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Fall 2012 Dean's List announced

February 14, 2013

Saint Francis is pleased to announce the Fall 2012 Dean's List. To achieve Dean's List honors at Saint Francis, a student must be an undergraduate, have full-time status, and must attain a quality point average of at least 3.5 for the given semester.

The following students achieved Dean's List honors for the Fall 2012 semester. Congratulations!

Fall 2012 Dean's List
First Name Last Name Major
Shannon                          Adams                                              Biology                                           
Christopher                      Albright                                           Chemistry                                         
Elizabeth                        Anastasio                                          English                                           
Liam                             Anderson                                           History                                           
Eric                             Anello                                             Health Science(PA)                               
Kevin                            Anello                                             Health Science(PA)                               
Joshua                           Ankeny                                             Biology                                           
Alyssa                           Anna                                               Psychology                                        
Melissa                          Anna                                               Health Science(PA)                               
Lauren                           Aretz                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Marissa                          Armstrong                                          Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Kathy                            AshcomLepsch                                      Management                                        
Nicholas                         Astle                                              ReligiousStudies                                 
Morganne                         Ault                                               Management                                        
Sarah                            Babick                                             SocialWork                                       
Jenna                            Bailey                                             Chemistry                                         
Trent                            Baker                                              Biology                                           
Chase                            Bamat                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Amanda                           Bancroft                                           Chemistry                                         
Adam                             Barba                                              Accounting                                        
Madison                          Baronner                                           Health Science(PT)                               
Emily                            Basile                                             ComputerScience                                  
Joseph                           Baublitz                                           Management                                        
Janice                           Bauer                                              Health Science(OT)                               
John                             Bauman                                             Computer SystemsManagement                       
Heidi                            Baumert                                            Accounting                                        
Jessica                          Baumgard                                           Health Science(PA)                               
Casey                            Baumgardner                                        Health Science(PA)                               
Dylan                            Bear                                               Accounting                                        
Brandt                           Beck                                               ExercisePhysiology                               
Marla                            Beck                                               Health Science(OT)                               
Kelly                            Beegle                                             Mathematics                                       
Shannon                          Beish                                              Psychology                                        
Ryan                             Beiswenger                                         ReligiousStudies                                 
Kayla                            Belack                                             Health Science(OT)                               
Ann                              Beliles                                            Biology                                           
Maura                            Belinda                                            MedicalTechnology                                
Joseph                           Bellissimo                                         Accounting                                        
Leah                             Bennett                                            Health Science(PA)                               
Madeline                         Berry                                              History                                           
Sydney                           Beunier-Lucas                                      English                                           
Lauren                           Bezmen                                             Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Kristen                          Bilby                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Jessica                          Biter                                              Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Abigail                          Blair                                              Biology                                           
Alanna                           Blenkarn                                           ExercisePhysiology                               
Lindsay                          Bockman                                            Nursing                                           
Rachel                           Bockman                                            Nursing                                           
Kilee                            Bomgardner                                         Finance                                           
Caitlin                          Borischak                                          Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Jessica                          Bosak                                              SocialWork                                       
Ashleigh                         Boss                                               Biology                                           
Stephanie                        Boulter                                            Health Science(PA)                               
Holly                            Bowersox                                           ExercisePhysiology                               
Zachary                          Bowser                                             Chemistry                                         
Irene                            Boyle                                              Health Science(PT)                               
Scott                            Brandenberger                                      Health Science(PA)                               
Caleb                            Brantner                                           Economics                                         
Carly                            Braun                                              Nursing                                           
Christopher                      Braun                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Hannah                           Brooks                                             Health Science(PA)                               
Tori                             Brooks                                             Health Science(PA)                               
Dillon                           Brown                                              ComputerScience                                  
Gregory                          Brown                                              Management InformationSystems                    
Mary                             Brown                                              CommunicationArts                                
Megan                            Brown                                              Health Science(OT)                               
Rebecca                          Brown                                              Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Savannah                         Brown                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Christopher                      Bryan                                              Middle ChildhoodEducation                        
Olivia                           Bucci                                              Health Science(OT)                               
Brooke                           Budion                                             Health Science(PA)                               
Casey                            Burk                                               History                                           
Jennifer                         Burkhart                                           Elementary Education/SpecialEducation            
Melissa                          Burnheimer                                         Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Brianna                          Butcher                                            Health Science(PT)                               
