Study Renewable Energy

at Saint Francis University

  • Programs of study

    Study Renewables - Certificate Program

    Saint Francis University offers the following programs in Renewable Energy

    • Environmental Engineering B.S., Renewable Energy Concentration - Those students interested in a traditional four-year Bachelor of Science degree should explore our Renewable Energy concentraion. Includes specialized course work in energy conversion, storage, and distribution. You will investigate the details of energy conversion from traditional sources such as fossil fuels and nuclear energy, to sustainable sources such as solar, wind, fuel cells, and other developing innovative energy technologies. There are also opportunities for internships and student-design projects in both the Senior Lab, the Renewable Energy Center, and courses within the major.

    • Renewable Energy Certificate - Saint Francis University's School of Business is offering an online Renewable Energy Certificate program designed to provide working professionals with the knowledge and real-world, practical perspectives on renewable energy and alternative energy technologies necessary for a career in this fast growing new industry. The Certificate program is unique because it focuses on the business and policy aspects of the industry. Most programs address only the technical considerations of renewable energy. The RE Certificate program helps students understand the technology but more importantly it prepares them to work effectively in the deployment of the technology in the changing domestic and global marketplace. This program was developed with funding from the U.S. Department of Energy and the help of industry and government to meet employer needs. The Curriculum Development Committee includes representatives from turbine manufacturers, wind farm developers, utilities, engineering firms, lenders, and regulators.

    Career Opportunities

    We provide the knowledge needed by power company business staff and managers, project developers, engineers, accountants, and attorneys; government regulators; and non-profit leaders. Our students are in Mexico, the Philippines, Portugal, Korea, and throughout the United States. The program is for those interested in

    • The expanding renewable energy industry
    • Wind power and other renewable technologies
    • Project development and financing
    • Business challenges and opportunities
    • Environmental and climate change solutions
    • Strategic energy planning and market development
    • New business paradigms in the energy arena