MBA Success Stories

at Saint Francis University

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    Ms. Lisa Olshefski MBA - Class of 2013

    I decided to continue my education immediately after graduating with my bachelor’s degree in Business. I was unsure if I would be at a disadvantage because of my lack of professional experience, but the Saint Francis University MBA faculty supplemented the curriculum with their professional experience, making this a truly valuable learning experience. While at Saint Francis University, I worked as a Graduate Assistant and was able to directly apply my course studies to my position at the University. Not only does Saint Francis foster a learning environment in the classroom, but they give students the opportunity to study abroad through the springtime in London course offered as a graduate elective each spring semester. Because of the experienced faculty and diverse learning opportunities, I would recommend Saint Francis University Graduate Business Programs to anyone looking to further their education, whether immediately following their undergraduate studies or looking to return to school after gaining professional experience.


    Ms. Lauren Bodenschatz MBA - Class of 2012

    The MBA program at SFU was the perfect fit for continuing my education. Though I had completed my undergraduate studies at a small school also, the Saint Francis University motto, "it's just different up here," certainly rang true for me. I felt part of a family immediately. The professors went the extra mile, and showed a genuine interest in the well-being and success of the students. With classes scheduled in the evening, the MBA program was especially well-suited for adults working full-time while continuing their studies. It spanned from courses in finance and accounting, to courses in the burgeoning discipline of project management. I felt like I gained a well-rounded perspective in business administration upon completing my studies, and am certainly able to apply my skills to my career in logistics.


    Ms. Stacy Roberts MBA - Class of 2011

    After obtaining an undergraduate degree in Marketing and Management from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, I elected to pursue my MBA at Saint Francis University through a Graduate Assistant position in the School of Business. During my graduate experience, I had the opportunity to network with faculty and local professionals in the classroom setting. I was able to utilize my professional experience from undergraduate internships and leadership roles within collegiate and community organizations to provide thoughtful discussion in class while learning from others. The MBA program at Saint Francis University has provided me additional knowledge and skills that I utilize each day in my current career. My graduate degree has opened doors to a variety of opportunities that I may not have been exposed to with only a bachelor's degree, including pursuit of career advancement in the future. I highly recommend pursuing an MBA at Saint Francis University. Class discussions, networking with faculty and local professionals, and a friendly environment make the experience not only enjoyable but tremendously beneficial to personal and professional development.


    Mr. Michael J. Burgmeier MBA - Class of 2005

    One of the main reasons why people choose to get an MBA is to get that competitive edge in their careers. I chose Saint Francis University for this reason, but, unexpectedly, I received much more. Saint Francis offered professors that provided real-world situations to bring the courses to life. With small class sizes, the professors facilitated discussions that were pertinent to the subject matter and spurred classroom dialogue to get the students involved in discussing challenges that face employees in organizations here in the US and globally. The staff and professors at Saint Francis University utilize an individualized approach to help tailor classes that are specifically relevant to students and that provide an in-depth knowledge of business material that can be directly applied to the business world. Working for Johnson and Johnson, there is not a day that goes by that I do not apply the business acumen I gained from Saint Francis University's MBA program to give me that competitive edge in the highly competitive business world.

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