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  • Reaching Higher and Going Far

    Our students come from all walks of life with a variety of interests, points-of-view and passions. Regardless of where they come from and where they want to go, our students have found many opportunities to reach higher and go far in the classroom, through extra-curricular or co-curricular activities on campus, through internships as close as Ebensburg, PA and as far away as Washington, DC, and through study abroad in France, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Guatemala and elsewhere. Here are just a few of their success stories. Come to SFU and add your story.

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    Mr. Drew Greenwald - Class of 2013

    Major: Political Science/International Studies

    Saint Francis offers a first-rate degree program taught by excellent faculty that challenges students and prepares them for the work force.  The small class size is conducive to hands on learning that challenges students to become active in the learning process.  The Saint Francis experience is completely unique and truly one of a kind.  It really is just different up here.


    Ms. Emily Patterson - Class of 2012

    Major: Political Science/Pre-Law

    My teachers are the greatest feature of my major by far. I have no problems staying interested in my major and I know that if I have a question the Saint Francis Political Science Faculty has detailed answers waiting for me. Since the classroom sizes are smaller than at larger schools, it is easier for a student to get to know their professor. Getting to know my professors helped my education. It was easier for me to ask questions during class, and to get help outside of class. I felt that since the classroom sizes were smaller the professors were able to focus on each student individually to help them succeed. Additionally, the advising at the university is amazing. There are no better words to describe it. No matter what direction I wanted to take my education I was always given multiple choices for what would work best for me. Being a Political Science major here at SFU has opened many doors for me that I couldn't have ever imagined.


    Ms. Katherine Dacanay - Class of 2012

    Major: History and Mathematics/Secondary Education

    For years, I had dreamed of visiting England. I wanted to see all the places and things that I had learned in my history classes. The two weeks I spent in England being immersed in what I was studying was one of the most enjoyable times of my life. It really took the "chore" feeling out of doing research. Receiving the Intrepid Grant was a-dream-come true because I was able to further my research AND have an awesome, life-changing experience in another country that I otherwise would have never been able to have without the grant. It's also an experience that will look great on resumes and grad school applications. Saint Francis is a flexible school that has not narrowed my education, as many schools do, but has expanded upon my interests to help me toward achieving my goals.


    Mr. Andrew Collier - Class of 2011

    Major: History

    The best feature of my education has been actually getting involved in student government.  There is no better feeling than seeing students happy when you announce different proposals you are pushing for or have successfully completed.  I would have to say my most exciting experience was actually receiving my internship in DC.  Working for a labor union has been my dream as well as living in DC.  It was the best summer of my life. If History or Political Science interests you, go for it!  One of the biggest complaints I received from my family and friends were there are not any jobs, which is completely false.  There are opportunities all across the country for you to work in fields such as law, politics, and history.  There are plenty of jobs; you just have to find them.


    Ms. Allison Tomkowski - Class of 2010

    Major: History and Secondary Education

    Recently, I found out I won an award from the Pennsylvania Council for the Social Studies for student teacher of the year! It was a great honor and I got the chance to travel to Lancaster to accept my award at the statewide conference. I really had a good time. I must say though, I could not have done it without help from all of you at SFU." Allison Tomkowski, on first hearing about her 2010 award.

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