Daniel                           Buzas                                              Health Science(PT)                               
McKenzie                         Calhoun                                            Health Science(PA)                               
Matthew                          Camilletti                                         Psychology                                        
Jasmine                          Campbell                                           Management                                        
Renee                            Cardella                                           Psychology                                        
Scott                            Carter                                             History                                           
Erin                             Cashdollar                                         Accounting                                        
Julie                            Cashdollar                                         PoliticalScience                                 
Juliet                           Cawthern                                           SocialWork                                       
Daniel                           Christenson                                        Marketing                                         
Jenae                            Cimba                                              Health Science(OT)                               
Adam                             Ciner                                              Exploratory                                       
Stephanie                        Ciraula                                            Chemistry                                         
Amy                              Clevenger                                          Health Science(PA)                               
Rebecca                          Cloninger                                          Health Science(PA)                               
Ann                              Colligan                                           Middle ChildhoodEducation                        
Megan                            Collins                                            Health Science(PA)                               
Derik                            Comperatore                                        SocialWork                                       
Molly                            Comperatore                                        History                                           
Amanda                           Conrad                                             EnvironmentalEngineering                         
Devin                            Conrad                                             Health Science(PA)                               
Angela                           Conti                                              SocialWork                                       
Marissa                          Conti                                              Health Science(PT)                               
Tammy                            Conway                                             OrganizationalLeadership                         
Mallory                          Cortis                                             Chemistry                                         
Chelsy                           Cosentino                                          Accounting                                        
Allison                          Cotchen                                            SocialWork                                       
Shannon                          Coughlan                                           Health Science(PT)                               
Devon                            Courtney                                           Health Science(PA)                               
Caitlin                          Crable                                             Health Science(PT)                               
ShaneJeffrey                    Crampton                                           BusinessAdministration                           
Chelsea                          Crandall                                           Middle ChildhoodEducation                        
Margaret                         Creciun                                            Mathematics                                       
Haley                            Crncic                                             Health Science(PA)                               
Julia                            Crowe                                              Self-DesignedMajor                               
Jennifer                         Crum                                               EducationCertification                           
Tori                             Cutshall                                           Health Science(OT)                               
Anthony                          Damiano                                            Health Science(PT)                               
Taylor                           Darneille                                          English                                           
Christina                        Daugherty                                          Accounting                                        
Rebecca                          Davis                                              Health Science(PT)                               
Rachel                           DeFelice                                           Health Science(OT)                               
Michael                          DeLyser                                            Mathematics                                       
Jakob                            DeMedal                                            Health Science(PT)                               
Ketarah                          DeVries                                            Marketing                                         
Lauren                           DelGrosso                                          Health Science(PA)                               
Jenny                            Demjanenko                                         Health Science(PT)                               
Danielle                         Deskevich                                          English                                           
Kyle                             Detsch                                             Health Science(PT)                               
Megan                            Detwiler                                           Middle ChildhoodEducation                        
John                             Devlin                                             ComputerScience                                  
Emily                            Devor                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Danielle                         Dezort                                             SocialWork                                       
Samantha                         DiCastelnuovo                                      SocialWork                                       
Jillian                          DiCola                                             Health Science(OT)                               
Brent                            DiGiorgio                                          Biology                                           
Claire                           DiNucci                                            Health Science(PT)                               
Rachel                           Dieterich                                          Nursing                                           
Clay                             Dodson                                             Health Science(PT)                               
Jocelyn                          Dominick                                           Health Science(PA)                               
Dane                             Domonkos                                           Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Kelley                           Doogan                                             CommunicationArts                                
Daniel                           Drozdowsky                                         ExercisePhysiology                               
Kathryn                          Drudy                                              SocialWork                                       
Marlee                           Drumheller                                         Health Science(PA)                               
Sarah                            Dumm                                               Accounting                                        
Connie                           Dupont                                             Health Science(OT)                               
Morgan                           Dutrow                                             Chemistry                                         
Kathryn                          Edgar                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Tara                             Edmiston                                           SocialWork                                       
Derek                            Ellis                                              Health Science(PT)                               
Chelsea                          Elsasser                                           Health Science(PA)                               
Kimberly                         Elter                                              Health Science(PT)                               
Bryanna                          Evens                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Amanda                           Fabian                                             Health Science(PA)                               
Evan                             Falbo                                              Middle ChildhoodEducation                        
Erin                             Fallon                                             Biology                                           
Kayla                            Farabaugh                                          SocialWork                                       
Lindsey                          Farrell                                            Health Science(PA)                               
