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    Vehicle Registration

    ALL students, faculty, and staff members, and visitors to the University are required to register the vehicle in their possession for use to the University Police Department.

    To register your car on campus log into and navigate to vehicle registration under the Current Student area.

    Saint Francis University Parking Services provides parking for faculty and staff members, interested resident students and their guests, commuter students and visitors. The University is not responsible for fire, theft, damage to, or loss of, such vehicles parked or operated on property of the University, or any articles left therein. No bailment is created by the granting of any parking or operating privilege regarding a vehicle on any property owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by Saint Francis University. All vehicles shall be operated or parked on campus at the owner's risk.

    Fines & Appeals

    Parking & Traffic Fines

    Points will be awarded for any parking or traffic violations received. If a violation is appealed, no points will be awarded until a decision is made by the Parking Appeal Board. If 8 or more points are accumulated, parking privileges will be revoked for the remainder of the academic year. Parking rules are in effect each day of the year.

    Parking Violations

    Parking Violations
    CHARGES: (1 point for each violation) RATE
    No Parking Zone $20.00
    Parking Reserved Area $25.00
    Overnight Parking/Unauthorized Area $15.00
    Driving or Parking on Walk $25.00
    Driving or Parking on Lawn $25.00
    Parking in Handicap Zone $75.00
    Parking in Bunker Area $10.00
    Exceeding 15 Minute Flasher Limit $10.00
    Failure to Display Registration Permit Properly $25.00
    Unauthorized Transfer of Permit $25.00

    Traffic Violations

    Traffic Violations
    CHARGES: (3 points for each violation) RATE:
    Stop Sign & Yield Sign $25.00
    Driving Vehicle at Unsafe Speed $25.00
    Careless Driving $25.00
    Disobedience of Authorized Persons Directing Traffic $25.00
    Unauthorized Persons Riding on Vehicles $25.00
    Other $25.00

    Citation & Traffic Violation Appeal Process

    Parking Violation Appeal Form

    If you would like to contest a parking violation, please fill out the
    Parking Violation Appeal Form.

    Questions concerning procedures or interpretations of parking rules and regulations should be referred to the University Police, 1 Raymond Hall, 472-3360.

    The appeal form must be turned in to the Police Office before the five (5) day limit is up. No appeals will be reviewed after five (5) business days from the date the citation was issued.

    Appeals to parking and traffic violations are heard by The Parking & Traffic Appeal Board which is comprised of 2 SGA provided students, and 1 SFU employee (not affiliated with University Police Department). A University Police Officer is present for clarification of rules and to record results, they have no vote on the status of the appeal. Review Board hearings are informal and held in the Police Department Office at least monthly during each semester.  The decision of the Parking and Traffic Appeal Board is final.

    Parking Hours
    • After 5 p.m. and until 2 a.m., Monday through Friday, on weekends and official holidays (as defined by University policy), registered vehicles may park in any legal parking area including visitors' spaces, business spaces, the Mall, and reserved areas not marked with 24 hour NO PARKING signs.
    • Remember, at no time is it legal for you to park your vehicle along any curb or in any roadway on University property.
    • Vehicles parked in front of the JFK Student Center will be towed at the owners expense.
    • Parking on the mall is for chapel guests and those with a physical disability.
    • If your vehicle is parked in any roadway or in a reserved area without permission, you will be issued a parking violation.
    • The Stokes Athletic Center parking area is posted with NO OVERNIGHT PARKING signs. Vehicles parked there overnight will be cited for the violation. The Stokes parking lot must be vacated by 4:30 p.m. on designated days, such as when men's and women's basketball games are taking place.
    Traffic Regulations
    • The speed limit on campus is 20 miles per hour. However, vehicles may not be operated at any speed which is excessive for the conditions which may exist as a result of weather, traffic congestion, pedestrians, etc. 
    • Pedestrians shall at all times have the right-of-way at established pedestrian crossings. 
    • Operating a motor vehicle in any area other than a street or roadway intended for motor vehicles is prohibited. Operating or parking motor vehicles on sidewalks or lawns is prohibited. 
    • The operator or owner of any motor vehicle shall obey the instructions of any traffic control device, sign and direction of University Police Officer(s) at all times. 
    • No person shall interfere with traffic enforcement or the operation of any traffic control device, ignore any officer’s signal or instruction, tamper with, destroy, or deface any traffic control device. 
    • Any vehicle operated or parked on University property shall be operated or parked in a manner as to conform to the parking regulations of the University and the laws of Loretto Borough, Cambria County, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.. 
    • All persons operating a vehicle on University property must be properly licensed operators. 
    • No vehicle shall be operated in a manner which would tend to cause interference with operations of the University or in such a manner which would tend to disturb the peace of the University community. 
    • No person shall park or operate a motor vehicle on University property in such a manner which could cause damage to any University property or grounds. 
    • It is prohibited to transport passengers on the fenders, hood, roof, or trunk of any vehicle. Drivers who violate this policy will have their campus driving privileges suspended. 
    • No person shall make major repairs of motor vehicles on University property. 
    • The University reserves the right to have vehicles towed at the owner’s expense, if found in violation of the University parking regulations.
    Overnight Parking
    • There is visitor and disabled parking on both sides of the University Mall. Persons whose business may require them to be on University property for extended periods to make repairs, perform maintenance work, etc., must contact the University Police Department 
    • All guest parking violators will be the responsibility of the student, staff, or faculty member being visited
    • Persons with a physical condition which preclude them from parking in a designated area may obtain a Temporary Parking Permit from the University Police Department. A physician certificate is required to obtain this disabled parking privilege.
    • Service vehicles parked on campus must obtain and display a Temporary Parking Permit from the University Police Department.
    • It is the responsibility of any department or facility on campus to obtain Temporary Parking Permits for ALL guests visiting campus.
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