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    Company Sponsored Tuition Deferment

    To be eligible for tuition deferment, a letter regarding your company's tuition reimbursement policy is due at the beginning of every semester.  The letter must be on your company’s letterhead and include the student's name and the reimbursement policy of the company.  Each student will receive a billing statement at the end of the semester.  It is the responsibility of the student to give the statement to his/her employer along with his/her grade(s) for reimbursement.  Payment must be made within approximately 30 days upon completion of the course.

    To Apply

    Please forward your company letter to the following:
    Saint Francis University
    Business Office
    P.O. Box 600
    Loretto, PA  15940-0600
    Fax: (814) 472-3886
    Phone: (814) 472-2884

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