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Mr. Andrew McKee

Andrew McKee

Academic Department: Philosophy and Religious Studies
Graduation Year: 2011

Andrew's Story


  • B.A. History and Political Science (with honors), 2011

Employment Status

Enrolled in M.A. program in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Missouri-Columbia


  • Winner of the 2011 Outstanding Student Award for Religious Studies
  • Winner of the 2011 Margaret M. Tobin Award for Outstanding Library Research
  • Second place for the 2011 Gunard Berry Writing Contest Second Place
  • Published "Running into the Unknown: The Religious Dimensions of Distance Running," in Spectrum (Spring 2011), a peer-review undergraduate journal.
  • University of Missouri Graduate Fellowship (2011-present)


After bouncing around majors several times at Saint Francis, I met with Dr. Remillard on a whim, and was quickly drawn into the Religious Studies Department. I decided to take a required directed reading course with him as my ‘mentor’ and after several weeks he turned me on to a great interdisciplinary field, which I knew little of aside from the Faith and Francis course. From there, I worked closely with Dr. Remillard and others and with great assistance I went from an average student to a graduate student. Having a small department allowed me the freedom to work closely with professors and I was able to present at the Department’s co-sponsored, North American Undergraduate Conference in Religion and Philosophy twice, have a paper published in the school-run journal, and win a Tobin award for outstanding research. The Department of Religious Studies at Saint Francis opened many doors for me and prepared me for graduate school, something I had always viewed as a far off possibility. SFU gave me all the opportunity in the world to flourish, and prepared me for success upon graduation.

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