Mathematics Success Stories

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    Mr. Addison Fox - Class of 2012

    Major: Mathematics (Computer Science concentration)

    How would you characterize your department’s personality?

    The Mathematics department was, above all else, incredibly friendly. Every professor I had was quick to display a kindness and an interest in my learning, from Dr. Remillard to Dr. LaBuz and everyone in between. If the Maths department was friendly, however, Computer Science was downright jolly. Dr. Wetklow and Mr. Lamertina were hardly ever without a smile, and both had a sense of humour belying their technical field of study.

  • Reaching Higher in Mathematics

    What's Math got to do with it?...well just about everything!  SFU's Mathematics majors have enjoyed a 100 percent placement rate over the past 6 years! Look at what our Mathematics majors are saying about Mathematics at Saint Francis University!

    Recent Freshman

    "The math department at Saint Francis has really helped me to develop a passion for my intended field of study. Not only do they provide me with opportunities to explore the field of math but the professors go above and beyond to help me as a student and to get to know me on a higher level.”

    Recent Graduate

    “My experience as a math education major at SFU has been not only invaluable but also unforgettable. The Mathematics Department is comprised of instructors who have gone above and beyond to educate, support, and facilitate my success. I will be forever grateful for the personal commitment and sacrifices that the instructors have made to help me achieve my educational goals.”

    Parent of recent graduate

    “As a parent, I strongly recommend SFU where I have witnessed first-handed the commitment the Mathematics Department has for students. Their encouragement, support and genuine interest contribute to the success of the student’s college experience. I am proud to say that my daughter received the highest quality of education as a secondary math education major at SFU.”


    "I graduated in 1979 with a dual major in Chemistry and Mathematics, concentration in Computer Science before obtaining my M.S. and Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Princeton University in 1982 and 1984, respectively. I went on to work about 13 years with General Electric in their Global Research Laboratory before joining Crown Holdings as their Chief Technology Officer....Indeed, I believe my broad training and dual major were in no small part responsible for my acceptance and success in Princeton's Ph.D. program. That technical breadth has paid dividends throughout my career, allowing me to understand and explore technology in applications as diverse as biotechnology, polymers, lighting, transportation and metal packaging. However such technical training only tells part of the story. While at SFU, I enjoyed an exceptional level of access to my professors. They were available while working on problem sets, computer programs, or lab reports. Indeed, I quickly learned that 'learning' was something you did outside of the classroom as well. My dual major was actually the result of learning to love math from an energetic and enthusiastic teacher. I took so many of his classes; I found I became a dual major without even trying! I'm convinced the small class size and unique access to St. Francis' resources helped me to get a better education then would have been possible nearly anywhere else."


    “Undoubtedly, my education has been paramount to achieving my dreams. I arrive to work energized every day as the walk to my office passes five doors, all of which lead to offices of scientists that are at the top of their fields (two of the doors belong to members of the national academy of engineering). Thank you for providing me with the tools necessary to obtain a position in an environment such as this.”


    "The SFU Mathematics Department prepared me so well for my career in Mathematic/Secondary Education that I received compliments from school districts for my preparation, even on my first few interviews. I was able to get interviews with many of the better school districts in the Pittsburgh area, and was offered several positions as soon as I graduated. The instructors are fantastic; they are passionate about teaching, and will go above and beyond in order to help students succeed."


    "My scientific career has and continues to be molded by my quantitative approach and my use of mathematical modeling of biological phenomenon. Many biologists seem confused or scared about the prospects of using higher mathematics in the research, whereas I have found strength. Embracing math as the powerful tool that it is has opened doors for me and influenced my career. Specifically, I use math to model patterns and rates of heating and cooling amongst animals, metabolic rates, resource allocation, growth rates and patterns, behavioral decisions and patterns, and inter-organismal conflict. Almost nothing in the biological world follows a linear patten; life is nonlinear."


    "When I graduated from SFU with a BA in Mathematics and then went on to become a Graduate Assistant in Mathematics at PSU, I had no idea that my analytical skills would lead me to pursue a Doctoral Degree from the Washington University School of Law in St. Louis, Missouri. Nor did I realize that the logic and problem solving skills learned while studying math would be crucial in establishing and maintaining an office for the practice of law as a Sole Practicioner for the next 30 years. I have since learned that many individuals engaged in the Legal Profession have science backgrounds, and that Warren Burger, the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court while I was a student at SFU, had a degree in Mathematics!"


    "The key to success in anything is to be passionate about what you do. Anyone who enjoys the special challenges presented by the study of Mathematics must be passionate and determined in order to be successful, but the satisfaction which follows can be worthwhile, no matter what profession they might choose to pursue"


    "In addition to receiving a world class education in mathematics, I learned how to treat people with respect and dignity. My professors modeled this behavior daily. Every professor treated each student with compassion, fairness, understanding and self worth. As a department, they embodied the Franciscan spirit. As an incoming freshman, I knew that when I left Saint Francis University I would be prepared to teach mathematics. However, Saint Francis University's Mathematics Department taught me much more. They taught me how to teach people and for that I am forever grateful."

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