Kevin                            Fawcett                                            Finance                                           
Allison                          Feather                                            Health Science(OT)                               
Angelica                         Fedorko                                            Health Science(OT)                               
Jesse                            Felts                                              Biology                                           
Alanna                           Figula                                             BusinessAdministration                           
Christina                        Fini                                               International Business/ModernLanguage            
Shaun                            Foley                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Thomas                           Foley                                              Psychology                                        
Christopher                      Foore                                              ExercisePhysiology                               
Shelby                           Ford                                               Health Science(PT)                               
Trent                            Forshey                                            Health Science(PT)                               
Mackenzie                        Foster                                             Health Science(PT)                               
Haley                            Fournier                                           Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Holyn                            Fox                                                Health Science(PA)                               
Michael                          Fox                                                EnvironmentalEngineering                         
Victoria                         Frederick                                          Nursing                                           
Christopher                      Freidhoff                                          Biology                                           
Cathleen                         Fry                                                Chemistry                                         
Cullen                           Frye                                               Management InformationSystems                    
Tessa                            Gacovsky                                           Health Science(OT)                               
Dustien                          Garman                                             Marketing                                         
Megan                            Gatto                                              SocialWork                                       
Kelsey                           Gavigan                                            Elementary Education/SpecialEducation            
Ellen                            Gavin                                              Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Megan                            Gaydosh                                            Health Science(OT)                               
BroukDejene                     Gebreab                                            ComputerScience                                  
Lance                            Geesey                                             BusinessAdministration                           
Blaken                           Geisel                                             Health Science(PA)                               
Rachel                           Geissler                                           Health Science(PA)                               
Alexander                        George                                             Mathematics                                       
Brandon                          George                                             Management                                        
Lizeth                           George                                             CommunicationArts                                
Venessa                          George                                             English                                           
Washi                            Gervais                                            PoliticalScience                                 
Gretta                           Ghaner                                             Biology                                           
Nickia                           Gibbs                                              CriminalJustice                                  
Charles                          Gill                                               EducationCertification                           
Annette                          Gingerich                                          Health Science(PA)                               
Chelsey                          Graffius                                           Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Elyse                            Grasser                                            History                                           
Seth                             Gray                                               ExercisePhysiology                               
Drew                             Greenwald                                          PoliticalScience                                 
Aric                             Gresko                                             Finance                                           
Katee                            Gresko                                             Exploratory                                       
Michelle                         Grimme                                             Health Science(OT)                               
Kimberly                         Gronski                                            Health Science(PT)                               
Jessica                          Gross                                              Health Science(OT)                               
Brittny                          Gudalis                                            Health Science(PA)                               
Kelly                            Hallinan                                           EducationCertification                           
Marissa                          Hammel                                             Marketing                                         
Brian                            Hancox                                             Health Science(PA)                               
Tyler                            Haney                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Kyle                             Harbridge                                          Marketing                                         
Christian                        Harrington                                         Accounting                                        
Taylor                           Harvey                                             Health Science(OT)                               
Michael                          Hastry                                             Health Science(PT)                               
Leeanne                          Haus                                               Biology                                           
Julia                            Havko                                              Chemistry                                         
Brielle                          Hawes                                              Psychology                                        
Alexa                            Hayward                                            CommunicationArts                                
Ashley                           Hazlett                                            Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Emily                            Heckman                                            Health Science(PA)                               
Cody                             Hegedus                                            Health Science(PT)                               
Timothy                          Heiss                                              Biology                                           
Devon                            Henry                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Nathan                           Herdman                                            Biology                                           
Samantha                         Hessom                                             Health Science(PA)                               
Andrea                           Hetmansky                                          Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Luke                             Hetrick                                            CommunicationArts                                
Carly                            Higgins                                            Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Marlene                          Hileman                                            Nursing                                           
Alexandra                        Himes                                              Health Science(OT)                               
Megan                            Hine                                               Management                                        
Daniel                           Hines                                              Marketing                                         
Lindsey                          Hinkle                                             Health Science(OT)                               
Samanthia                        Hirsch                                             Accounting                                        
Mallory                          Hoak                                               Health Science(OT)                               
Katie                            Hochrein                                           Health Science(PA)                               
Robert                           Hodgson                                            Chemistry                                         
