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Ms. Katherine Dacanay

Katherine Dacanay

School: Sciences
Academic Department: History and Political Science
Graduation Year: 2012

Katherine's Story

Katherine Dacanay was a double major in History and Mathematics/Secondary Education, an Honors Program student and Captain of the SFU Women's Lacrosse Team. Katherine made an impressive record for herself while at SFU: as Editor-in-Chief of the Red Flash Newsletter; Vice President of the Kappa Mu Epsilon Honor Society; the recipient of the Margaret M. Tobin Award for Outstanding Library Research (twice!); and the recipient of the very first School of Arts & Letters Intrepid Research Grant to fund her travel to Britain to conduct research at the British Library for her Honors Thesis on "Women, Marriage, and Inheritance Laws in 19th Century Britain." Katherine was recently accepted into the Graduate School of the University of Hawaii to study Southeast Asian history, receiving a graduate fellowship to study the Filipino language.


For years, I had dreamed of visiting England. I wanted to see all the places and things that I had learned in my history classes. The two weeks I spent in England being immersed in what I was studying was one of the most enjoyable times of my life. It really took the "chore" feeling out of doing research. Receiving the Intrepid Grant was a-dream-come true because I was able to further my research AND have an awesome, life-changing experience in another country that I otherwise would have never been able to have without the grant. It's also an experience that will look great on resumes and grad school applications. Saint Francis is a flexible school that has not narrowed my education, as many schools do, but has expanded upon my interests to help me toward achieving my goals.

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