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MHS Program FAQ

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  • How often do I need to log in to my health science program course each week?

    It is recommended that you log in to your online course on a daily basis.  If you do not, you risk falling behind.  At a minimum, plan to log into your course and MHS Student Resource Center at least three times per week.

    Do I have to log in to work on my health science program at specific times of the day?

    No.  The coursework at SFU is mainly asynchronous, meaning that there are no set meeting times unless special arrangements are made with the instructor.

    Are there group projects involved in the online health science program?

    There can be.  Additional time is provided for such assignments.  Most assignments, however, are completed independently.

    Will I be required to complete a thesis at the end of my health science program?

    No.  The Master of Health Science does not require a traditional thesis.  We do, however, require the completion of a master capstone experience.

    What are the specialty tracks? Do I have to choose one?

    The specialty tracks represent an opportunity for students to complete 9 credit hours of coursework focused on a specific healthcare discipline to suit their professional aspirations. Students can choose to complete the Health Education or Health Leadership specialty track.


    To earn a specialty, students must complete the 9 credits required for their chosen track. Students also have the flexibility to pursue a generalist course of study that draws electives from each track, or from our selection of special electives. Learn more about each specialty track and read the course descriptions of the electives offered through each specialization.


    Can I pursue more than one specialty track?

    Yes.  Students may follow more than on specialty track, if they so choose.  In this case, completing the program will require more than 30 credits.

    Is there an online library I can access?

    Yes.  All Master of Health Science students have access to our Library's resources.  In order to do this, students must set up a Library account which permits their remote access anytime 24/7.

    How quickly can I expect my instructor to answer any question I may have?

    Our instructors strive to respond to your questions within 24 hours of receiving your message sent through Canvas or email.  It will take no longer than 48 hours for an instructor to respond to your message.  If for some reason they are traveling or this may be an issue, you will be notified by your professor in advance.

    If needed, am I allowed to take a break from the health science program?

    Yes, you are able to take time off from your program.  However, not enrolling in a full load of courses can adversely affect financial aid.  Before taking a break from the program, please make sure you understand the conditions of your aid agreement.

    Am I required to complete my health science program within a certain time frame?

    Yes.  The MHS program needs to be completed within five years of starting.  If you take more than a semester off, you may be asked to complete an updated electronic application to ensure you have an accurate and up-to-date academic file.

    If you have more questions about SFU's online Master of Health Science (MHSc) program, please call an Enrollment Counselor at 814-472-3012 or fill out the request information form and we'll be in touch.

    Is the MHS program accredited?

    Saint Francis University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)

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