Angela                           Hoffman                                            Health Science(OT)                               
Priscilla                        Hoffman                                            HealthScience                                    
Taylor                           Holby                                              Accounting                                        
Rebekah                          Holenchik                                          Health Science(OT)                               
Kathryn                          Holtzer                                            PoliticalScience                                 
Kimberly                         Homolak                                            Health Science(PA)                               
Eric                             Horell                                             English                                           
Dylan                            Horne                                              Nursing                                           
Katherine                        Horner                                             SocialWork                                       
Jenna                            Horomanski                                         Health Science(PA)                               
Chelsey                          Hughes                                             Chemistry                                         
Jocelyn                          Hughes                                             SocialWork                                       
Rebekah                          Hughes                                             Health Science(PA)                               
Olivia                           Hunter                                             Health Science(OT)                               
Emily                            Hurley                                             Biology                                           
Laura                            Husband                                            Biology                                           
Airik                            Hutton                                             Health Science(PT)                               
Evan                             Hutton                                             Health Science(PA)                               
Ryan                             Ickes                                              ComputerScience                                  
Amanda                           Imler                                              Health Science(OT)                               
Natalie                          Isett                                              Health Science(PT)                               
Jacob                            Iula                                               ExercisePhysiology                               
Kylie                            Jackson                                            PoliticalScience                                 
Breanne                          James                                              Health Science(PT)                               
Dustin                           James                                              ComputerScience                                  
Emilee                           Janidlo                                            Health Science(OT)                               
Anna                             Jeffries                                           Health Science(PA)                               
Janel                            Jesberger                                          Biology                                           
Alexa                            Joanow                                             Health Science(PA)                               
Brandon                          Johnson                                            Accounting                                        
Danyel                           Johnson                                            Nursing                                           
Lauren                           Johnson                                            Accounting                                        
Thomas                           Johnson                                            Health Science(PA)                               
Kayla                            Johnston                                           Management InformationSystems                    
Maura                            Jones                                              Chemistry                                         
Matthew                          Julian                                             Chemistry                                         
Davina                           Kachnovitz                                         Nursing                                           
Sean                             Kane                                               Mathematics                                       
Sasha                            Kania                                              SocialWork                                       
Joshua                           Kapfhammer                                         SocialWork                                       
Tina                             Keefer                                             Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Rebecca                          Keegan                                             Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Ryan                             Kegg                                               Health Science(PT)                               
Timothy                          Keith                                              Economics                                         
Nicholas                         Keller                                             Health Science(PT)                               
Colleen                          Kelly                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Mairead                          Kelly                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Ryan                             Kennedy                                            Middle ChildhoodEducation                        
Muir                             Kepler                                             Health Science(PA)                               
Leah                             Kessler                                            Marketing                                         
Kurtis                           Kinna                                              Health Science(PT)                               
Thurston                         Kino                                               Economics                                         
Sean                             Kirby                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Jennifer                         Kirchner                                           Health Science(PA)                               
Anne                             Kisak                                              Health Science(PT)                               
Kierstin                         Kiser                                              Biology                                           
Jami                             Kish                                               Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Joseph                           Klebon                                             Health Science(PT)                               
Patricia                         Klein                                              Nursing                                           
Frederick                        Klepser                                            OrganizationalLeadership                         
Leah                             Kletzli                                            Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Cassandra                        Kline                                              Health Science(PT)                               
Elizabeth                        Kline                                              Elementary Education/SpecialEducation            
Jennifer                         Kline                                              Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Maria                            Kline                                              Exploratory                                       
Miranda                          Kline                                              Health Science(OT)                               
Ryan                             Knee                                               Mathematics                                       
Michael                          Koban                                              Psychology                                        
Hayley                           Koch                                               Health Science(PA)                               
Adam                             Kochara                                            PoliticalScience                                 
Jesse                            Kochara                                            Middle ChildhoodEducation                        
Mason                            Koehle                                             Chemistry                                         
Michael                          Koehle                                             Health Science(OT)                               
Beth                             Kopczyk                                            Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Kristin                          Koscienski                                         Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Claire                           Kovach                                             Sociology                                         
Kevin                            Kraus                                              EnvironmentalEngineering                         
Xavier                           Krause                                             Biology                                           
Andrew                           Krout                                              Accounting                                        
