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Spring 2014 Dean's List

June 12, 2014

Saint Francis is pleased to announce the Spring 2014 Dean's List. To achieve Dean's List honors at Saint Francis, a student must be an undergraduate, have full-time status, and must attain a quality point average of at least 3.5 for the given semester.

The following students achieved Dean's List honors for the Spring 2014 semester. Congratulations!

Saint Francis is pleased to announce the Spring 2014 Dean's List. To achieve Dean's List honors at Saint Francis, a student must be an undergraduate, have full-time status, and must attain a quality point average of at least 3.5 for the given semester.

The following students achieved Dean's List honors for the Spring 2014 semester. Congratulations!
Betty                            Acuna                                              Criminal Justice                                   NJ
Frank                            Adamczyk                                           Management                                         PA
Alison                           Adamrovich                                         Health Science (OT)                                PA
Shannon                          Adams                                              Biology                                            PA
Chelsie                          Adams                                              Health Science (OT)                                PA
Halee                            Adams                                              Early Childhood Education                          PA
Christopher                      Albright                                           Chemistry                                          PA
Tinsae                           Alemu                                              Exploratory                                        OH
Kristin                          Allison                                            Nursing                                            PA
Taylor                           Allison                                            Political Science                                  PA
Ebonne                           Alston                                             Management                                         MD
Eric                             Anello                                             Health Science (PA)                                PA
Kevin                            Anello                                             Health Science (PA)                                PA
Georgios                         Angelou                                            Exploratory                                          
Alyssa                           Anna                                               Psychology                                         PA
Melissa                          Anna                                               Health Science (PA)                                PA
Kristin                          Aponte                                             Health Science (PA)                                CT
Lauren                           Aretz                                              Health Science (PA)                                PA
Marissa                          Armstrong                                          Early Childhood Education                          PA
Blaine                           Arney                                              Exercise Physiology                                IN
Kathy                            Ashcom Lepsch                                      Management                                         PA
Nicholas                         Astle                                              Religious Studies                                  PA
Morganne                         Ault                                               Management                                         PA
Sarah                            Babick                                             Social Work                                        PA
Ashley                           Babilya                                            Health Science (OT)                                PA
Chase                            Bamat                                              Health Science (PA)                                PA
Rebecca                          Bargielski                                         Health Science (OT)                                PA
Malyn                            Barkey                                             Health Science (PA)                                PA
Madison                          Baronner                                           Health Science (PT)                                PA
Taylor                           Baronner                                           Health Science (PA)                                PA
Taylor                           Barth                                              Health Science (OT)                                PA
Zachary                          Bartolotta                                         Health Science (PT)                                PA
Emily                            Basile                                             Computer Science                                   PA
Stephanie                        Basile                                             Health Science (PA)                                PA
Matthew                          Bassaro                                            Accounting                                         PA
Janice                           Bauer                                              Health Science (OT)                                PA
Heidi                            Baumert                                            Accounting                                         NE
Casey                            Baumgardner                                        Health Science (PA)                                PA
Marissa                          Baumgart                                           Health Science (OT)                                PA
Angela                           Beahr                                              Health Science (PA)                                PA
Dylan                            Bear                                               Accounting                                         PA
Marla                            Beck                                               Health Science (OT)                                PA
Kelly                            Beegle                                             Mathematics                                        PA
Lauren                           Behringer                                          Middle Childhood Education                         MD
Clinton                          Beiswenger                                         Health Science (OT)                                PA
Ryan                             Beiswenger                                         Religious Studies                                  PA
Ann                              Beliles                                            Biology                                            PA
Maddie                           Bender                                             Exercise Physiology (PT)                           PA
Sara                             Benfer                                             Early Childhood Education                          PA
Howard                           Bennett                                            Computer Systems Management                        MD
Madeline                         Berry                                              History                                            PA
Robert                           Berry                                              Management                                         PA
Sydney                           Beunier-Lucas                                      English                                            PA
Kathleen                         Bickford                                           Nursing                                            PA
Kristen                          Bilby                                              Health Science (PA)                                PA
Justin                           Bimle                                              Nursing                                            PA
Jesse                            Binder                                             Health Science (PT)                                MD
Jessica                          Biter                                              Early Childhood Education                          PA
Holly                            Blaakman                                           Health Science (PA)                                NY
Jared                            Black                                              Accounting                                         PA
Abigail                          Blair                                              Biology                                            PA
Sabrina                          Blake                                              Chemistry                                          PA
Alanna                           Blenkarn                                           Exercise Physiology                                ON
Rebecca                          Boehme                                             Health Science (PA)                                PA
Adam                             Bolton                                             History                                            PA
Kilee                            Bomgardner                                         Finance                                            PA
Haley                            Borkovich                                          Business Administration                            PA
Stephanie                        Boulter                                            Health Science (PA)                                MD
Alexis                           Bower                                              Health Science (OT)                                PA
Holly                            Bowersox                                           Psychology                                         PA
Brittany                         Boyd                                               Nursing                                            PA
Sharon                           Bracken                                            Nursing                                            PA
Scott                            Brandenberger                                      Health Science (PA)                                TX
Caleb                            Brantner                                           Economics                                          PA
Stephen                          Braswell                                           Exploratory                                        PA
Christopher                      Braun                                              Health Science (PA)                                PA
Kathryn                          Breslin                                            Health Science (PT)                                PA
Alexis                           Brickel                                            Nursing                                            PA
Hannah                           Brooks                                             Health Science (PA)                                PA
Rebecca                          Brown                                              Early Childhood Education                          PA
