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    For academic information

    If you have any questions about course content, assignments, readings and such, contact the ICFL Coordinator at ICFL@francis.edu or call 814-472-3219.

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    All ICFL courses are on-going. One may enroll at any time. A student has 12 months in which to complete each course.

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    Courses may be taken for general interest, without regard to the Certificate program. For each course completed, a Completion Certificate is issued to document one’s on-going formation/education.  Read our ICFL course descriptions for more information.

    Earn a Certificate

    To earn the Certificate in Contemporary Franciscan Life, students must complete at least 10 Institute Units (IUs) of study. There is no particular sequence for taking these courses; courses may be taken in any order. After completing 10 units of study, a student will receive the Certificate in Contemporary Franciscan Life, awarded by Saint Francis University.

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    For technical questions

    For any questions related to the use of Blackboard Learn, contact Theresa Wilson at twilson@francis.edu

    Buy Books

    Unless noted otherwise on the registration form, it is the student’s responsibility to purchase the required books. Most books can be bought through website booksellers such as Amazon.com or through local bookstores. Certain books are available only through the ICFL office or a particular resource. Look on the registration form for this information. Students may also choose to check out the required books at a local public or church library.

    Get your SFU email address

    For students taking a course offered through Blackboard, a built-in mail tool provides an email account for each student.

    Learn Blackboard

    On every Blackboard class site there is an instruction manual that explains in detail how Blackboard works and describes the various functions of Blackboard. You can also check out our instructions for Learning Blackboard for ICFL Students. Any student is also invited to contact bbsupport@francis.edu for further help.