Kyle                             Krout                                              Marketing                                         
Melissa                          Krug                                               Health Science(OT)                               
Emily                            Krumenacker                                        Health Science(PT)                               
Rebecca                          Krumenacker                                        Health Science(PT)                               
Terry                            Kuhn                                               English                                           
Craig                            Labuskes                                           Health Science(PA)                               
Richard                          Laino                                              Health Science(PT)                               
Paige                            Lancaster                                          Health Science(PA)                               
Rachel                           Larson                                             Health Science(PT)                               
Scott                            Latuch                                             Accounting                                        
Hanna                            Lauff                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Nicole                           Leach                                              Health Science(PT)                               
Adam                             Lechak                                             Accounting                                        
Ariana                           Leeper                                             Chemistry                                         
Erika                            Leese                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Colby                            Lenz                                               Accounting                                        
Alyson                           Leyo                                               Accounting                                        
Jennifer                         Lichtenthal                                        Health Science(PA)                               
Amy                              Lieb                                               Health Science(PA)                               
Brittany                         Lilley                                             Accounting                                        
Amber                            Link                                               Health Science(PA)                               
Karly                            Link                                               Health Science(PA)                               
Michelle                         Lipski                                             Chemistry                                         
Gretchen                         Liska                                              Health Science(PT)                               
Julie                            Little                                             Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Lynsey                           Livoti                                             Health Science(OT)                               
Linda MargitElise               Lofgren                                            Chemistry                                         
Malia                            Lonergan                                           Health Science(PA)                               
Kelli                            Long                                               Health Science(PT)                               
Lori                             Long                                               Elementary Education/SpecialEducation            
Kelli                            Loper                                              Health Science(OT)                               
Kathleen                         Lyon                                               Psychology                                        
Cecelia                          MacDonald                                          English                                           
Christine                        MacMillan                                          Health Science(OT)                               
Danielle                         MacMurtrie                                         Health Science(PT)                               
Kayla                            Mack                                               Health Science(PA)                               
Tamas                            Maffey-Stumpe                                      PoliticalScience                                 
Gina                             Maggio                                             Self-DesignedMajor                               
Erin                             Maher                                              Marketing                                         
Kelly                            Maher                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Zachary                          Mailman                                            Health Science(PA)                               
Sarah                            Makin                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Damita                           Manson                                             Accounting                                        
Kimberly                         Marangoni                                          Health Science(PA)                               
Cristina                         Marcillo                                           EnvironmentalEngineering                         
Derek                            Markle                                             PoliticalScience                                 
Jacob                            Markley                                            Accounting                                        
Jessica                          Markovitch                                         Health Science(OT)                               
Amanda                           Marquis                                            Nursing                                           
Michael                          Marshman                                           Biology                                           
Shane                            Martin                                             Psychology                                        
Marc                             Maruca                                             Finance                                           
Nicholas                         Maruca                                             BusinessAdministration                           
Noah                             Mascio                                             Sociology                                         
Brody                            Maughan-Evanson                                    Finance                                           
Alexandra                        Maury                                              Arts &Letters                                    
Marissa                          Mazurak                                            CriminalJustice                                  
Kristi                           McClellan                                          Health Science(PA)                               
Katrina                          McCombie                                           InternationalStudies                             
Brittany                         McDermott                                          Health Science(PA)                               
Gabrielle                        McDermott                                          English                                           
Maureen                          McDonough                                          Health Science(PA)                               
Brittany                         McElheny                                           Health Science(PA)                               
Cassie                           McGee                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Shiann                           McGovern                                           PoliticalScience                                 
Caitlyn                          McGowan                                            Health Science(OT)                               
Tesa                             McKibben                                           Management                                        
Ashley                           McMahon                                            Health Science(PA)                               
Maximilian                       McManus                                            Health Science(PA)                               
Thomas                           McWilliams                                         Biology                                           
Jose                             Medina                                             Accounting                                        
Allie                            Mehok                                              CriminalJustice                                  
Logan                            Meinert                                            Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Matthew                          Mendillo                                           Nursing                                           
Abby                             Menett                                             Health Science(OT)                               
Jeremy                           Merich                                             Accounting                                        
Cassidy                          Merrifield                                         Health Science(PA)                               
Sara                             Middler                                            Exploratory                                       
Alexis                           Miller                                             Psychology                                        
