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    Welcome to our Department

    This department is concerned with teaching writing, literature, and specialized communications courses. The ability to express ideas in clear, forceful language is generally recognized as a key talent in all walks of life. The study of literature puts the student in direct touch with the world's most discriminating minds, offering valuable insights into age-old human thoughts, anxieties, and desires. Literature has to do with the eternal verities: life and death, time and eternity, love and hate, sorrow and joy, and the perennial problem of distinguishing between good and evil. It is an exploration of what Emerson meant when he called writers mankind's liberators and consolers who "free us from bondage to matter by showing us that our distinctively human destiny is spiritual."

    English majors may specialize in literature or secondary education. Recent English and Communication Arts' graduates have taken such positions as: TV News Producer, Media Representative, News Broadcaster, Public Affairs Director, Advertising Account Executive, Public Relations Associate, to name only a few. Graduates in English who feel inclined to a teaching career continue to have very good prospects.

    English cultivates students' abilities to express ideas in clear persuasive language through the study of composition, literature and specialized communications. For students with an interest in literature, a degree in English offers a solid base for any career.  Teaching is not the only option for English majors. There are many career options from which to choose. Graduates from the English and Communication Arts Department pursue a wide range of careers including media reporting, editing, producing, public relations/public affairs consulting, advertising, teaching, and law. It's all up to YOU!

    Literature Program Highlights

    • A record of better than 96 percent employment or grad-school enrollment within three months of graduation.
    • A multi-disciplinary approach that places the study of English, literature and communications in the context of our society by incorporating courses in philosophy, history, sociology and political science.
    • Interactive student/instructor relationships with highly qualified faculty, that enable students to utilize vast practical experience.
    • Independent study programs that allow you to pursue areas of special interest while working closely with a faculty mentor.
    • A focus on ethics, as it pertains to media and society, integrated into all communications classes.
    • A new media lab for print and video editing and design.

    Language Program Highlights

    The programs in Languages and Cultures have as their mission to educate each student to become a productive worker, a responsible citizen, and a cultured member of society. This mission is reflected in the descriptions of the department's major programs, which aim at providing life enrichment through a liberal arts curriculum and life skills through professional experiences to all its students. The curricular objectives of the Department are consistent with those of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, the Modern Language Association of America, the several American associations of teachers of foreign languages, and other professional organizations.

  • ASL is just one of many language options at Saint Francis University.

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