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    We welcome students from all over the world to our campus. We value the global perspective and the interesting dimension international students bring to our campus community. In fact, are recent class of international students was our largest ever.

    Our international students have gone on to become physicians,teachers, engineers, accountants, chemists, and environmentalists.They succeed in all walks of life because they expect a lot from Saint Francis University. And they receive it. As an international student you can expect a lot more from Saint Francis University than clean, mountain air. You will have the opportunity to experience a warm, value-based culture in a rural setting on campus and still have access to nearby cities like Pittsburgh. 

    To discover more about Saint Francis University, we invite you to explore the links provided and visit our International Admissions Page. There’s a certain "feeling" to the University that just doesn’t come across in the information provided here, so please feel free to contact the Office of International Admissions at so that we may assist you in your college selection process.

    Best of luck with your college search. Remember, how far you go in life depends a lot on how high you reach!

    Sam Heikinen
    Director, International Admissions and Student Services

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