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    Our Business Administration alumni reach higher and go farther than they ever thought was possible. They are well-prepared to enter the job market and use the skills and values they learned at SFU to make a positive impact on the business world. From positions at national corporations, the government, and their own companies, they are well-prepared for success.

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    Mr. Tim Keith - Class of 2015

    Major: Economics

    Minor: Mathematics

    Tim Keith graduated from Saint Francis and majored in Economics with a minor in Mathematics. He was accepted into the PhD program in Economics at Iowa State University and received full tuition remission and an annual stipend to cover his living expenses.

    While at Saint Francis, Tim was involved with the Society of Economic Analysis, the Francis Fund, and many other extracurricular activities, which he has emphasized as being a dynamic part of his success.

    “SFU gave me far more opportunities than I could have imagined. Speaking with students at other schools showed me things really are different at Saint Francis University.”


    Mr. Caleb Brantner - Class of 2014

    Major: Economics

    I was able to obtain a great career as a Financial Control Analyst at J.P. Morgan because of my education and experiences at Saint Francis University.

    While at SFU, I was able to participate in several competitions and present academic works at various conferences across the United States. I also was a member of the Society of Economic Analysis (SEA). In the Fall of 2013, SEA officially launched their micro-lending initiative: Francis Fund. Our mission was to become a financial outlet for local small businesses facing adversity in the form of credit discrimination. I took on the position of Loan Officer for the Francis Fund. My main duties were to review loan applications, approve or deny loan submissions, and meet face-to-face with perspective borrowers. It was through my experiences with the SEA that I was able to receive an internship in the Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.

    Saint Francis University is the ideal institution for an individual who wants to know more, do more, and be more.


    Ms. Kellie Vanek - Class of 2013

    Major: Marketing

    Saint Francis University was one of the best choices I could have made for myself. The 600-acre campus was full of wonderful experiences & challenges that helped me become who I am today. The professors are what made my personal experience so great. Between the engaging topics and enthusiasm put into their lectures, the one-on-one time they were willing to spend, and the willingness and devotion to their students. It became clear to me that they were truly passionate about what they do and in helping students achieve their goals and succeed in the future.

    Saint Francis University allowed me to expand my knowledge, grow as a person, and build great connections outside of the classroom. The experiences at SFU have helped me develop both personally and professionally, which allowed me to obtain a great career with Bayer Material Science after graduation.


    Mr. Cullen Frye - Class of 2013

    Major: MIS and Accounting

    Cullen is working as Rotational Analyst for Accenture. Accenture plc is a multinational management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company headquartered in Dublin, Republic of Ireland. It is one of the world's largest consulting firms measured by revenues. Cullen’s position will entails "rotating" every three months to different project teams charged with varying aspects of the overall projects for clients. The goal is to give new hires the macro and micro perspective of the work that Accenture does for the client in addition to provide the chance for Accenture and us to find in what role and team we fit best with and get staffed on a more permanent basis in that position.


    Ms. Shene Fleming - Class of 2013

    Major: International Business/Spanish, Accounting

    I came into Saint Francis expecting to receive a good education, Bachelor’s Degree in a business field, and play 4 years of Division I basketball; but I left with so much more. I received two Bachelor’s Degrees in International Business/Spanish and Accounting as well as winning two championship rings with the Red Flash among other things, but what I love most about my memories at Saint Francis is the community atmosphere you feel everywhere you go. The professors at SFU deeply care about their students and take pride in motivating and inspiring them to achieve every day. I can say I am still in touch with many of my professors because I wouldn’t be enjoying the career and life I have without their preparation and support throughout my college career. My advice to students still enjoying the journey would be to take advantage of every opportunity to step out of your comfort zone.


    Mr. Jake C. Smith - Class of 2013

    Major: MIS and Management

    Jake is working at Thermo Fisher Scientific in their Information Technology Leadership Development Program. Thermo Fisher Scientific is an American precision laboratory equipment company that was created in 2006 by the merger of Thermo Electron and Fisher Scientific. This two year program is designed to accelerate his career development and was created by Thermo Fisher to create a pipeline for future IT leaders. In four six-month rotations, which will take Jake to Pittsburgh and Boston, he will learn and be mentored in preparation for upwardly mobile roles in the IT organization upon completion of the program. He will gain exposure to cutting-edge technology while on the program and will work on critical projects that will help move the company forward. Example of IT rotations:Business Analyst, CIO Special Projects, Global Infrastructure Services, and Global Applications.


    Mr. Youlian Natchev - Class of 2012

    Major: Economics and Finance

    I firmly believe that getting an Economics' degree is a great experience that anyone who wants to work in the financial sector should consider, I was able to perform some remarkable research in my economics classes that helped me with my graduate education and career. SFU also provided me the opportunity to compete in the prestigious FED challenge, where I gained valuable knowledge as well as improved my presentational and leadership skills. My economic degree experience benefited me personally and professionally.


    Mr. Tosin Adeluyi CPA, CFE - Class of 2011

    Major: Accounting, Finance, MIS

    Why did you choose Saint Francis?

    Among the schools that I applied to, SFU appeared to have the best admission team. I had this feeling that someone was welcoming me ‘home’ even though I was thousands of miles away. Further, having attended a catholic high school, I was looking for a university where I could get both quality education and discipline.

    Why three majors?

    Accounting is the language of business and a field that I was passionate about since I was a kid. Finance presents me with the ability to not just think about the usual credits and debits but think as a manager, investor, and entrepreneur. I added MIS as the third major in my junior year because it gave me a platform to present my accounting and finance skillsets in a technology space.

    My experience at SFU is invaluable. I am glad that I took classes with professors that are passionate about what they teach, and also thankful for an environment that instilled Franciscan ideals in me, which is instrumental to my academic and professional successes.

    I will recommend SFU for any intending student that wishes to Reach Higher and Go Far!


    Mr. Pete Freyer - Class of 2010

    Major: Finance

    Minor: Management

    It is hard to determine what *ONE *thing Saint Francis University offered me that prepared me the most for the real world. From the dedicated staff in both the Athletic Department and the School of Business, to the teams I was a part of, Saint Francis University provided me the tools necessary to generate a real impact at one of the largest Financial Institutions in the world, HSBC. I'm sure that I wouldn't be on the busy streets of Manhattan today if it weren't for my time spent atop the mountain in Loretto, PA.


    Ms. Julie Yasko - Class of 2010

    Major: Marketing

    Saint Francis provided me with remarkable personal and professional development opportunities. The campus fosters an amazing sense of community that enables students to take personal responsibility for their learning and extracurricular activities. Involvement is highly valued and faculty are engaged and helpful. I certainly feel that my time at the university positively impacted both my career and my character.

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