HUGS United Spring Break

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    Bill Hanlon, PT, DPT, MSPT, OCS
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    Hugs United Spring Break

    Hugs United Spring Break

    Have you ever wanted to have your life dramatically changed? Have you ever felt the desire to go on an international mission trip? Then Hugs United is calling your name! During Spring Break, the group will be going to Central and Latin America where they will work closely with an orphanage and provide much needed love and support. There will also be opportunities to volunteer in the local schools and possibly work on construction projects as well. A medical team and physical therapy team will also be going down and providing much needed medical attention to those less fortunate. We invite you to join the many students who are drawn to Spring Break outreach programs for opportunities to engage in service learning, interact with the orphans, and have a meaningful Spring Break.

  • Below you will find photos from our 2012 Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic.
    To view photos from our most recent trip, visit our Hugs United 2013 Flickr Gallery.

  • Hondorus Photo 10
    /uploadedImages/Content/Home/Academics/Study_Abroad/Hugs_United_Spring_Break/HUGS_United_Photo_Gallery/Honduras Photo 10 Lg.jpgStudents enjoy musical performance put on by locals
    Hondorus Photo 11
    /uploadedImages/Content/Home/Academics/Study_Abroad/Hugs_United_Spring_Break/HUGS_United_Photo_Gallery/Honduras Photo 11 Lg.jpgStudents participate in a game
    Hondorus Photo 12
    /uploadedImages/Content/Home/Academics/Study_Abroad/Hugs_United_Spring_Break/HUGS_United_Photo_Gallery/Honduras Photo 12 Lg.jpgStudent enjoys company while in Hondorus
    Hondorus Photo 2
    /uploadedImages/Content/Home/Academics/Study_Abroad/Hugs_United_Spring_Break/HUGS_United_Photo_Gallery/Honduras Photo 2 Lg.jpgStudents play in Hondorus
    Hondorus Photo 3
    /uploadedImages/Content/Home/Academics/Study_Abroad/Hugs_United_Spring_Break/HUGS_United_Photo_Gallery/Honduras Photo 3 Lg.jpgBus in Hondorus
    Hondorus Photo 4
    /uploadedImages/Content/Home/Academics/Study_Abroad/Hugs_United_Spring_Break/HUGS_United_Photo_Gallery/Honduras Photo 4 Lg.jpgChildren in Hondorus
    Hondorus Photo 5
    /uploadedImages/Content/Home/Academics/Study_Abroad/Hugs_United_Spring_Break/HUGS_United_Photo_Gallery/Honduras Photo 5 Lg.jpgPainting in Hondorus
    Hondorus Photo 6
    /uploadedImages/Content/Home/Academics/Study_Abroad/Hugs_United_Spring_Break/HUGS_United_Photo_Gallery/Honduras Photo 6 Lg.jpgStudent interacts with child in Hondorus
    Hondorus Photo 7
    /uploadedImages/Content/Home/Academics/Study_Abroad/Hugs_United_Spring_Break/HUGS_United_Photo_Gallery/Honduras Photo 7 Lg.jpgSt. Joseph's Chapel
    Hondorus Photo 8
    /uploadedImages/Content/Home/Academics/Study_Abroad/Hugs_United_Spring_Break/HUGS_United_Photo_Gallery/Honduras Photo 8 Lg.jpgStudent workers in Hondorus
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