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MHS Specialty Tracks

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  • The online Master of Health Science at Saint Francis University is a practical, affordable program built for those looking to enhance their career and develop the skills they need to succeed.  In order to our students reach their goals, we offer several specialized, focused paths towards earning a degree, allowing for a high degree of flexibility.  Choose from the Specialty Tracks below to personalize your degree and gain enhanced skills to suit your aspirations.  You may also pursue more than one specialty track if you choose. In this case, completing the program will require more than 30 credits.

    Health Education Specialty Track

    For those interested in pursuing careers as health educators, teachers, and trainers, this set of courses develops new specialized skills that can be applied directly to the workplace.

    Health Leadership Specialty Track

    Providing a specialized examination of conflict resolution, performance assessment, and systems management as they apply to healthcare, this collection of courses is designed to introduce aspiring leaders to the management issues specific to the field and how to address them.

    Generalist Track

    Choose courses that address your unique personal and professional goals, from interdisciplinary options including healthcare education, leadership and community oriented course.