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Engineering 3 + 2

Dual Degree Engineering Program: a five-year program in any branch of engineering leading to a B.A. from SFU and a B.S. from the partner school 

  • Engineering 3-2 image from original siteEngineering is the discipline of putting science and technology to work in designing, analyzing and building structures,machines, processes and systems. Supplementary disciplines ranging from economics and political science to literature and philosophy prepare flexible minds for dynamic and evolving careers. At Saint Francis, you can couple a liberal arts foundation with the right mathematical, scientific and analytical skills to pursue a career in engineering.

    Engineering, B.A. (3+2 program)  

    Why study Engineering in the 3+2 option?

    Through this accelerated “3+2” opportunity, you can earn two degrees in just five years. (Most students spend three years at Saint Francis, then transfer to an accredited engineering school, completing a B.A. in year four and a B.S. in year five.) You may also be interested in the following 4-year options offered entirely at Saint Francis University: General Engineering, Environmental Engineering or Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering.

    Saint Francis University has cooperative engineering programs with The Pennsylvania State University. The programs are designed to prepare a student with a liberal arts background for a professional career in a branch of engineering.

    After successfully completing three years in the pre-engineering program at Saint Francis University, the qualified student transfers to any of the schools mentioned or to any school offering ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology)-accredited B.S. program in engineering to complete the final two years of the program. After successful completion of one full year in an engineering program at another school, the student will receive the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Engineering from Saint Francis University. 

  • Career Opportunities

    Popular specialties pursued include:


    • Aerospace
    • Environmental
    • Agricultural
    • Industrial
    • Ceramic
    • Mechanical
    • Chemical
    • Metallurgical
    • Civil
    • Mining
    • Computer
    • Natural Gas
    • Engineering Science
    • Petroleum

    Articulation Agreements (University of Pittsburgh)

    Review University of Pittsburgh dual degree requirements


    A GPA of 3.0 (*3.5) is necessary for transfer into the following areas:


    Bioengineering * Chemical Engineering
    Civil Engineering Computer Engineering
    Electrical Engineering Engineering Science
    Industrial Engineering Materials Science Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering


    Articulation Agreements (Pennsylvania State University)

    Review Penn State University dual degree requirements


    A GPA of 3.0 is necessary for transfer into one of these available areas:


    Biological Engineering Mining Engineering
    Electrical Engineering Energy Engineering
    Engineering Science Environmental Systems Engineering
    Material Science and Engineering