Field Study in Galapagos

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  • Field Biology Galapagos Ecology

    Field Study in Galapagos

    With Dr. Sue Morra

    May 10–20, 2013


    Participants will research the ecology of The Galapagos Islands, study the life style of Galapagos animals, and plan their travel before leaving on a nine day research trip. Students will further what they have learned in earlier classes byactually experiencing firsthand the differences in ecosystems. Both students in the environmental science and the marine science programs can benefit from more field work since field research is frequently completed by professionals in bothof these areas. Field experiences will introduce students to examples of the type of work they could be doing upon completion of their degree. By studying this ecosystem, the students will develop a better understanding of ecology andwill be better able to make informed decisions about how man controls economic development in harmony with nature.


    BIOL 322 Field Biology: Galapagos Ecology. . . 3 crs


    The program fee is approximately $4,900 plus tuition. The program fee includes plane ticket, room and board, boat, local transportation, and excursions. Not included includes: books, travel meals and souvenirsand baggage fee. Please submit the application (below) and a $250 non-refundable application fee (will be deducted from program fee) to the Center for International Education,Schwab 213. Remainder of the balance is due to the Center by May 1, 2013. Please see withdrawal policy on the application.

    Trip Itinerary

    Sun: Puerto Baquerizo Moreno and La Galapaguera, San Cristobal
    Mon: Prince Philip’s Steps and Darwin Bay, Genovesa
    Tues: Las Bachas Beach or Black Turtle Cover and Cerro Dragon
    Wed: Punta Espinosa, Fernandina, Elizabeth Bay, Isabela
    Thurs: Urbina Bay and Tagus Cove, Isabela
    Fri: Puerto Egas, Santiago and Rabida Island
    Sat: El Chato (Highlands), Las Primicias and CCFL Santa Cruz
    Sun: Interpretation Center, San Cristobal (airport)

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