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Scholars in English Summer Camp

Event Details

Start Date:  July 6, 2014
End Date: July 11, 2014

 Scholars in English Camp


  • Earn 3 transferable credits in English*
  • Learn from Ph.D.s who are full-time faculty members at Saint Francis
  • Attend cool daytime classes and evening workshops on fun topics
  • Choose between two field trips
  • Tour the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art and the Mount Assisi Sunken Gardens—both part of the SFU campus

* Students must receive passing scores on all assignments in order to earn 3 credits. Grades will be assigned.


DEADLINE for registration : May 31
Cost: $400.00
To register, fill out the Scholars in English Summer Camp printable application

  • 3 transferrable English credits from Saint Francis University *
  • All course instruction and materials
  • 5 nights’ lodging at Agnes Hall(Sunday thru Friday)
  • All meals and snacks
  • Camp shirt
  • Field trips and fun activities

The College Experience

Campers will stay in Agnes Hall, where female campers will be housed on the first floor and male campers on the second. Free Wi-Fi is included.

Resident Assistants are specially trained to attend to the needs of all campers and will supervise campers at all times.

Campers will dine in Torvian Hall, a buffet-style dining facility that offers a salad bar, choices of hot meals, and dessert bar.

Evening Activities

  • Swimming
  • Storytelling around the campfire
  • Sign Jam! with American Sign Language
  • Films
  • Photography
  • Guided Hikes on the SFU Trails

Topics of Study

Women in the Danger Zone: Pittsburgh’s Women Reporters:  In the 1880s and 1890s, Pittsburgh more than New York launched great women reporters such as stunt girl Nellie Bly, novelist Willa Cather, and Cara Reese, the only woman to report from the Great Johnstown Flood.  We'll consider forces within the newspaper offices and the Women's Press Club in shaping what subjects could be treated by women--and which crossed the line--in Edwardian Pittsburgh. 

Literature of the Outdoors: Read about the great outdoors! This course introduces students to contemporary nature writing, including the study of current environmental problems represented in fiction, poetry, and prose.

Website Development: Leave camp with your own website!

Medicine in Literature: Why do so many health professionals also write creatively? What can literature teach about healing, dying, and their ethical controversies? How do certain modern plagues—such as AIDS, cancer, diabetes, obesity and anorexia—continue to shape our literature? We'll explore literature in five genres (fiction, nonfiction essay, poetry, drama, film) in addressing these questions.

Film, Social Media, and the Politics of Food:  High stakes battles are being waged for the future health of our selves, our children, and the planet through documentaries such as Food, Inc., Supersize Me, and King Corn.  This session will take a critical look at food films and viral videos such as "The Real Bears" and "Twinkie vs. Carrot" to evaluate the role of newer media in food advocacy. 

The Personal Memoir: People love to read and watch reality. Here’s your chance to create it. Craft real-life experiences into one of the best-selling genres and put your life into writing.

Monsters in Literature: Why the current pop culture obsession with Zombies and Vampires? This course will investigate the history and evolution of the zombie character.

Poetry Slam: Spoken word comes to SFU this summer! Take a look at good examples and get ready to compose performance-style (or slam) poetry.

Win Prizes

During camp week, you’ll have the chance to win prizes for your writing and design abilities.


Contact Dr. Lauri Chose at 814-472-3857 or lchose@francis.edu

Saint Francis University aims to be as accessible as possible. Please contact our Accessibility Services Coordinator, April Fry, with specific inquiries at 814-472-3176 or complete our online request form at http://francis.edu/accessibility-accommodation-request/.