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Ms. Jenifer Baker

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Title: Adjunct ASL Instructor
School: Arts & Letters
Academic Department: Literature and Languages
E-mail: jbaker@francis.edu


Jenifer lived in the state of Washington for 20 years before moving back east. She has been teaching American Sign Language (ASL) for over 23 years and is a model in 4 Random House Webster’s ASL dictionaries: Random House Webster’s Unabridged ASL Dictionary, Random House Webster’s ASL Dictionary, Random House Webster’s ASL Medical Dictionary and Random House Webster’s Legal Dictionary.

She was on the board of the WA State Governor's Committee on Disabilities under Governor Locke, first Asian American Governor and was actively involved in many Deaf leadership organizations including the National Association of the Deaf (NAD). As a member of the WA State Association of the Deaf, she worked with the state legislators to promote and enhance the State quality education for ASL interpreters. She was a volunteer and an advocate for ADWAS (Abused Deaf Woman’s Advocacy Services).

Jenifer also worked with multicultural Deaf people including Deaf Native Americans as well as Support Service Provider (SSP) for the Deaf Blind. She has worked as a substitute supervisor and teacher at the Western Pa School for the Deaf (WPSD).

Jenifer did serve as a professional photographer and has traveled for a national Deaf magazine. Many of her works have been published: First Deaf President of Gallaudet University, Sam Edward: A Deaf Actor, Deaf Prisoners in NY state. Deaf Timberfest and Deaf Native Americans.

She continues to be actively involved in Deaf leadership and education in the Deaf community.

She is a member of the ASL Teacher Association (ASLTA), National Association of the Deaf (NAD), Pennsylvania Society for the Advancement of the Deaf, Inc (PSAD) and is currently pursuing her Master Degree.

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