Megan                            Miller                                             Health Science(PA)                               
Nicole                           Miller                                             Health Science(OT)                               
Sara                             Miller                                             Nursing                                           
Victoria                         Miller                                             Health Science(PA)                               
Dominique                        Mitch                                              SocialWork                                       
Tia                              Mitchell                                           Sociology                                         
Lisa                             Mock                                               Health Science(PA)                               
Maria                            Moll                                               Health Science(PA)                               
Amanda                           Morgan                                             EducationCertification                           
Maryellen                        Morningstar                                        Nursing                                           
Patricia                         Morris                                             Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Shane                            Morris                                             BusinessAdministration                           
Steven                           Mosey                                              ExercisePhysiology                               
Dallas                           Mosier                                             Chemistry                                         
Jennifer                         Mueller                                            Accounting                                        
Alexander                        Muncert                                            English                                           
Paige                            Mundy                                              Biology                                           
James                            Murphy                                             Health Science(PT)                               
Chad                             Myers                                              Computer SystemsManagement                       
Timothy                          Myers                                              Accounting                                        
Michelle                         Nahorniak                                          Health Science(PA)                               
Andrea                           Navratil                                           Health Science(PA)                               
Jessica                          Ndoci                                              SocialWork                                       
Jenna                            Newhouse                                           Health Science(PA)                               
Long                             Nguyen                                             Management                                        
Rebecca                          Nihart                                             HealthScience                                    
Carly                            Nola                                               Health Science(PA)                               
Cody                             Nolf                                               ComputerScience                                  
Conor                            Norris                                             Economics                                         
Patrick                          Ober                                               Health Science(PA)                               
Robert                           Oberkofler                                         Accounting                                        
Christie                         Olek                                               Health Science(PA)                               
Casey                            Oleksak                                            Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Lorraine                         Oliver                                             Accounting                                        
Tess                             Onink                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Abigail                          Opiela                                             Health Science(PA)                               
Carly                            Osborn                                             Health Science(PT)                               
Kelsey                           Oswalt                                             Health Science(PT)                               
Jenna                            Ott                                                Health Science(PT)                               
Zoe                              Otterman                                           Health Science(PA)                               
Katelyn                          Owens                                              Health Science(PT)                               
Mary                             Palko                                              Nursing                                           
Juan                             PardoMontoya                                      Finance                                           
Randy                            Parks                                              Computer SystemsManagement                       
Nathaniel                        Parrish                                            Marketing                                         
Rebecca                          Peer                                               EnvironmentalEngineering                         
Autumn                           Pellman                                            Nursing                                           
Anthony                          Penksa                                             Accounting                                        
Kyle                             Penney                                             Accounting                                        
Kristen                          Pentz                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Danelle                          Pepple                                             Arts &Letters                                    
Theresa                          Peranteau                                          Psychology                                        
Trina                            Perrone                                            Chemistry                                         
Kimberly                         Peterson                                           Nursing                                           
Alyssa                           Phillips                                           Health Science(OT)                               
Gabriel                          Phillips                                           SocialWork                                       
Hope                             Phillips                                           Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Gabrielle                        Pierre                                             Health Science(OT)                               
Kevin                            Pijper                                             Finance                                           
Alexa                            Pinera                                             Mathematics                                       
Olivia                           Pittman                                            Health Science(OT)                               
Sarah                            Polito                                             Health Science(OT)                               
Daniel                           Pollino                                            Health Science(PT)                               
Andrew                           Ponterio                                           Health Science(PA)                               
Kelly                            Poray                                              CriminalJustice                                  
AnneMarie                        Potente                                            Elementary Education/SpecialEducation            
Austin                           Potts                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Kristin                          Powell                                             Health Science(PA)                               
Myra                             Pramuk                                             Accounting                                        
Holly                            Preslovich                                         Nursing                                           
James                            Price                                              Accounting                                        
Megan                            Price                                              Mathematics                                       
Brandyn                          Pryce                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Angela                           Pucciarella                                        Biology                                           
Briana                           Quist                                              Management                                        
Nicole                           Rakowski                                           Elementary Education/SpecialEducation            
Ashley                           Ransel                                             Health Science(PA)                               
Victoria                         Regan                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Katlyn                           Reighard                                           Health Science(PA)                               
