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    Laurel Highlands Mathematics Alliance (LHMA)

    We are a professional organization of mathematics teachers in Cambria, Blair, Bedford, Somerset, Huntingdon, and Fulton counties, and we are an affiliate group of the National and Pennsylvania Councils of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM and PCTM).

    The LHMA sponsors the annual PA Statistics Poster Competition and includes members of the Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics

    The purpose of this alliance is:

    • To create and maintain an active interest in mathematics.
    • To encourage effective teaching at all levels in elementary and secondary schools, and colleges and universities.
    • To provide a medium for exchange of views pertaining to mathematics and to the teaching of mathematics.
    • To conduct activities which provide opportunities for and give recognition to faculty and student achievement.
    • To provide a forum to discuss, initiate, and react to matters of common interest and concern.

    2014 Summer Dessert Social and Book Discussion
     Summer Dessert Social and Book Discussion
    • Click HERE for the Registration Form
    • Click HERE for a map and directions
    The Laurel Highlands Mathematics Alliance with support from the Saint Francis University Science Outreach Center will host its first ever Summer Dessert Social and Book Discussion on Tuesday July 29, 2014 from 7-9pm at the John F. Kennedy Student Center on the campus of Saint Francis University, Loretto, PA .   The 2014 book selection is What’s Math Got to Do With It?: How Parents and Teachers Can Help Children Learn to Love Their Least Favorite Subject by Jo Boaler.  The evening will begin with small-group book discussion followed by dessert and conversation.  Participants are responsible for obtaining a copy of the book (Amazon,, Barnes & Noble). There will be a $5 charge to cover the Dessert Bar and beverages.  Payment and Registration Form must be postmarked by July 15, 2014.  Come join the fun!


    A recent assessment of mathematics performance around the world ranked the United States twenty-eighth out of forty countries in the study. When the level of spending was taken into account, we sank to the very bottom of the list. We are falling rapidly behind the rest of the developed world when it comes to math education-and the consequences are dire.

    In this straightforward and inspiring book, Jo Boaler, a professor of mathematics education at Stanford for nine years, outlines concrete solutions that can change things for the better, including classroom approaches, essential strategies for students, and advice for parents. This is a must-read for anyone who is interested in the mathematical and scientific future of our country.

    About the Author

    Jo Boaler is a Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford University. She was formerly the Marie Curie Professor of Mathematics Education at the University of Sussex in England and a classroom teacher in London and California. She is a regular contributor to national television and radio in the United Statesand the U.K., and her research has appeared in newspapers around the world, including The Wall StreetJournal and TheTimes (London). She lives in Palo Alto, California. 


    " Parents and educators alike will count this book an inspiring resource."
    -Publishers Weekly

    " Highly accessible and enjoyable for readers who love and loathe math."


    To register, please complete this form and mail it to the enclosed address. 
    2014 Mini-Conference

    2nd Annual Mathematics Educator Mini-Conference

    Saturday March 22, 2014, University of Pittsburgh Johnstown

    Directions, Parking, and Campus Map: Attendees may park in either the Faculty/Staff or Student parking lots adjacent to Biddle Hall. No tags needed on the weekend.

    Download the printable 2015 LHMA conference agenda 

    Mathematics Educator Mini-Conference
    Time Event Location Description
    8:30-9:00 REGISTRATION Biddle Hall Lobby Please submit the Laurel Highlands Math Alliance (LHMA) Mini-Conference Registration & Membership Form if you plan on attending. No registration on the day of event.
    9:00-10:15 CONCURRENT SESSIONS Biddle Hall

    Session A (elementary):

    Problem Solving with the Game of NIM by Dr. Dave Kennedy, Shippensburg University

    The game of NIM was played in ancient China and survives to this day. We’ll learn to play two versions of NIM, discuss strategies, and then analyze the game mathematically, which involves pattern recognition and whole-number multiplication and subtraction. Finally, we’ll receive a visit from the mysterious Dr. Nim!

    Session B (middle level and secondary):

    Exploring NCTM’s Core Math Tools by Dr. Mary Lou Metz, Indiana University of PA

    Explore NCTM’s FREE interactive tools for mathematics. Activities using the tools will be demonstrated. To engage in the activities, download the tools to your laptop prior to the session;

    Session C (middle level and secondary):

    Math Teachers to the Core: Are We Ready for This? by Dr. Steve Williams, Lock Haven University

    CCSSM: Teaching to the Common Core requires deep knowledge of the math we are teaching. Three of my “new favorite problems” will be examined to help teachers become more competent in the era of the Common Core

    Session D (special and general education):

    The Successes and Challenges of Co-Teaching in the General Mathematics Classroom by Anna Balouris and Fran Augenstein, Foot of Ten Elementary (Hollidaysburg Area School District); Kelly George and Tracy Buterbaugh, Indiana Area Junior High School (Indiana Area School District)

    Pairs of teachers will share their experiences and lead a roundtable discussion on the successes and challenges of co-teaching in today’s general mathematics classroom. Participants are encouraged to bring any materials or ideas that they've developed as well as questions for taking part in this discussion.

