. Joy. Love. These guiding principles of the Franciscans aren't just ideals to be admired, but values to be lived.

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    Campus Ministry

    Campus Ministry offers a variety of programs to help students grow in their faith.



    Daily, weekend, and Holy Day Masses are held in the Immaculate conception Chapel. Our students serving in Liturgical Ministries bring a vibrancy to the mass through their music, readings, and participation.


    Goals of Franciscan Higher Education

    Goals of Franciscan Higer Education include: A Humble and Generous Attitude toward Learning, Reverence for All Life and for the Goodness of All Humanity, Respect for the Uniqueness of Individual Persons, A Global Vision, Service to the Poor and the Needy, A Community of Faith and Prayer, A Spirit of Simplicity and Joy, and the Franciscan Presence


    Values Through Service

    We have a heart for service following in the footsteps of our patron St. Francis of Assisi. The majority of our students participate in community service projects throughout the year.

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