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“Take Back the Night” events

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Start Date:  March 25, 2014
End Date: March 30, 2014

 Saint Francis University’s Social Work Club will hold a week of “Take Back the Night” activities for victims of violence, to raise awareness of the types of abuse and violence and to give new perspectives about the stigmas that accompany abuse. The events will be held March 25-30.The events are free and the public is invited to attend. All events, including the Clothesline Project, will be on the Loretto campus.

“Take Back the Night” originated in the 1970s as a march for women who had been victims of rape. It has expanded to an event that educates and empowers vulnerable populations. The university’s social work club has sponsored the campus’ annual week of empowerment and education events since 1998.

Scheduled dates, events, times, and campus locations include:
Tuesday, March 25
Leslie Turner of Blair Family Solutions in Altoona and adjunct professor at Saint Francis, will present “Women's Shelter and Abusive Relationships.” Her talk will focus on the process of going into a women's shelter and why women tend to stay in abusive relationships. (12-1 pm, Scwab 302)

Dr. Justin Snyder, assistant professor of sociology at Saint Francis, will present "Thinking about Date Rape from a Sociological Perspective: Facts, Issues, and Strategies." This presentation will explore facts and issues surrounding campus date rape. It’s goal is to consider some ideas about how we might change the discussion about date rape and about prevention strategies. (5- 6pm, Scotus Hall 207)

Wednesday, March 26
Katelyn Clem from the Women’s Help Center in Johnstown will present “Unhealthy Relationships and Abuse.” Her talk will focus on dating violence; when one partner attempts to maintain power and control over the other through one or more forms of abuse. (12- 1pm, Scotus Hall, room 209)

Terry Imler and Rex Strayer, from the Men Helping Men Program, will present “Men Helping Men.”
Their talk will explain the “Men Helping Men” program and the techniques they use to help men take responsibility. (5- 6pm, Scotus Hall, room 103)

Thursday, March 27
Jeffery Lees, chief deputy coroner in Cambria County, will talk about “Seeing Domestic Violence through a Coroner’s Perspective.” (12- 1pm, Schwab Hall, room 302)

Dr. Mark Lynch, professor of social work at Saint Francis, will present “Multi-Modal Treatment of Domestic Violence.” It will focus on the difficulties and some successes in treating couples involved in domestic violence situations. Some of the presentation is from Dr. Lynch’s presentation in Taiwan last summer. (5- 6pm, Padua Hall, room 112)

Friday, March 28
Beth Bolton Penn and Barbara Reing from the Sexual Assault Response (SART)Team will present “SART.” They will discuss sexual assault as it pertains to victims and the criminal justice system and will also highlight Cambria County's protocol for responding to sexual assault and overview the services for victims. (12- 1pm, Sullivan Hall, room 120)

Brandi Yackely from Children and Youth Services in Johnstown will present “Children and Youth Services.” The lecture will include brief history of child abuse laws, types of abuse and neglect, mandated reporters, and the reporting procedures. (5- 6pm, Padua Hall, room 110)

Saturday, March 29
Tory Schwarze, legal advocate from Family Services Incorporated inAltoona, will present “Domestic Violence 101.” The lecture will focus on domestic violence and domestic violence stats. Schwarze will speak the other half as a survivor of sexual assault and domestic violence. (12-1pm, Padua Hall, room 112)

Sunday, March 30
Closing ceremony- Jeanne Derricott, a domestic violence survivor, will speak about her own experience with domestic violence, and what it means to be a survivor. The closing ceremony will also have additional presentations and a candlelight ceremony. (4pm in DiSepio Institute, room 201)

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