Savannah                         Brown                                              Health Science (PA)                                WV
Gregory                          Brown                                              Management Information Systems                     MD
Christopher                      Bryan                                              Early Childhood Education                          PA
Alexandra                        Buczkowski                                         Health Science (OT)                                PA
David                            Budash                                             Marketing                                          PA
Kathryn                          Buonantony                                         English                                            CT
Casey                            Burk                                               History                                            NJ
William                          Bush                                               Finance                                            PA
Paige                            Butler                                             Health Science (PT)                                CA
Ryan                             Byers                                              Health Science (PT)                                PA
McKenzie                         Calhoun                                            Health Science (PA)                                PA
Alyse                            Callihan                                           Early Childhood Education                          PA
Matthew                          Camilletti                                         Management                                         PA
Victoria                         Caretti                                            Nursing                                            PA
Angela                           Carmosino                                          Education Certification                            PA
Melissa                          Carr                                               Health Science (OT)                                PA
Meghan                           Carroll                                            Health Science (OT)                                PA
Scott                            Carter                                             History                                            PA
Lisa                             Casale                                             Health Science (OT)                                PA
Erin                             Cashdollar                                         Accounting                                         PA
Kaitlin                          Chasler                                            Health Science (PA)                                PA
Jeffrey                          Chastel                                            Environmental Engineering                          PA
Stephanie                        Cieslo                                             Accounting                                         PA
Adam                             Ciner                                              Health Science (OT)                                PA
Stephanie                        Ciraula                                            Chemistry                                          PA
Derek                            Civis                                              Engineering (3+2 Program)                          PA
Melissa                          Clapper                                            Early Childhood Education                          PA
Jill                             Clark                                              Psychology                                         PA
Sarah                            Clark                                              Health Science (OT)                                OH
Anna                             Clouse                                             Nursing                                            PA
Ann                              Colligan                                           Middle Childhood Education                         PA
Megan                            Collins                                            Health Science (PA)                                PA
Kylie                            Connor                                             Exploratory                                        PA
Lauren                           Conrad                                             Early Childhood Education                          PA
William                          Conte                                              History                                            NJ
Marissa                          Conti                                              Health Science (PT)                                PA
Angela                           Conti                                              Social Work                                        MD
Nicholas                         Conway                                             Health Science (PT)                                PA
Lindsay                          Corner                                             Accounting                                         PA
Mallory                          Cortis                                             Chemistry                                          PA
Chelsy                           Cosentino                                          Accounting                                         PA
Meghan                           Cotugno                                            Psychology                                         FL
Shannon                          Coughlan                                           Health Science (PT)                                PA
Devon                            Courtney                                           Health Science (PA)                                PA
Chelsea                          Crandall                                           Middle Childhood Education                         PA
Ashley                           Creamer                                            Accounting                                         PA
Nora                             Cully                                              Finance                                            PA
Tori                             Cutshall                                           Health Science (OT)                                PA
Anthony                          Damiano                                            Health Science (PT)                                PA
Rebecca                          Davis                                              Health Science (PT)                                PA
Francis                          De Vries                                           Psychology                                           
Sarah                            DeCarlo                                            Health Science (OT)                                PA
Michael                          DeLyser                                            Mathematics                                        PA
Jakob                            DeMedal                                            Health Science (PT)                                PA
Ketarah                          DeVries                                            Marketing                                          IL
Brittany                         DelSignore                                         Health Science (OT)                                PA
Lindsey                          Dellinger                                          Health Science (OT)                                PA
John                             Devlin                                             Computer Science                                   PA
Danielle                         DiCello                                            Accounting                                         PA
Jillian                          DiCola                                             Health Science (OT)                                NJ
Rachel                           Dieterich                                          Nursing                                            PA
Phuong Minh                      Do                                                 Chemistry                                            
Jocelyn                          Dominick                                           Health Science (PA)                                PA
Dane                             Domonkos                                           Early Childhood Education                          PA
Kitana                           Downs                                              Marketing                                          PA
Ronnie                           Drinnon                                            Health Science (PT)                                OH
Marlee                           Drumheller                                         Health Science (PA)                                PA
Connie                           Dupont                                             Health Science (OT)                                PA
Morgan                           Dutrow                                             Psychology                                         PA
Andrew                           Ebert                                              Health Science (PT)                                PA
Heather                          Eckenrode                                          Nursing                                            PA
Kathryn                          Edgar                                              Health Science (PA)                                PA
Derek                            Ellis                                              Health Science (PT)                                PA
Kimberly                         Elter                                              Health Science (PT)                                PA
Jaclyn                           Erfort                                             Health Science (OT)                                PA
Megan                            Essl                                               Early Childhood Education                          MD
Kayla                            Esterline                                          Health Science (PA)                                PA
Christopher                      Evans                                              Chemistry                                          PA
Bryanna                          Evens                                              Health Science (PA)                                PA
Amanda                           Fabian                                             Health Science (PA)                                PA
Evan                             Falbo                                              Middle Childhood Education                         PA
Kayla                            Farabaugh                                          Social Work                                        PA
Ashley                           Farabaugh                                          Early Childhood Education                          PA
Kevin                            Fawcett                                            Finance                                            ON
Allison                          Feather                                            Health Science (OT)                                PA
Craig                            Feather                                            Exercise Physiology                                PA
Katie                            Ferguson                                           Health Science (PT)                                PA
