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A President's Mass and Reception

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Start Date:  October 18, 2014

Church of Saint Francis Assisi
135 West 31st Street<br>

New York, NY 10001 <br>

Reception to follow<br>

San Damiano Hall

(adjacent to the church)


The Reverend Malachi Van Tassell, T.O.R., Ph.D.
cordially invites you to attend
A President's Mass and Reception
Saturday, October 18, 2014
6:45 p.m.

Church of Saint Francis of Assisi

135 West 31st Street

New York, NY  10001

Reception to follow
San Damiano Hall
(adjacent to the church)
Presenting the Saint Francis of Assisi Spiritus Paenitentiae Award to
Fr. Mychal Judge, O.F.M. (posthumous) and
The Sisters of Life
RSVP by October 12th





Class Year 


Anita Baumann                                  Fusco                        1990
Tish Bausco Daly 1979
Irene Boyle   2013
Jim Boyle   (friends)
Judy Boyle   (friends)
Jack Buckman   1967
Mary Buckman Tobin 1967
Thomas Buckman   1990
Jeannette Burrell Janiszewski 1960
John Carroll   1964
Francoise Cavagnaro   (friends)
Lawrence Charlton        1997
Lillian Calvanico Ciprian 1965
Ann Clarke Martin 1979
Chris Collins   1973
Joy Cody   (friends)
Elizabeth Connors   (friends)
Michael Connors   (friends)
Bob Crusciel   1986
Julie Crusciel Sand 1991
Walter Lee Dalpiaz   1971
John Doughty    
Dorothy Doughty     
Francesco Di Palermo   2012
Cheri DiCerbo    
Louis DiCerbo   1959
Pat DiCerbo    
Kyle Driscoll   2011
Linda Eremita    
Jerry Garguilo   1972
Thomas Gill   1967
Tom Grace   (friends)
Nancy Graebe   (friends)
Dr. Robert Graebe   (friends)
Amy Hahn-Kirsch   1993
Sharon Hoffman   1980
John Ingrassia   1962
Geraldine Jordan   (friends)
James Jordan   1992
Joseph Jordan   (friends)
Parmjit Kang    
Fred Kohl   1957
Elizabeth Lane-Devine   1964
Noah Langer   2011
John Larre   1960
Wendy Larre Savona 1961
Nancy Legare Pipa 1961
Frances Lettiere Kaniecki 1959
Sandra Lewis-Walden Lewis 1960
Kathleen Lynch   (friends)
James Lynch   (friends)
Donna Maggio-Ash Maggio 1980
Cynthia Marron Dunn 1984
Joanne Marsh Murnane 1959
Marjory Masone   1961
Paul McGrath   1979
Joseph Melusky    
Marie Melusky    
Joan Michaelson   1976
Mary Militello   1985
Caroline Gallagher Molloy   (friends)
Andrew Molloy   (friends)
Charles Mooney   1988
Daniel Nigro    
Joseph O'Leary   1960
Maryann O'Leary McCarthy 1960
Beverly Pavlick-Russell Pavlick 1966
Frank Picarello   1960
Mr. Jean Potvin   (friends)
Darcy Reddan   (friends)
Gerry Reddan   (friends)
Nancy Reddan   (friends)
Ruth Regan   1963
Fr. Andrew Reitz, OFM   (friends)
Kenneth Rowinsky   1972
Deb Rusckowski   (friends)
Steve Rusckowski   (friends)
Kiera Ryan   2011
Robert Ryan   1964
Anthony Sanford   2004
Inez Schreiner Lloyd 1976
Kathleen Shambe Tuomisto 1976
Frances Sicola Haering 1962
Michael Sicola   1962
Peter Striano   (friends)
Caroline Striano   (friends)
Patricia Sutherland   1963
Jean Tenaglia   (friends)
John Tenaglia   (friends)
Fr. Malachi Van Tassell, TOR    
Mary Verderber   1961
Carol Villa Smith 1978
Deirde Wagner-Campbell   1965
Ryan Young   1999
William Zackowski Jr.   1967

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