    10:30-11:15 BRUNCH Student Union, Cambria Room Enjoy brunch and conversation with your colleagues in the region!
    11:15-12:00 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Student Union, Cambria Room

    Improving Instructional Systems and Supports to Accelerate Learning and Close the Arithmetic to Algebra Gap (A2AG) for Students with Disabilities
    by Dr. Paul J. Riccomini, The Pennsylvania State University

    The purpose of this Keynote session is to identify the core principles of effective mathematics programs focusing primarily on the importance of curricula and instructional supports that can help accelerate learning and significantly narrow the achievement gap now referred to as the Arithmetic to Algebra Gap (A2AG). Educators are seeking guidance on how best to teach students with disabilities and disadvantaged students who have traditionally struggled in the area of mathematics. The session will highlight the challenges of increasing achievement in mathematics and steps Educators, School-based Leaders, District Leaders, and State Leaders can take to respond accordingly. Drs. Witzel and Riccomini draw upon the most currently available research-based evidence for teaching mathematics to students with disabilities.

    Keynote Session Highlights

    • How the “deficit” paradigm contributes to low expectations for students with diverse educational needs,
    • What administrators and teachers need to know about effective math instruction,
    • How administrators and teachers can learn about and incorporate such practices in

    Paul Riccomini

    Keynote Speaker Bio: Dr. Paul J. Riccomini, The Pennsylvania State University

    An experienced classroom teacher, author, mathematician, and leading special education expert, Dr. Paul J. Riccomini has taught mathematics to both general and special education students in inclusive settings in grades 7-12th. He is co-author of the bestselling Response to Intervention in Math (Corwin, 2010) and recently released Developing Number Sense through the Common Core (Corwin, 2013). Paul is an Associate Professor of education at The Pennsylvania State University. His teaching experiences required him to have both a strong content knowledge in mathematics and to develop and maintain strong collaborative relationships with both general and special educators. Paul's dynamic presentations offer research-validated practices that focus on the development of improved instructional practices for all students, but especially students with learning disabilities. Paul can be followed on Twitter @pjr146. More information can be found at: Paul Riccomini

    LHMA Constitution

    Article I NAME

    This organization shall be known as the Laurel Highlands Mathematics Alliance. It is a non-profit affiliate of the Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

    Article II PURPOSE

    The purpose of the Alliance shall be to encourage and maintain interest in mathematics education and to promote professional growth among teachers.


    Membership shall be open to all persons who are engaged in the teaching of mathematics in public, private, or parochial educational institutions, and to persons who are interested in mathematics. Student membership shall be open to all students who are interested in mathematics and who are enrolled in any of the recognized institutions of higher learning in the State. Retired members of the Laurel Highlands Mathematics Alliance who have been members in good standing for five (5) successive years are eligible for life membership with full membership privileges.

    Article IV DUES

    Dues for all active members shall be determined by the Executive Board. Dues for all student members shall be one-half the rate of the active members. Within the first five (5) years of the LHMA, retired members of LHMA are eligible for life membership with full membership privileges, without payment of dues, provided they signify their desire for membership.

    Membership shall cover a period of one (1) year. The membership committee shall notify members one month prior to dues expiration. Members whose dues are not paid within three months of the dues expiration shall be dropped from active membership and its privileges.

    Article V OFFICERS

    The officers of LHMA shall be active members of this Association and shall include a President, a President-elect/Past President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a PCTM/NCTM Representative, and a Historian. The President-elect shall be elected to serve one year as President-elect followed by two years as President and one year as Past President with elections in odd years. The other officers shall be elected for a term of two years with the Secretary and PCTM/NCTM Representative being elected in even years and the Treasurer and Historian in the odd years.



    The President shall preside at all meetings of the Alliance and shall serve as chairperson of the Executive Board and shall prepare an annual report of the activities of the Alliance. The President shall be a member ex-officio of all committees except the Nominations Committee. The President may also make disbursements with the approval of the Executive Board.

    President-elect/Past President

    The President-elect/Past President shall perform the duties of the President in the event of the President’s absence or inability to serve. The President-elect/Past President shall chair the Nominations Committee.


    The Secretary shall record the minutes of each meeting of the Alliance and of the Executive Board and shall present the minutes at the Annual Business Meeting.