Alanna                           Figula                                             Business Administration                            PA
Christina                        Fini                                               Management                                         NY
Christopher                      Fischer                                            Health Science (PT)                                PA
Cassie                           Fisher                                             Exercise Physiology                                PA
Leigha                           Fleck                                              Management                                         PA
Shelby                           Ford                                               Health Science (PT)                                PA
Geoffrey                         Ford                                               International Business/Modern Language             PA
Trent                            Forshey                                            Health Science (PT)                                PA
Mackenzie                        Foster                                             Health Science (PT)                                PA
Michael                          Fox                                                Environmental Engineering                          PA
Alena                            Frazier                                            Health Science (OT)                                PA
Tara                             Fritz                                              English                                            PA
Asalemo                          Fruean                                             Criminal Justice                                   HI
Cathleen                         Fry                                                Chemistry                                          PA
Kristen                          Gallagher                                          Accounting                                         PA
Casey                            Gallaher                                           Mathematics                                        PA
Rachel                           Gates                                              Early Childhood Education                          PA
Samantha                         Gathagan                                           Nursing                                            PA
Megan                            Gatto                                              Social Work                                        PA
Marcus                           Gaunt                                              Finance                                            PA
Ellen                            Gavin                                              Early Childhood Education                          OH
Megan                            Gaydosh                                            Health Science (OT)                                PA
Lance                            Geesey                                             Marketing                                          PA
Blaken                           Geisel                                             Health Science (PA)                                PA
Stanley                          Gensiak                                            Management                                         PA
Venessa                          George                                             English                                            PA
Alexander                        George                                             Mathematics                                        MD
Emily                            Geramita                                           Biology                                            PA
Washi                            Gervais                                            Political Science                                  QC
Gretta                           Ghaner                                             Biology                                            PA
Ashley                           Gibson                                             Health Science (OT)                                PA
Annette                          Gingerich                                          Health Science (PA)                                PA
Braden                           Gladysz                                            Health Science (PA)                                PA
Curvin                           Gordon                                             Health Science (PA)                                PA
Jordan                           Gorsuch                                            English                                            PA
Brian                            Goss                                               Health Science (PA)                                PA
Chelsey                          Graffius                                           Early Childhood Education                          PA
Jonathan                         Graffius                                           Environmental Engineering                          PA
Samantha                         Grass                                              Psychology                                         MD
Josefina                         Gray                                               Early Childhood Education                          NJ
Seth                             Gray                                               Exercise Physiology                                PA
Drew                             Grehan                                             Psychology                                         VA
Aric                             Gresko                                             Finance                                            PA
Katee                            Gresko                                             Exploratory                                        PA
Caleb                            Grimes                                             Health Science (PA)                                PA
Michelle                         Grimme                                             Health Science (OT)                                PA
Carly                            Gromel                                             Exercise Physiology                                PA
Kimberly                         Gronski                                            Health Science (PT)                                NY
Jessica                          Gross                                              Health Science (OT)                                PA
Dustin                           Grow                                               Nursing                                            PA
Danielle                         Gryckiewicz                                        Communication Arts                                   
Irene                            Grysiak                                            Health Science (PA)                                PA
Zachary                          Gula                                               Health Science (PA)                                PA
Kylie                            Hammon                                             Health Science (PA)                                PA
Kayla                            Hanley                                             Nursing                                            NY
Laura                            Harmon                                             Nursing                                            PA
Christian                        Harrington                                         Accounting                                         PA
Brittany                         Hasson                                             Marketing                                          PA
Michael                          Hastry                                             Health Science (PT)                                NJ
Leeanne                          Haus                                               Biology                                            PA
Charles                          Hawkins                                            Accounting                                         PA
Alexa                            Hayward                                            Communication Arts                                 PA
John                             Hazenstab                                          Marketing                                          PA
Ashley                           Hazlett                                            Early Childhood Education                          PA
Anthony                          Heath                                              Organizational Leadership                          PA
Emily                            Heckman                                            Health Science (PA)                                PA
Cody                             Hegedus                                            Health Science (PT)                                PA
Nathaniel                        Heim                                               Health Science (PT)                                PA
Timothy                          Heiss                                              Biology                                            PA
Devon                            Henry                                              Health Science (PA)                                PA
Nathan                           Herdman                                            Biology                                            PA
Taylor                           Hershberger                                        Health Science (PA)                                PA
Andrea                           Hetmansky                                          Early Childhood Education                          MD
Luke                             Hetrick                                            Communication Arts                                 PA
Carly                            Higgins                                            Early Childhood Education                          PA
Marlene                          Hileman                                            Nursing                                            PA
Brynn                            Hilsenbeck                                         Early Childhood Education                          PA
Kellie                           Himes                                              Health Science (OT)                                PA
Kaylyn                           Hines                                              Middle Childhood Education                         PA
Mary                             Hinz                                               Mathematics                                        NY
Jordan                           Hobson                                             Health Science (PA)                                PA
Robert                           Hodgson                                            Chemistry                                          PA
Angela                           Hoffman                                            Health Science (OT)                                PA
Jeffrey                          Hogan                                              Mathematics                                        PA
Rachel                           Hohman                                             Health Science (PT)                                PA
Kathryn                          Holtzer                                            Early Childhood Education                          PA
