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Dr. Charles Dameron

Charles Dameron

Title: Associate Professor, Biochemistry
School: Sciences
Academic Department: Chemistry
Phone: 814-472-3871
E-mail: cdameron@francis.edu
Office Location: Science Center 213


  • B.S., Texas A & M University
  • Ph.D., Texas A & M University
  • NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Utah


Research & Teaching

Research Interests

  • Zinc and copper induced protein-protein interactions
  • Copper metabolism
  • Metalloregulation


  • Chem 103 and 104
  • Human Chemistry I and II

Other courses: (Courses taught at Duquesne University)

  • Chemistry 401 and 402 General Biochemistry I and II
  • Chemistry 325L and 425L Integrated Laboratory I and II
  • Chemistry 325R and 425R Integrated Laboratory I and II Recitation
  • Chemistry 475H Honors Senior Seminar
  • Chemistry 490W Research
  • Chemistry 490H Honors Research
  • Chemistry 508 Biomolecular Structure and Function
Papers & Presentations

Selected Publications

  • Dameron, C.T. "Copper Binding Proteins, in Encyclopedia of Metalloproteins".  Springers. (2013) 1, 200 pps.
  • Pazehoski, K.O., Collins, T., Boyle,R.J., Jensen-Seaman, M.I., Dameron, C.T." Stalking Metal-linked Dimers".  J. Inorganic Biochem. ( 2007) 102(3), 522-531.
  • Stokes, E.B, Stiff-Roberts, A.B, Dameron, C.T.  "Quantum Dots in Semi-conductor Optoelectronic Devices." Interface. 2006 15(4), 23-27.
  • Cobine, P.A., McKay, R.T., Zangger, K., Dameron, C.T., Armitage, I.M.  "Solution structure of Cu6 metallothionein from the fungus". Neurospora crassa. Eur. J. Biochem.  (2004) 271 (21), 4213-4221.
  • Jones, C.E, Daly, N.L., Cobine, P.A, Craik, D.J. & Dameron, C. T. "Structure and metal binding studies of the second copper binding domain of the Menkes ATPase". Journal of Structural Biology, 2003 143(3), 209-18.
  • Lu, Z.H., Dameron, C.T. & Solioz, M. " The Enterococcus hirae paradigm of copper homeostasis: Copper chaperone turnover, interactions, and transactions". BioMetals, (2003) 16, 137-143.
  • Wimmer, R.;Dameron, C.T.; Solioz, M. "Molecular Hardware of Copper Homeostasis". In Enterococcus hirae in Handbook of Copper Phamacology and Toxicology, (2002).
  • Cobine, P.A.; Jones, C.E.; Wickramasinghe, W.A.; Solioz, M.; Dameron, C.T." The interaction of copper binding proteins" from Enterococcus hirae in Handbook of Copper Phamacology and Toxicology, (2002).
  • Cobine, P.A., George, G.N., Jones, C.E., Wickramasinghe, W.A., Solioz, M. & Dameron, C.T.  Copper Transfer from the Cu(I) Chaperone, CopZ, to the Repressor, Zn(II)CopY: Metal Coordination Environments and Protein Interactions. Biochemistry (2002) 41, 5822-5829.
  • Cobine, P.A., Jones, C.E. & Dameron, C.T. (2002) Role for zinc(II) in the copper(I) regulated protein CopY. Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, (2002) 88, 192-196.
  • Corbine, P.; Jones, C.E.; Dameron, C.T. "Role for zinc(II) in the copper(I) regulated protein CopY". Biochem. (2002) 88,192-196.
  • Cobine, P., George, G.N., Winzor, D.J., Harrison, M.D., Mogahaddas, S. & Dameron, C.T. (2000) Stoichiometry of the Complex Formation between Copper(I) and the N-terminal Domain of the Menkes Protein. Biochemistry 39, 6857-6863.

Recent Presentations

  • “Natural metal induced dimerization and its role in regulation” invited lecture.  1st Georgian Bay International Conference on Bioinorganic ChemistryCanBIC, Georgian Bay Canada, May 22-27 2007.
  • “Getting Hooked Up: A New Metal Binding Regulatory Motif” invited lecture in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Western Ontario, London Ontario Canada, May 25, 2006.
  • “From Cells to Coordination Chemistry and Back Again” invited lecture in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Duquesne University, September 2005.
  • “Metal Links to Regulation” invited lecture at the summer SGI Summit on High Performance Computing for the Advancement of Science,  Duquesne University, May 27, 2005.
  • “Place-holding Roles for Zinc in the Formation of Mature 6Cu(I) N. crassa Metallothionein and 2Cu(I) E. hirae CopY invited lecture.  4th International Meeting on “Copper Homeostasis and its Disorders: Molecular and Cellular Aspects”, Ischia Italy, October 23-28, 2004.
  • “Pre-stabilization of a Copper(I) Binding Site with Zinc” invited lecture.  19th Annual American Chemical Society Pittsburgh Section Student Affiliates Meeting, Duquesne University, April 2004.
  • “A critical role for Zinc in the Action of a Copper Regulated Repressor” Midwest Metals Meeting-Metals in Biology 2, held at the Washington University in St. Louis, Chicago, May 16-18, 2003.
Patents & Journals


  • United States Patent Application Serial No. 11/751,850, Filed 05/22/07
    •       Title:  Self-Assembled Proteins and Related Methods and Protein Structures


Ad hoc reviewer for:

  • Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry
  • Biochemica et Biophysica Acta
  • Trends in Biological Sciences.
Professional Memberships


  • Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity


  • Ad hoc reviewer for:
    • NIH Grants
    • NSF, Grants

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