Morgan                           Reish                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Hannah                           Rematt                                             Health Science(PT)                               
Nicole                           Renzi                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Holly                            Repko                                              Accounting                                        
Elizabeth                        Rezk                                               Exploratory                                       
Laura                            Rhoads                                             BusinessAdministration                           
Laura                            Ritchey                                            Chemistry                                         
Danielle                         Ritts                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Jennifer                         Rivers                                             Health Science(OT)                               
Kathryn                          Robinholt                                          Health Science(PT)                               
Amaris                           Rodriguez                                          EnvironmentalEngineering                         
Catherine                        Rogers                                             Nursing                                           
Christina                        Rombouts                                           Health Science(PA)                               
Sarah                            Ross                                               Management                                        
Katlin                           Rossman                                            Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Kelli                            Rossman                                            Health Science(OT)                               
Zachary                          Rozansky                                           Biology                                           
Danielle                         Rura                                               Health Science(PT)                               
Charles                          Rusnak                                             Management                                        
Dennis                           Ryan                                               English                                           
Heidi                            Ryan                                               Accounting                                        
Jalina                           Sabatose                                           Health Science(PA)                               
Jacqueline                       Sabol                                              Self-DesignedMajor                               
Samantha                         Safran                                             PoliticalScience                                 
Sherry                           Sagath                                             Health Science(PA)                               
Erin                             Sager                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Dency                            Samuel                                             Health Science(PA)                               
Nathaniel                        Sanders                                            CriminalJustice                                  
Jennifer                         Santo                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Deanna                           Sapalio                                            Health Science(OT)                               
Emily                            Saylor                                             Health Science(OT)                               
Deanna                           Schantzen                                          Health Science(PA)                               
Mikell                           Schlumpf                                           Health Science(PA)                               
Travis                           Schofield                                          Biology                                           
Gabriel                          Schuler                                            Biology                                           
Benjamin                         Schultz                                            Chemistry                                         
Jocelyn                          Scillia                                            Health Science(PA)                               
Alexa                            Semelsberger                                       Health Science(PT)                               
Kristen                          Shafer                                             Health Science(PA)                               
Gregory                          Shaffer                                            EducationCertification                           
Brittany                         Shall                                              Health Science(PT)                               
Colin                            Sherwin                                            Finance                                           
James                            Shiring                                            Mathematics                                       
Emily                            Simmons                                            EducationCertification                           
Kaitlyn                          Simmons                                            Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Cortney                          Skelly                                             Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Julianne                         Skoner                                             Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Cody                             Skutch                                             Health Science(OT)                               
Angela                           Sleith                                             Biology                                           
Tyler                            Smay                                               PoliticalScience                                 
Cassandra                        Smego                                              Health Science(PT)                               
Allison                          Smith                                              Psychology                                        
Ashley                           Smith                                              Elementary Education/SpecialEducation            
Ashley                           Smith                                              Health Science(PT)                               
Jacob                            Smith                                              Management InformationSystems                    
Jacob                            Smith                                              Marketing                                         
Lindsay                          Snyder                                             Exploratory                                       
Nicole                           Snyder                                             Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Alyssa                           Springer                                           Accounting                                        
Jason                            Springer                                           Accounting                                        
Jacob                            Spryn                                              Mathematics                                       
Patrick                          Stagg                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Brittany                         Stambaugh                                          Health Science(PT)                               
Courtney                         Stasko                                             SocialWork                                       
Katelyn                          Stauffer                                           Health Science(PA)                               
Laura                            Stayrook                                           Health Science(PA)                               
Amanda                           Steinheiser                                        Health Science(PA)                               
Logan                            Stern                                              Chemistry                                         
Andrew                           Stopko                                             Middle ChildhoodEducation                        
Joseph                           Stormer                                            Health Science(OT)                               
Braden                           Stoy                                               Middle ChildhoodEducation                        
Sabrina                          Streightif                                         Psychology                                        
Christopher                      Stricek                                            History                                           
Meghan                           Studds                                             Biology                                           
Katherine                        Studeny                                            Health Science(PA)                               
Eric                             Suppes                                             Management                                        
Megan                            Surrena                                            Health Science(OT)                               
Brittany                         Swartzwelder                                       Health Science(PT)                               
Eamonn                           Sweeney                                            Arts &Letters                                    
Alexandra                        Swihura                                            Health Science(PA)                               
