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Dr. Strosnider conducts research in Peruvian Amazon

August 17, 2012

Dr. William Strosnider, assistant professor of environmental engineering, recently returned from a trip to the Peruvian Amazon with Penn State University medical students to investigate natives’ health problems and how water treatment and water delivery changes could help residents.

The team worked at the city of Iquitos, a flooded neighborhood along the Amazon River. The city floods each year, which exacerbates the poor sewage and water treatment issues. Many residents suffer from water borne parasites and disease, such as malaria.

Dr. Strosnider collected water and stool samples while the Penn State team surveyed the residents about health, water, hygiene, and general living conditions. Together, the team is currently reviewing the data and samples to make correlations between how environmental engineering affects public health. The team will write their results over the next year.