Kimberly                         Homolak                                            Health Science (PA)                                OH
Jerrika                          Hooven                                             Health Science (OT)                                PA
Julie                            Horner                                             Organizational Leadership                          PA
Jenna                            Horomanski                                         Health Science (PA)                                PA
Mary                             Horrell                                            Health Science (OT)                                MD
Ashley                           Horton                                             Health Science (PT)                                OH
Samantha                         Hoy                                                Nursing                                            PA
Joseph                           Hrbal                                              Philosophy                                         PA
Christina                        Hrubochak                                          Accounting                                         PA
Jamie                            Hudy                                               Health Science (PT)                                PA
Jocelyn                          Hughes                                             Social Work                                        PA
Rebekah                          Hughes                                             Health Science (PA)                                PA
Kelsey                           Hughes                                             Exploratory                                        PA
Emily                            Hurley                                             Biology                                            PA
Lindsay                          Hurley                                             Health Science (OT)                                PA
Ryan                             Ickes                                              Computer Science                                   PA
Amanda                           Imler                                              Health Science (OT)                                PA
Terra                            Ingram                                             Organizational Leadership                          PA
Natalie                          Isett                                              Health Science (PT)                                PA
Melanie                          Jablonka                                           Health Science (OT)                                NJ
Kylie                            Jackson                                            Political Science                                  PA
Dustin                           James                                              Computer Science                                   PA
Breanne                          James                                              Health Science (PT)                                PA
Emilee                           Janidlo                                            Health Science (OT)                                PA
Taylar                           Jaramillo                                          Accounting                                         NM
Brett                            Jerome                                             Health Science (PA)                                PA
Amanda                           Johnson                                            Biology                                            PA
Brandon                          Johnson                                            Accounting                                         PA
Lauren                           Johnson                                            Accounting                                         NE
Danyel                           Johnson                                            Nursing                                            NY
Rebecca                          Johnson                                            Health Science (PA)                                PA
Kayla                            Johnston                                           Management Information Systems                     PA
Benjamin                         Jones                                              Chemistry                                          PA
Bryn                             Kaufman                                            Early Childhood Education                          PA
Ryan                             Kegg                                               Health Science (PT)                                PA
Miranda                          Kellenberger                                       Health Science (OT)                                PA
Colleen                          Kelly                                              Health Science (PA)                                PA
Mairead                          Kelly                                              Health Science (PA)                                PA
Ryan                             Kennedy                                            Middle Childhood Education                         PA
Michael                          Kennedy                                            Management                                         PA
Bethany                          Kenyon                                             Accounting                                         PA
Muir                             Kepler                                             Health Science (PA)                                PA
Gabrielle                        Kepner                                             English                                            PA
Leah                             Kessler                                            Marketing                                          PA
Marissa                          Kidwell                                            Biology                                            MD
Ashley                           King                                               Health Science (OT)                                PA
Taylor                           King-Brothers                                      Health Science (PA)                                PA
Jennifer                         Kirchner                                           Health Science (PA)                                PA
Emily                            Kirk                                               Early Childhood Education                          PA
Cullen                           Kirkpatrick                                        Computer Science                                   PA
Anne                             Kisak                                              Health Science (PT)                                PA
Jami                             Kish                                               Early Childhood Education                          PA
Jordynn                          Kish                                               Early Childhood Education                          PA
Rose                             Klaiber                                            English                                            PA
Patricia                         Klein                                              Nursing                                            PA
Cassandra                        Kline                                              Health Science (PT)                                PA
Maria                            Kline                                              Strategic Communications                           PA
Nicole                           Kline                                              History                                            PA
Lindsey                          Knetzer                                            Health Science (PT)                                PA
Mary                             Knight                                             Health Science                                     PA
Kayla                            Koba                                               Health Science (OT)                                PA
Brooke                           Koch                                               Health Science (PA)                                PA
Jesse                            Kochara                                            Middle Childhood Education                         PA
Adam                             Kochara                                            Political Science                                  PA
Breanna                          Kochinsky                                          Health Science (OT)                                PA
Michael                          Koehle                                             Health Science (OT)                                PA
Beth                             Kopczyk                                            Early Childhood Education                          PA
Claire                           Kovach                                             Sociology                                          PA
Karla                            Kozak                                              Chemistry                                          PA
Cara                             Kraus                                              Health Science (PA)                                PA
Michael                          Krepp                                              Marketing                                          PA
Taylor                           Krout                                              Business Administration                            PA
Melissa                          Krug                                               Health Science (OT)                                PA
James                            Krug                                               Chemistry                                          PA
Emily                            Krumenacker                                        Health Science (PT)                                PA
Rebecca                          Krumenacker                                        Health Science (PT)                                PA
Rebekah                          Krupa                                              Chemistry                                          PA
Jenna                            Kutchman                                           Biology                                            PA
Jena                             Lafferty                                           Biology                                            PA
Richard                          Laino                                              Health Science (PT)                                PA
Megan                            Lamb                                               Spanish                                            PA
Paige                            Lancaster                                          Health Science (PA)                                PA
Nichole                          Landis                                             Psychology                                         PA
Kayla                            Lane                                               Management                                         PA
Nicholas                         Lassak                                             Environmental Engineering                          PA
Molly                            Latoche                                            Health Science (PT)                                PA
