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SFU's American Chemical Society chapter receives award and grant

October 19, 2011

Saint Francis University’s American Chemical Society (ACS) Chapter received an Outstanding Chapter Award by the Society Committee on Education. The award was received based on the "Saint Francis University Chemistry Club 2010-2011 ACS Report."

More than 330 reports were submitted, and the Society Committee on Education presented only 36 outstanding awards, 86 commendable awards, and 107 honorable mention awards. The Saint Francis chapter along with the other award winning chapters will be honored at the ACS National Meeting in San Diego, CA, on March 25, 2012.

The chapter was recognized primarily based on exemplary community outreach. Chapter service is evaluated in four different categories: within the kindergarten to grade twelve range, within the community, within the department or college, and during National Chemistry Week, on National Earth Day, and Mole day. The advisors of ACS found the amount of service compared to the size of the school to be impressive. One of the three advisors who reviewed the report commented that, “How students find the time to do this is beyond me, but most chapters would do well to accomplish 10% of what this chapter has done.”

In addition to the award, the Saint Francis ACS Chapter has also been selected to receive an Innovative Activities Grant (IAG) for the 2011-12 academic year. The grant, in the amount of $445, will assist with a proposal to offer free radon testing within the community surrounding the campus. The proposal described how this project would not only provide a valuable service, but would also educate the community.

Fr. Nathan Malavolti and Dr. Edward Zovinka are the faculty advisors for Saint Francis’ student chapter and are dedicated to the commitment of making the chapter successful.


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