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SFU Professor Interviews Nobel Laureate

January 13, 2012

Candid_ScienceThere is an interesting connection between last year's Chemistry Nobel Laureate and one of Saint Francis University’s faculty members in the School of Sciences.

The winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Dr. Dan Shechtman, who has been recognized for his work on the nature of crystals and their atomic structure, was featured in a chapter of the 2005 book Candid Science V: Conversations with Famous Scientists.

This volume of the Candid Science series was written by Dr. Balazs and Dr. Istvan Hargittai. The first author is an associate professor of chemistry at Saint Francis, and the co-author is his father, who is a professor of chemistry in Hungary.

According to Dr. Hargittai, the Candid Science series is a family tradition, with his father and mother working on many volumes together. Balazs paired up with his father on this edition featuring the interview with Shechtman.

The 2011 Nobel Laureate announcement by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences included the book among "links and further reading" on Shechtman.