    The Treasurer shall receive all money paid to the Alliance; shall make disbursements with the approval of the Executive Board; shall keep an accurate record of all receipts and expenditures; shall report same at each meeting of the Executive Board; shall give a Treasurer’s report at the Annual Business Meeting; shall maintain an accurate list of names and addresses of those who have paid their dues; and shall take minutes in the event of the absence of the Secretary.

    PCTM/NCTM Representative

    The PCTMJNcrM Representative shall be the official liaison agent for the Alliance to NCTM and PCTM and shall supervise the sale of NCIM publications at all general meetings.


    The Historian shall be responsible for the collection and storage of the history and records of the Alliance.


    The management of the affairs of the Alliance shall be vested in an Executive Board composed of the officers, one person from each of the standing committees, and the following additional members to be elected from the regular membership: three members (one college, one secondary, one elementary) to be elected one each year for a term of three years, five members (one college, two secondary, two elementary) to be elected for a term of one year. The President shall appoint, with the approval of the officers, additional persons so that each county is represented.

    Eight members, at least three of which are officers, shall constitute a quorum for conducting the business of the Executive Board. Meetings shall be held at the call of the President or at the request of six members of the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall have three or more meetings dining each year.

    The Executive Board may remove any member of said Board who is absent from three consecutive meetings.


    The Executive Board shall plan one or more meetings of the general membership during the year in addition to the Annual Business meeting, which shall be in the spring.


    The Executive Board shall designate a chairperson for each of the following committees and the chairperson may designate additional persons to serve on each committee:

    Contest Committees

    These committees shall administer all details of the contests sponsored by the Alliance.

    Membership Committees

    This committee shall endeavor to bring the purposes and advantages of membership m the Alliance to the attention of mathematics teachers, student teachers, and other interested persons.

    Publications Committee

    This committee shall be responsible for all regular and special publications of the Alliance. A newsletter shall be the official organ of the Alliance.

    Program Committee

    This committee shall have the power to make all necessary arrangements for meetings and to procure speakers.

    Nomination Committee

    This committee shall be announced before December 31. The Executive Board shall appoint two members to assist the chairperson of the nominating committee. The committee shall prepare a slate of candidates for officers and members of the Executive Board as previously listed.

    Temporary Committees

    The Executive Board shall establish temporary committees as the need arises.

    Article X ELECTIONS

    The slate of candidates prepared by the Nominating Committee shall be published and distributed to the membership. This slate may include present board members. No person shall serve three consecutive terms in the same office.

    Any name presented on a petition signed by at least eight members must be included on this slate. The petition must be in the hands of the President before January 31.

    Voting shall be by written secret ballot to be returned no later than three weeks prior to the Annual Business Meeting. The counting of the ballots shall be at the Annual Business Meeting and the term of office shall begin one month thereafter.
    In the event of the President’s inability to serve during the first year of his term the Past President shall assume the duties of the President until the next election at which time an interim President and President-elect shall be elected for a term of one year.

    In the event of the President’s inability to serve in the second year of his term the President-elect will assume the duties for the remainder of the term and a person shall be appointed by the Executive Board to fulfill the duties of the office of President-elect/Past President.

    Vacancies in elective offices shall be filled by a vote of the Executive Board. Members so elected shall serve until the next regular meeting at which time the membership shall vote for a member to serve the expired term.

    The person receiving the greatest number of votes shall be declared winner for each office. In case of a tie for the greatest number of votes, the winner shall be determined from among those tied by random selection.


    If, at any time, this Alliance shall cease to carry out the purposes as herein stated, all assets and property held by it whether in trust or otherwise, shall, after the payment of its liabilities, be paid over to an organization, selected, by the final Executive Board of the Alliance, which has similar purposes and has established its tax-exempt status under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 or as it may hereafter be amended, and such assets and property shall be applied exclusively for such charitable, scientific, and educational programs.


    An Auditing Committee shall be appointed by the President to audit the accounts of the Treasurer. There shall be three (3) members on the committee. At least one member in good standing shall be chosen from outside the Executive Board. The audit shall be completed before the records and monies are transferred to a new Treasurer.

    A Budget Committee shall be appointed by the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall be chairperson. It shall be the duty of the committee to prepare an annual budget of the Alliance. The budget shall be presented to the Executive Board early in the fiscal year for study and action. It shall be approved by the Executive Board. The report shall be filed for reference.

    Article XIII BY-LAWS

    The activities of the Alliance shall be conducted in accordance with these by-laws.

    These by-laws may be amended by majority vote of all members present at any regular meeting of the general membership, provided that written notice of such change has been given to the members prior to the meeting.

    Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the authority in all questions of parliamentary procedures.