Amanda                           Swope                                              Psychology                                        
Erin                             Szabo                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Sara                             Tarr                                               Health Science(OT)                               
Angela                           Taylor                                             Health Science(OT)                               
Jocelin                          Teachout                                           Biology                                           
Nicholas                         Tedeschi                                           Health Science(PT)                               
Troy                             Templeton                                          Health Science(PA)                               
Anna                             Theis                                              Health Science(PT)                               
Ashley                           Thomas                                             Accounting                                        
Jeffrey                          Thomas                                             OrganizationalLeadership                         
Wayne                            Tiller                                             CriminalJustice                                  
Shannon                          Tomasello                                          Health Science(PT)                               
Kara                             Topka                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Caleb                            Tresky                                             Health Science(PT)                               
Emily                            Trueblood                                          Early ChildhoodEducation                         
Andrew                           Turka                                              Health Science(PT)                               
Ashley                           Turnbull                                           Mathematics                                       
Daniel                           Valcicak                                           ExercisePhysiology                               
Lindsey                          Valentine                                          Health Science(PT)                               
Sara                             Vallelunga                                         Health Science(PA)                               
Makeya                           Van                                                PublicHealth                                     
Karrine                          VanRooyen                                         Interdiscip EnvironmentalStudies                 
Danielle                         VanDevere                                          Health Science(OT)                               
John                             Varmecky                                           Computer SystemsManagement                       
Rachel                           Vasilko                                            CommunicationArts                                
Michael                          Vaughn                                             History                                           
Joey                             Velasquez                                          Accounting                                        
Katie                            Vena                                               Health Science(OT)                               
Alison                           Verba                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Zachary                          Vigneault                                          Finance                                           
Christi                          Villareale                                         English                                           
Brittany                         Vinglish                                           Health Science(PT)                               
Aaron                            Vizzini                                            ComputerScience                                  
Jillian                          Vogus                                              Health Science(PT)                               
Katrina                          Vosteen                                            Health Science(OT)                               
Jennifer                         Wagner                                             Accounting                                        
Crystal                          Waite                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Kelly                            Walde                                              Middle ChildhoodEducation                        
Joshua                           Walters                                            ExercisePhysiology                               
Matthew                          Warfel                                             ComputerScience                                  
Jeffrey                          Wasilewski                                         Finance                                           
Nancy                            Weaver                                             OrganizationalLeadership                         
Abigail                          Webb                                               Health Science(PT)                               
James                            Webber                                             Health Science(PT)                               
Mara                             Weinzierl                                          Biology                                           
Hillary                          Wertz                                              Health Science(PT)                               
Karissa                          Wess                                               Health Science(PA)                               
Nicole                           Wetzel                                             Biology                                           
Elizabeth                        Wheeler                                            Middle ChildhoodEducation                        
Braden                           Whited                                             ComputerScience                                  
Kelly                            Wichrowski                                         Health Science(OT)                               
Jennifer                         Wilde                                              Psychology                                        
Alexandra                        Williams                                           Health Science(OT)                               
Elizabeth                        Williams                                           EnvironmentalEngineering                         
Hope                             Williams                                           Health Science(OT)                               
Matthew                          Williams                                           Biology                                           
Megan                            Winters                                            Health Science(PT)                               
Kaitlyn                          Witucki                                            Health Science(PA)                               
Paige                            Wojdyla                                            Finance                                           
Selamawit                        Woldemeskel                                        Chemistry                                         
David                            Wolfe                                              EnvironmentalEngineering                         
John                             Wolfe                                              ExercisePhysiology                               
Mary                             Woloschuk                                          Biology                                           
Matthew                          Wong                                               Science/Exploratory                               
Krista                           Woodford                                           Health Science(PA)                               
Tina                             Woodley                                            OrganizationalLeadership                         
Hillary                          Woods                                              Health Science(PA)                               
Robert                           Wortman                                            Management                                        
Danelle                          Wright                                             Psychology                                        
Naiyi                            Wu                                                 Engineering (3+2Program)                         
Taylor                           Wyar                                               Health Science(OT)                               
Lauren                           Xiques                                             Health Science(PT)                               
Olivia                           Yanits                                             SocialWork                                       
Jennifer                         Yealy                                              Psychology                                        
Stephanee                        Yohn                                               Elementary Education/SpecialEducation            
Frank                            Youmbi                                             Chemistry                                         
Courtney                         Zajdel                                             Health Science(PA)                               
Lisa                             Zayac                                              SocialWork                                       
Richard                          Zelnosky                                           Accounting