Holly                            Lawrence                                           Exploratory                                        MD
Jessica                          Le                                                 Health Science (OT)                                PA
Rachel                           LeViseur                                           Health Science (PA)                                PA
Nicole                           Leach                                              Health Science (PT)                                PA
Ariana                           Leeper                                             Chemistry                                          PA
Christina                        Leid                                               Mathematics                                        PA
Colby                            Lenz                                               Accounting                                         PA
Alyson                           Leyo                                               Accounting                                         PA
Qingzhuo                         Li                                                 Accounting                                         PA
Jennifer                         Lichtenthal                                        Health Science (PA)                                NY
Amy                              Lieb                                               Health Science (PA)                                PA
Allison                          Lingenfelter                                       Nursing                                            PA
Amber                            Link                                               Health Science (PA)                                PA
Jessica                          Linza                                              Psychology                                         PA
Michelle                         Lipski                                             Chemistry                                          PA
Gretchen                         Liska                                              Health Science (PT)                                PA
Shamsidddin                      Little                                             Management                                         NJ
Andrew                           Litzinger                                          Engineering (3+2 Program)                          PA
Lynsey                           Livoti                                             Health Science (OT)                                PA
Linda Margit Elise               Lofgren                                            Chemistry                                            
Ryan                             Lomicka                                            Finance                                            PA
Kelli                            Long                                               Health Science (PT)                                PA
Courtney                         Loose                                              Health Science (OT)                                PA
Kelli                            Loper                                              Health Science (OT)                                PA
Matthew                          Loughnane                                          Marketing                                          PA
Allison                          Lozinak                                            Health Science (OT)                                MD
Garrett                          Lucas                                              History                                            PA
Joshua                           Luciew                                             Health Science (PA)                                PA
Cecelia                          MacDonald                                          English                                            PA
Christine                        MacMillan                                          Health Science (OT)                                MD
Danielle                         MacMurtrie                                         Health Science (PT)                                PA
Rachel                           Machulski                                          Health Science (OT)                                DE
Kayla                            Mack                                               Health Science (PA)                                PA
Dominique                        Magalotti                                          Health Science (PA)                                MD
Sarah                            Magaro                                             Management                                         PA
Bethany                          Magner                                             Health Science (PA)                                MD
Michelle                         Maher                                              Mathematics                                        PA
Kimberly                         Maher                                              Health Science (OT)                                PA
Zachary                          Mailman                                            Health Science (PA)                                PA
Patrick                          Major                                              Nursing                                            PA
Sarah                            Makin                                              Health Science (PA)                                PA
Kimberly                         Marangoni                                          Exploratory                                        PA
Cristina                         Marcillo                                           Environmental Engineering                          MA
Kelsie                           Marconi                                            Aquarium and Zoo Science                           PA
Kelly                            Marcotte                                           Health Science (OT)                                NY
Andrea                           Markilinski                                        Health Science (OT)                                PA
Jacob                            Markley                                            Accounting                                         PA
Katherine                        Marlow                                             Health Science (PA)                                PA
Beatriz                          Maros de Carvalho                                  Marketing                                            
Amanda                           Marquis                                            Nursing                                            PA
Jenna                            Marquis                                            Health Science (PA)                                PA
Alyssia                          Marshall                                           Health Science (OT)                                PA
Mary                             Martin                                             Social Work                                        MD
Marc                             Maruca                                             Finance                                            PA
Nicholas                         Maruca                                             Business Administration                            PA
Marissa                          Mazurak                                            Criminal Justice                                   PA
Emily                            McCafferty                                         Nursing                                            PA
Kristi                           McClellan                                          Health Science (PA)                                PA
Katrina                          McCombie                                           International Studies                              PA
Casey                            McConahy                                           Health Science (OT)                                PA
Daniel                           McConnell                                          Management Information Systems                     PA
Heidi                            McCracken                                          Health Science (OT)                                PA
Gabrielle                        McDermott                                          English                                            MD
Sarah                            McDonald                                           History                                            PA
Brittany                         McElheny                                           Health Science (PA)                                PA
Kelli                            McGarvey                                           Psychology                                         PA
Cassie                           McGee                                              Health Science (PA)                                MO
Katelyn                          McGinnis                                           Health Science (OT)                                PA
Erin                             McKinney                                           Health Science                                     PA
Ashley                           McMahon                                            Health Science (PA)                                PA
Duane                            McMullen                                           Accounting                                         PA
Brandon                          Meck                                               Marketing                                          PA
Jose                             Medina                                             Accounting                                           
Logan                            Meinert                                            Early Childhood Education                          PA
Abby                             Menett                                             Health Science (OT)                                PA
Morgan                           Mercer                                             Health Science (PT)                                PA
Jeremy                           Merich                                             Accounting                                         PA
Cassidy                          Merrifield                                         Health Science (PA)                                PA
Olivia                           Messina                                            English                                            PA
Gianna                           Mezza                                              Nursing                                            NJ
Tyler                            Michael                                            Health Science (PT)                                MD
Mackenzie                        Mignery                                            History                                            OH
Lydia                            Mignogna                                           Environmental Engineering                          PA
Sara                             Miller                                             Social Work                                        PA
Megan                            Miller                                             Health Science (PA)                                PA
Alexa                            Mills                                              Health Science (PA)                                MD
