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  • MPAS (graduate entry)

    Admissions path for students with a completed baccalaureate degree who wish to pursue the Master of Physician Science:

    PA Graduate Admissions Fast Facts

    Interview Dates

    FYI: There are a very limited number of seats (<5) available (if any) for Summer 2016. Interviews will be conducted, but may only be for a position on a wait list.

    Interview Dates for those applying for the Summer 2016 semester:
    • Apply online at by August 1 for the following May/June enrollment (CASPA, P.O. Box 9108, Watertown, MA 02471 - (617) 612-2080 or
    • Your CASPA application must be complete and all supporting materials received by the deadline.
    • Competitive applicants have a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or better
    • Competitive applicants have a collateral course GPA of 3.4 or better
      • Chemistry - 2 courses (must have labs - virtual labs not accepted)
      • Human Anatomy & Physiology - 2 courses (must have labs - virtual labs not accepted)
      • Microbiology 1 course (must have lab - virtual labs not accepted)
      • Psychology - 1 course
      • Statistics - 1 course (or upper level math)
    • Health care experience not required, but considered in review of your application material
    • Interview required
    • No supplemental application necessary
    • GRE's not required
    • An applicant must also be able to meet the Department of Physician Assistant Sciences student technical standards.
    • We invite for interviews on a rolling basis - i.e. applying later may result in interviews days being full
    • We accept on a rolling basis - i.e. applying later may limit the possibility of being accepted 
    • The Program does not grant any type of advanced placement for didactic or clinical courses.
    • For tuition/fees, please see the Expense Sheet for MPAS Graduate Students.

    Detailed Information

    Selection for a seat into the graduate Physician Assistant Program is very competitive.To be considered for admission in the next academic year, an applicant must complete the Centralized Application Process no later than August 1st (including transcripts and letters of recommendation - three). (CASPA,P.O. Box 9108, Watertown, MA 02471 - (617) 612-2080 or )

    Admission is based on academic achievement, demonstration of quality performance in science and/or health care related courses, demonstration of motivation and professional potential and strong interpersonal skills. In order to be even considered for an interview, a graduate student applicant must have an overall cumulative GPA above a 3.0 (including international and professional coursework) and a science GPA above a 3.0, and a record that demonstrates the characteristics listed above. Health care experience is not required, but previous health care experience is considered in the evaluation of graduate candidates for admission. GRE's are not required. An applicant must also be able to meet the Saint Francis University Department of Physician Assistant Sciences student technical standards.

    All applications for admission are reviewed by the Department faculty. Competitive applicants will be required to attend a personal interview that affords the faculty an opportunity to further review the applicant's credentials. Candidates are expected to demonstrate maturity, personal initiative, an understanding of the PA role and excellent communication skills. This meeting also enables the applicants to become personally acquainted with the Department's facilities, faculty/staff and/or students.

    Following the interview, the Department's admission committee offers admission to selected candidates based on their academic record and the applicant's ability to demonstrate the qualities listed above. All initial admissions decisions will generally be made by mid-February.

    In order to qualify for admission as a graduate student to the MPAS Program, students must have completed a minimum of a Bachelor's degree and prerequisite courses required by the University. It is beneficial to have completed at least five of the seven prerequisite courses prior to application. Any prerequisite course not completed prior to the interview, must be completed prior to beginning the didactic year with a grade of "B" or better. The prerequisite courses include:

    • Chemistry - 2 courses (must have labs - virtual labs not accepted)
    • Anatomy & Physiology - 2 courses (must have lab - virtual labs not accepted)
    • Microbiology - 1 course (must have labs - virtual labs not accepted)
    • Psychology - 1 course
    • Statistics - 1 course (or upper level math)

    Please note that the Department does not require any additional information (i.e. a supplemental application) when applying through CASPA.

    If you already possess a baccalaureate degree or will obtain one by May and are interested in applying to the MPAS Program, the application for the Saint Francis University Summer 2016 admissions is at (available after April 15, 2015).

    Once an application is received from CASPA, the Department begins to evaluate and invite those qualified for an interview. After the interview, some applicants will be notified of acceptance within a couple of weeks. It is very beneficial to apply to CASPA well before the deadline and/or schedule for one of the earlier interview dates. We cannot guarantee that we will have any acceptance positions available for later interview dates.

    Those who apply later in the admission cycle may have limited options, if any, in scheduling an interview (we may not even receive your application material in time for review prior to the last interview date), may not be aware of courses that are lacking until it is too late or there may not be any openings remaining in the class.

    Please note that applicants who have completed a degree or coursework at a foreign institution must have a foreign credential evaluation completed on their transcript. This evaluation must be submitted with the application.

    International students whose native language is not English MUST submit a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score.

    Please be aware that students are required to complete criminal background checks, pediatric child abuse clearances and urine drug screens. See the Policy Manual for additional information:

    The Program does not grant any type of advanced placement for courses within the didactic or clinical year curriculum.

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