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Lidia's Pittsburgh

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Start Date:  December 12, 2013

Lidia's Pittsburgh
(located in the Strip District) <br>

1400 Smallman Street <br>

Pittsburgh, PA  15222


The Reverend Gabriel J. Zeis, T.O.R.
cordially invited you and your guest to a
President's Holiday Reception at

Lidia's Pittsburgh

1400 Smallman Street (in the Strip District)

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Thursday, the 12th of December
5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
RSVP by December 6





Class Year 


John Baltrus   1980
Anita Baumann                                  Fusco                        1990
Kristen Boose   2004
Jean Byrnes Heiser 2006
Robert Byrnes   2007
Michael Craig   2006
Bob Crusciel   1986
Andria D'Amato   2005
Linda Eremita    
Denise Fetsko   1996
John Goodrich   1983
John Halicky   1971
Nadine Harley   1994
Edgar Holtz   1951
Andrew Karl   1968
Kathy Kross Friar 1973
Annette Luchini Long 1980
Shari Mailman   1998
Alison Matesa   2000
Christina Medley   2011
Marie Melusky    
Kent Moorhead II   1993
Linda Myron Zanzuccki 1972
Thomas Myron   1972
Chris Seymour   1997
David Sharick   1977
Catherine Spencer Dougherty 1985
Mark Spencer   1985

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