Dominique                        Mitch                                              Social Work                                        PA
Maria                            Moll                                               Health Science (PA)                                PA
Alexandra                        Molosky                                            Education Certification                            PA
Philip                           Moore                                              Exercise Physiology                                MD
Melanie                          Moore                                              Early Childhood Education                          PA
Marissa                          Morgan                                             Health Science (PA)                                PA
Janiece                          Morton                                             Communication Arts                                 MD
Steven                           Mosey                                              Exercise Physiology                                PA
Dallas                           Mosier                                             Chemistry                                          PA
Gregory                          Mountain                                           Chemistry                                          PA
Morgan                           Moyle                                              Exercise Physiology                                PA
Jennifer                         Mueller                                            Accounting                                         PA
Paige                            Mundy                                              Biology                                            PA
Sophie                           Murdock                                            Biology                                            MI
James                            Murphy                                             Health Science (PT)                                PA
Daniel                           Myers                                              Biology                                            PA
Andrea                           Navratil                                           Health Science (PA)                                MI
Jessica                          Ndoci                                              Social Work                                        MD
Jenna                            Newhouse                                           Health Science (PA)                                PA
Rebecca                          Nihart                                             Health Science                                     PA
Carly                            Nola                                               Health Science (PA)                                PA
Kasey                            Nolan                                              Health Science (PA)                                MD
Allison                          Novotny                                            Health Science (OT)                                OH
Katelyn                          Nusbaum                                            Chemistry                                          MD
Victoria                         O'Brien                                            Marketing                                          NY
Emma                             O'Hara                                             Exercise Physiology (PT)                             
Madison                          O'Leary                                            Health Science (OT)                                PA
Patrick                          Ober                                               Health Science (PA)                                VA
Robert                           Oberkofler                                         Accounting                                         PA
Christie                         Olek                                               Public Health                                      PA
Casey                            Oleksak                                            Early Childhood Education                          PA
Lorraine                         Oliver                                             Accounting                                         PA
Tess                             Onink                                              Health Science (PA)                                PA
Morgan                           Onink                                              Health Science (PT)                                PA
Abigail                          Opiela                                             Health Science (PA)                                PA
Kelsey                           Oswalt                                             Health Science (OT)                                PA
Jenna                            Ott                                                Health Science (PT)                                PA
Zoe                              Otterman                                           Health Science (PA)                                NJ
Noah                             Overman                                            Nursing                                            PA
Katelyn                          Owens                                              Health Science (PT)                                PA
Nevin                            Pagan                                              Health Science (OT)                                PA
Caroline                         Page                                               Health Science (OT)                                PA
Sabrina                          Palguta                                            Psychology                                         PA
Claire                           Papaix                                             Criminal Justice                                     
Andreia                          Parada                                             Marketing                                          NY
Nathaniel                        Parrish                                            Marketing                                          PA
Shivani                          Patel                                              Health Science (PT)                                  
Harshal                          Patel                                              Health Science (PT)                                NJ
Sophia                           Patsy                                              Health Science (OT)                                PA
Lori                             Patterson                                          Early Childhood Education                          PA
Alana                            Pedron                                             Health Science (OT)                                CT
Rebecca                          Peer                                               Environmental Engineering                          QC
Kyle                             Penney                                             Accounting                                           
Kristen                          Pentz                                              Health Science (PA)                                PA
Theresa                          Peranteau                                          Health Science (OT)                                PA
Kristy                           Peters                                             Accounting                                         PA
Zachary                          Petrunak                                           Accounting                                         PA
Hope                             Phillips                                           Early Childhood Education                          NJ
Alyssa                           Phillips                                           Health Science (OT)                                PA
Taylor                           Phillips                                           Health Science (OT)                                PA
Gordon                           Phipps                                             English                                            PA
Kelsy                            Pielmeier                                          Early Childhood Education                          PA
Gabrielle                        Pierre                                             Health Science (OT)                                PA
Rebekah                          Pinkowski                                          Health Science (PA)                                PA
Stephanie                        Piper                                              Science/Exploratory                                PA
Alexandra                        Pizzuto                                            Health Science (PA)                                OH
Bradley                          Poboy                                              Non-Degree Student (Undergrad)                     PA
Sarah                            Polito                                             Health Science (OT)                                PA
Paige                            Portale                                            Health Science (OT)                                OH
Brittany                         Porter                                             Public Health                                      PA
Austin                           Potts                                              Public Health                                      WV
Myra                             Pramuk                                             Marketing                                          PA
Alyson                           Pritts                                             Health Science (OT)                                PA
Nicholas                         Pyo                                                Environmental Engineering                          PA
Kelly                            Quealy                                             Nursing                                            PA
Briana                           Quist                                              Management                                         PA
Amber                            Radel                                              Health Science (PA)                                PA
Tamara                           Rayba                                              Nursing                                            PA
Hailey                           Rearick                                            Health Science (OT)                                PA
Douglas                          Reckner                                            Chemistry                                          PA
Kierstyn                         Reddecliff                                         Health Science (PA)                                PA
Andrew                           Redden                                             Accounting                                         PA
Kristin                          Reed                                               Health Science (PT)                                PA
Patrick                          Reed                                               Psychology                                         PA
Daniel                           Reeder                                             Business Administration                            PA
Victoria                         Regan                                              Health Science (PA)                                PA
Katlyn                           Reighard                                           Health Science (PA)                                PA
