• Tapestries 2013

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    Editor’s Note

    This magazine’s development, production, and distribution would not be possible without the help of many, many individuals from the SFU and surrounding communities. First, I wish to thank the dozens of talented students who submitted their creative writing and artwork for the 2012-2013 Gunard Berry Carlson Writing Contest. I also thank the five writing judges—Deborah Budash, Bradley Coffield, Patrick Farabaugh, Balazs Hargittai, and Janice Rummell—who read and scored all 71 written entries as well as this year’s guest judges, Bennett and Carol Vaughn, who reviewed the 145 visual art entries. Thanks also to Dr. Wayne Powel, Dr. Timothy Whisler, and Ms. Donna Menis for their guidance in the contest’s promotion and supervision; to Laurie Madison; to the university website’s editors; and to Beth Bellock and the staff of the SFU Print Shop. Finally, I thank Mrs. Barbara C. Travaglini and her son, Frederick C. Travaglini, directors of the Gunard B. Carlson Memorial Foundation, for their continued funding of this contest and support of our student writers and artists.

    And now to offer an invitation...

    There is no act so thought-provoking, so peace-giving, so stirring, so soul-satisfying as pondering over the pages of an eloquent essay or poem or the shadowy nuances of a painting or photograph. When we read or study others’ works, we become part of their artistic worlds and visions. “We slip,” observes Joyce Carol Oates, “involuntarily, often helplessly, into another’s skin, another’s voice, another’s soul.” And so I invite you to try on the “voices” and “souls” created by the authors and artists whose works comprise this volume of Tapestries. Slip into the skin of a college football player whose career one violent play may cut short. Speak the contemplative voice of a young traveler who, at the end of her stay in France, discovers a place more beautiful than anything she has ever seen or imagined. Roam freely through the universes of frosted fences and blood-red flowers, of cold sunsets and moss-covered statues.

    Go and enjoy these other lives; go explore these other worlds for a time. And then see what you might bring back to your own world, for safe-keeping.

    Dr. Brennan Thomas


  • Writing

    Elizabeth Wheeler
    7   A Tragedy and a Miracle
    48   Irreconcilable Differences (3rd place winner)

    Eric Horell
    13   Gloria
    21   Nothing on the Radio
    31   The Minotaur
    41   Lady Luck
    64   Keys and Strings and Sticks (1st place winner)

    Kimberly Elter
    17   Hints of Me

    Cecelia MacDonald
    26   Nosebleeds (4th place winner)
    46   Starving...

    Kayla Reed Bellum
    37   Bellum

    Angela Pucciarella
    52   Industrial Aquaculture (2nd place winner)

    Christina Rombouts
    59   The Gift

  • Artwork

    Kimberly Elter
    9   Gaze into My Wisdom

    Claire Kovach
    11   Starry Night Shoes

    Maria Cup
    12   Longevity

    Adam Ciner
    18   Frost

    Shane Martin
    20   The Light
    47   Transitory

    Laura Harmon
    25   The Nature of Time

    Danielle Gryckiewicz
    30   Two Sides to Every Story

    Stacey Edmiston
    37   Colors of the Wind
    58   Stepping Stones

    Anna Jeffries
    50   Life and Shakespeare

    Chelsie Adams
    51   The Divine

    Lauren Maline
    63   Reach Higher. Go Far

    Brittany Aaron
    70   Lincoln Sunset

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