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    Did you know?

    During the past academic year,
    more than 90% of all full-time Saint Francis University students received some form of financial aid.

    As a private institution, the University offers a reasonable tuition while providing excellent facilities, a top-notch faculty and a personalized education. For the eighth consecutive year, Saint Francis University is ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top 15 “Best Value Universities" in the Northern United States. Currently, a student takes an average of 4.1 years to graduate from a private institution, compared to 5.3 years from a public institution. Consequently, a Saint Francis University graduate can be in the workplace during that fifth year rather than paying an extra year of tuition.


    Scholarships & Grants

    More than 90% of full-time students at SFU receive some form of financial aid.

    Saint Francis University offers merit-based scholarships that depend entirely on academic performance.

    Loan Options

    Federal and state opportunities to help you enroll in school today

    As you set to embark upon your higher education journey, there are many new experiences that may weigh heavily on your mind. Cost shouldn't be one of them. There are many opportunities at the local and federal levels to seek out college loans and a wealth of resources at your fingertips.


    Military Benefits & ROTC

    Thank you for serving our country.

    There are many types of financial assistance available to military personnel and veterans.

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