Ryan                             Reitz                                              Environmental Engineering                          PA
Hannah                           Rematt                                             Health Science (PT)                                PA
Nicole                           Renzi                                              Health Science (PA)                                PA
Elizabeth                        Rezk                                               Social Work                                        PA
Brooke                           Rhoades                                            Health Science (PA)                                PA
Laura                            Rhoads                                             Accounting                                         PA
Britani                          Rice                                               Accounting                                         PA
Elizabeth                        Ritenour                                           Health Science (OT)                                PA
Danielle                         Ritts                                              Health Science (PA)                                PA
Emily                            Roberts                                            Health Science (OT)                                PA
Alan                             Robinson                                           Health Science (PT)                                PA
Amaris                           Rodriguez                                          Environmental Engineering                          NJ
Marcus                           Rojas                                              Business Administration                            CA
Sarah                            Ross                                               Management                                         PA
Kelli                            Rossman                                            Health Science (OT)                                PA
Jordan                           Rouzer                                             Exercise Physiology (PT)                           PA
Zachary                          Rozansky                                           Biology                                            PA
Danielle                         Rura                                               Health Science (PT)                                PA
Dennis                           Ryan                                               English                                            NY
Jalina                           Sabatose                                           Health Science (PA)                                PA
Samantha                         Safran                                             Political Science                                  PA
Erin                             Sager                                              Health Science (PA)                                PA
Grace                            Saluga                                             Health Science (OT)                                PA
Dency                            Samuel                                             Health Science (PA)                                OK
Nathaniel                        Sanders                                            Criminal Justice                                   PA
Ethel                            Santai                                             Health Science (PT)                                PA
Jennifer                         Santo                                              Health Science (PA)                                PA
Deanna                           Sapalio                                            Health Science (OT)                                PA
Juliana                          Satriale                                           Social Work                                        PA
Megan                            Sayles                                             Health Science (PA)                                PA
Deanna                           Schantzen                                          Health Science (PA)                                PA
Mikell                           Schlumpf                                           Health Science (PA)                                PA
Travis                           Schofield                                          Biology                                            PA
Gabriel                          Schuler                                            Biology                                            NY
Jacob                            Schwaderer                                         Criminal Justice                                   PA
Jocelyn                          Scillia                                            Health Science (PA)                                PA
Megan                            Scott                                              Health Science (PA)                                PA
Tayler                           Sechrengost                                        Health Science (PA)                                PA
Robert                           Seese                                              Management                                         PA
Alexa                            Semelsberger                                       Health Science (OT)                                PA
Kristen                          Shafer                                             Health Science (PA)                                PA
Amber                            Shaffer                                            Early Childhood Education                          PA
Mitchell                         Shaw                                               English                                            PA
William                          Shee                                               Chemistry                                          PA
Colin                            Sherwin                                            Finance                                            PA
Angelia                          Shetler                                            Health Science                                     PA
Hannah                           Shingler                                           Health Science (OT)                                PA
Eileen                           Shoemaker                                          Health Science (OT)                                PA
Timothy                          Shoff                                              Biology                                            PA
Amanda                           Short                                              Health Science (PT)                                PA
Thomas                           Sibert                                             Management                                         PA
Emily                            Simmons                                            Education Certification                            PA
Marissa                          Siwak                                              Self-Designed Major                                NJ
Julianne                         Skoner                                             Early Childhood Education                          PA
Jenna                            Skubik                                             Psychology                                         PA
Cody                             Skutch                                             Health Science (OT)                                PA
Kathleen                         Slingerland                                        Accounting                                         PA
Tyler                            Smay                                               Political Science                                  PA
Cassandra                        Smego                                              Health Science (PT)                                OH
Samantha                         Smith                                              Biology                                            PA
Allison                          Smith                                              Psychology                                         OH
Ashley                           Smith                                              Health Science (PT)                                PA
Alyssa                           Smith                                              Health Science (OT)                                PA
Michaela                         Smith                                              Nursing                                            PA
Robert                           Smith                                              Organizational Leadership                          PA
Nicole                           Snyder                                             Early Childhood Education                          PA
Jeremy                           Sotosky                                            Health Science (PA)                                PA
Taylor                           Spangler                                           Chemistry                                          PA
Alyssa                           Springer                                           Accounting                                         PA
Jacob                            Spryn                                              Mathematics                                        PA
Brittany                         Stambaugh                                          Health Science (PT)                                PA
Sydney                           Stankus                                            Health Science (PA)                                PA
Storm                            Stanley                                            Political Science                                  OH
Trevor                           Stark                                              Marketing                                          PA
Katelyn                          Stauffer                                           Health Science (PA)                                PA
Erika                            Stefanides                                         Nursing                                            PA
Brandis                          Stern                                              Health Science (OT)                                PA
Logan                            Stern                                              Chemistry                                          PA
Zachary                          Sterner                                            Biology                                            PA
Sierra                           Stinson                                            Chemistry                                          PA
Jilian                           Stone                                              Health Science (OT)                                PA
Joseph                           Stormer                                            Health Science (OT)                                PA
David                            Stormer                                            Social Work                                        PA
Brandi                           Streightif                                         Social Work                                        PA
Brianna                          Streightif                                         Early Childhood Education                          PA
Christopher                      Stricek                                            History                                            NY
