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Mr. Jessie Felts

Jessie Felts

School: Sciences
Academic Department: Biology
Graduation Year: 2013
Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Jessie's Story

  • Major: Biology, Pre-Professional
  • Minors: Philosophy, Religious Studies
  • Job/Grad Placement: Accepted into Penn State’s Medical School in Hershey


Community. That’s the first word that comes to mind when I think of Saint Francis University. Since day one I was accepted by my fellow students there, and that freed me to accept and appreciate others who I had met over the past four years there. There was a closeness there that I couldn't quite imagine anywhere else. Everyone was in it together—both the joys of a beautiful, fun weekend and the struggles of tests and papers amidst the snow storms. We supported each other. There was a great deal of mutual respect for everyone’s personal interests, activities, and future aspirations. I was told to “dream big” by my mentors there, which fit right in with their “reach high and go far” motto. My college experience there was one of exciting discovery and personal revelation. All aspects of that community experience had contributed to my realization of my calling to become a medical doctor. Saint Francis University helped me discover the desire in my heart to serve “the least of my brothers” and to give back to my community wherever I am. Upper classmen and faculty mentors instilled in me the confidence to pursue my aspirations no matter how “high” or “far” they may have seemed. I have come to realize that these passions are a gift from God—a calling, if you will—and to follow one’s passion in serving humanity in one way or another is to live the good life. I want to thank everyone in the Saint Francis Community who made my journey there a memorable one. It truly is different up there. The Franciscan spirit of community, service, peace, joy, and love changed my life. I am eternally grateful.

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