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    Why Live on Campus

    Our Facilities

    We offer the quintessential traditional residence hall experience as well as our Housing Apartment Transition Program. See what options are available at On-Campus Residence Halls

    F.I.S.H House 

    Assisi House 

    Living on-campus is truly the best way to fully experience college life. When living in the residence halls at Saint Francis University, you will find a focus on faith, civility, values, and personal development as part of the residential experience.Our residential communities are set up to assist you in building connections to the larger Saint Francis community in hopes that you will become an active participant in university life and gain a greater appreciation for our community values and services. Our Residence Life staff is committed to creating residential communities that support the University's mission, values, and Franciscan identity, and that offer a variety of intellectual, physical, spiritual, social, and academic experiences and opportunities.

    Getting Involved

    As a student living in this community setting, it is as much your responsibility to become involved as it is our responsibility to provide involvement opportunities. Residence Life staff will encourage you to explore ways to get involved on campus that fit your interests. While living on campus has many freedoms, when living in the residence halls students also accept responsibility for maintaining community standards and civility in their living environment.

    Our Housing Policy

    At Saint Francis we believe that living on campus can improve your educational experience. We think it is so important that, in order to qualify for Institutional aid and all full-time dependent undergraduate student must live in campus-owned housing unless they qualify for commuter status.

    Residence Life Staff

    Our Residence Life team works with the more than 1350 students that live on campus to create a strong residential experience. We provide staffing in the residence halls with 44 Resident Assistants and 6 professional live-in staff members. In addition, other student and professional staff work to create a welcoming and supportive community that supports the university's mission and provides opportunities for residents to broaden their horizons.

    Residence Life is an integral part of student learning. Due to our 24-hour, 7-days-a-week contact with students, the Office of Residence Life is in a unique position to positively impact your entire collegiate experience. We provide safe and well-maintained living facilities, while enhancing your academic success and personal growth. We provide a living-learning environment that promotes a sense of community within the halls, promotes student involvement and leadership, encourages personal development, and inspires a sense of responsibility to the local and global community.

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