Logan                            Strouse                                            Accounting                                         PA
Meghan                           Studds                                             Biology                                            PA
Katherine                        Studeny                                            Health Science (PA)                                PA
Rebecca                          Stull                                              Health Science (OT)                                PA
Emily                            Stutzman                                           Nursing                                            PA
Brittany                         Swartzwelder                                       Health Science (PT)                                PA
Alexandra                        Swihura                                            Health Science (PA)                                PA
Amanda                           Swope                                              Psychology                                         PA
Krista                           Swope                                              Exploratory                                        PA
Erin                             Szabo                                              Health Science (PA)                                OH
Qin                              Tao                                                Accounting                                           
Sara                             Tarr                                               Health Science (OT)                                PA
Angela                           Taylor                                             Health Science (OT)                                PA
April                            Taylor                                             Early Childhood Education                          PA
Jocelin                          Teachout                                           Biology                                            PA
James                            Tebary                                             Organizational Leadership                          PA
Nicholas                         Tedeschi                                           Health Science (PT)                                PA
Emily                            Tercek                                             Health Science (PA)                                PA
Chloe                            Thieleman                                          Health Science (PA)                                PA
Ashley                           Thomas                                             Accounting                                         MD
Samantha                         Thomas                                             Management Information Systems                     VA
Shannon                          Tomasello                                          Health Science (PT)                                PA
Anna                             Tomosky                                            Health Science (PA)                                PA
Kara                             Topka                                              Health Science (PA)                                PA
Caleb                            Tresky                                             Health Science (PT)                                PA
Emily                            Trueblood                                          Early Childhood Education                          MD
David                            Trunzo                                             Economics                                          PA
Andrew                           Turka                                              Health Science (PT)                                PA
Ashley                           Turnbull                                           Computer Science                                   MD
Morgen                           Turner                                             Health Science (PA)                                PA
Acacia                           Urian                                              Exercise Physiology (PT)                           PA
Sara                             Vallelunga                                         Health Science (PA)                                PA
Danielle                         VanDevere                                          Health Science (OT)                                OH
Andres                           Vega                                               Management                                           
Sean                             Veights                                            Mathematics                                        PA
Katie                            Vena                                               Health Science (OT)                                PA
Alison                           Verba                                              Health Science (PA)                                PA
Zachary                          Vigneault                                          Finance                                            PA
Christi                          Villareale                                         English                                            PA
Brittany                         Vinglish                                           Health Science (PT)                                PA
Joshua                           Vinglish                                           Environmental Engineering                          PA
Aaron                            Vizzini                                            Computer Science                                   PA
Michael                          Vore                                               Health Science (PT)                                PA
Katrina                          Vosteen                                            Health Science (OT)                                OH
Natalie                          Vranich                                            Health Science (OT)                                PA
Kelly                            Walde                                              Middle Childhood Education                         PA
Brittany                         Walter                                             Management                                         PA
Kaelea                           Warner                                             Health Science (OT)                                PA
Abigail                          Webb                                               Health Science (PT)                                MD
Mason                            Weir                                               Computer Science                                   PA
Kayla                            Weis                                               Health Science (PT)                                PA
Courtney                         Wendekier                                          Nursing                                            PA
Kori                             Wenner                                             Nursing                                            PA
Karissa                          Wess                                               Health Science (PA)                                PA
Connor                           Wharton                                            Finance                                            PA
Maura                            Whetstone                                          Health Science (OT)                                PA
Braden                           Whited                                             Computer Science                                   PA
Kelly                            Wichrowski                                         Health Science (OT)                                PA
Danielle                         Wieger                                             Health Science (PT)                                PA
Jennifer                         Wilde                                              Psychology                                         PA
Katrina                          Wilhite                                            Exercise Physiology                                NV
Alexandra                        Williams                                           Psychology                                         PA
Matthew                          Williams                                           Biology                                            PA
Madison                          Wimer                                              Early Childhood Education                          PA
Megan                            Winters                                            Health Science (PT)                                PA
Mackenzie                        Wirth                                              Nursing                                            PA
Kindra                           Witthus                                            Health Science (OT)                                WI
Kaitlyn                          Witucki                                            Health Science (PA)                                PA
Joseph                           Wojciechowski                                      Health Science (PT)                                PA
Paige                            Wojdyla                                            Finance                                            PA
David                            Wolfe                                              Mathematics                                        PA
Kayleigh                         Wolfhope                                           Health Science (OT)                                PA
Mary                             Woloschuk                                          Biology                                            PA
Hillary                          Woods                                              Health Science (PA)                                PA
Robert                           Wortman                                            Management                                         PA
Naiyi                            Wu                                                 Engineering (3+2 Program)                            
Olivia                           Yanits                                             Social Work                                        PA
Joseph                           Yasalonis                                          Computer Science                                   PA
Frank                            Youmbi                                             Chemistry                                          PA
Jolene                           Young                                              Health Science (OT)                                PA
Courtney                         Zajdel                                             Health Science (PA)                                PA
Katherine                        Zazulak                                            Health Science (PA)                                NY
Jessica                          Zeak                                               Health Science (PA)                                PA
Samantha                         Zeiders                                            Psychology                                         PA
Linan                            Zhang                                              Management                                           
Abigail                          Zyhowski                                           Health Science (OT)                                PA