SBDC Staff


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  • Mission Statement 

    The mission of the network of Pennsylvania Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) is to provide entrepreneurs and small business owners with the knowledge needed to make smart decisions and prosper.

    Staff Expertise

    All business consulting services are provided by our staff of highly qualified consultants. In addiction to practical experience in operating small businesses themselves, our staff have many years of combined business experience and hold a variety of advanced business degrees. The Saint Francis University SBDC also taps the expertise of industry experts, successful entrepreneurs, and other business professionals to deliver its educational programs.
  • Mr. Barry Surma

    Title: Director
    Department: SBDC
    Office Location: SBDC 210
    Phone: 814-472-3200

    Mr. Jeffrey A Boldizar

    Title: Senior Consultant
    Department: SBDC
    Office Location: SBDC 211
    Phone: 472-3206

    Ms. Annette A Chunko

    Title: Business Analyst
    Department: SBDC
    Office Location: SBDC 204
    Phone: 472-3364

    Ms. Dorothy I Eckenrode

    Title: Administrative Asssistant
    Department: SBDC
    Office Location: SBDC 104
    Phone: 472-3200